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Youngevity has a number of products that provide high antioxidants.  The goal is to get 20,000 ORAC’s per day for a healthy person just to prevent the oxidative damage from free radicals in our food and environment, and 100,000 per day for those trying to recover from diseases or cancer.  The average daily diet gets about 1,500.

There are different sources of antioxidants…external antioxidants that we get from food, the internal antioxidant SOD (superoxide dismustase, which can be found inPollen Burst and the Botanical Spa Collection of skin and hair products) that our bodies produce, and minerals such as Selenium that recycle antioxidants, making those that you do get to go farther.

Youngevity’s Healthy Triple Treat Chocolate contains 16,936 ORAC’s PER PIECE!  That’s huge!

Listen to Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie to learn how free radicals and not enough antioxidants in our diets cause cholesterol to build up in arteries.

 image of triple treat chocolate from youngevityTriple Treat Chocolate
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