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The Best Way to Test Your PH


Ph test stripsAchieving a proper pH balance is essential for optimal health; and naturally your body’s pH level should be slightly alkaline. As we grow older, our bodies become less efficient in fighting off high levels of acid in the body, thereby increasing the risk of health disorders.
There are numerous benefits in following an alkaline diet and this includes:

Normal blood sugar levels;
• Proper cholesterol levels;
• Healthy cardiovascular system;
• Normal energy levels; and
• Strong bones and teeth.

Convenient pH test strips are available; which helps us to determine when our bodies are too acidic. It is easy to use and can be done in the comfort of your own home, without the presence of a physician. Ideally, your body’s pH level should be around 7.2 and if it you test less than 7.0, it means that your body is too acidic.

Measuring your pH Levels with pH Test Strips

You can use pH test strips to test your alkaline levels of your body. By using litmus paper, you can match the color outcome to a handy chart that makes it easy to determine what level your pH is at.

Whether you are testing your urine or saliva pH, all the measurements should ideally be done early in the morning, before you have eaten anything, or even brushed your teeth. Saliva testing is said to be slightly more accurate than urine testing, since urine pH can fluctuate during the day, depending on what you have eaten.

Although urine testing is more accurate first thing in the morning, to get an even better result you should wait until your second urine, prior to eating or drinking anything. Your blood sugar levels usually rise while you are asleep and the first urine of the morning will be more acidic. After this, the levels will begin to stabilize. If your pH is too high, you need to incorporate alkaline foods into your daily dietary routine to help stabilize your body’s pH levels.

Follow an Effective Alkaline Diet

The best way to counteract the effects of an acidic pH level in the body is by adjusting your diet. Include alkaline foods that will reduce your acid levels and help you to retain a normal pH balance. If your body is too acidic, you may encounter health problems and also be susceptible to diseases and even cancers. Here is a basic outline of the foods you should be focusing on:

• Protein – Concentrate on organic sources such as eggs, nuts, fish and avocados.
 Beverages – Herbal teas and lemonade. You may add stevia to sweeten.
• Nuts and Seeds – Almonds and hazelnuts are great choices here.
 Fruit – Grapes, papayas, kiwis, figs and dates.
 Vegetables – Juice your veggies, and focus on spinach, broccoli and leafy greens.

By using SevenPoint2′s Products and incorporating low GI foods into your diet, you will be reducing your acidity levels and make your body more alkaline. You will have more energy, actively fight off diseases and even lose weight.

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Normal blood pH levels are extremely important; and your body is constantly working to normalize your pH level and reduce its acidity. If your blood’s pH levels fall below 7.35 you will be acidic, which is also referred to acidosis. If your blood pH levels fall below 7 you may even die as a result. Subsequently, when your pH levels rise above 7.45 you will become highly alkaline and this may have a variety of negative results as well.

The pH of blood is therefore very important and we need to constantly ensure that we follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain normal blood pH levels. These levels can be assessed by getting a blood test done by your doctor.

Testing Your Body’s pH Levels

Your body pH differs slightly from your blood pH and you can assess it at home with a saliva or urinepH indicator test. This will give you an accurate indication of your body pH levels and you can then make dietary adjustments where necessary. When testing with saliva, try to fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow; to remove any acidic saliva that might be present in your mouth. When testing your urine, let some urine flow first before you start testing to give you a more accurate reading of your body’s pH levels.

normal blood ph levels

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s always a good idea to test 2 or 3 times during the day to get an accurate average reading. There might be differences in the results from normal blood Ph levels; and this is perfectly normal, as your body’s levels should be around 7.2 – 7.6 which is slightly alkaline.

Explaining the Differences in the Results of Saliva and Urine

Your saliva and urine readings will likely differ; and this is because firstly, your saliva is likely to contain acid forming bacteria at any time, and your urine is more of a reflection as to how your body is getting rid of the acidity within. This is why it is important to take various readings of both throughout the day to get a more accurate reading of your pH levels. In addition to testing your saliva/urine pH, it may be beneficial to also test for normal blood pH levels, which your physician or local hospital can administer.

Following a Healthy Alkaline Diet

In order to normalize your blood pH levels and body ph levels it is recommended that you consumealkaline foods; or a alkaline diet. Acid forming foods can cause serious harm to your body; especially if you continue with such an unhealthy diet. Not only will your energy levels drop, but your immune system will be less effective too; exposing you to all kinds of bacterial infections and diseases.

The typical modern day Western diet is very acidic and this is not healthy. Try to consume fresh fruitsand veggies, nuts and seeds, soy milk products, healthy fats and fresh fruit juices. These will help to significantly lower the acidity within your blood and help your body become more healthy and alkaline.

There are various natural supplements that you can also use in conjunction with an alkaline diet.SevenPoint2’s Alkaline Booster is a supplement that you can take approximately 30 minutes after ingesting an acid forming meal or drink. It will normalize your pH levels and reduce the acidity within your digestive system as well.

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