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Obesity is a Physician Caused Disease, Dr Joel Wallach

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Dr. Joel D. Wallach "Medical Tyranny"

Curing Diseases Caused by Physicians

Dr Joel Wallach - Cholesterol/Diabetes - Part 11 - October 2012

Ketogenic Diet.  Paleo Diet.

Easy way to lose weight is to eat Low or NO sugar, carbs and high healthy fats diet.

Eat good fats: Coconut oil, Coconut milk, Coconut fakes, Coconut butter, avocados , green leafy veggies, egg yokes, oils, .  Lots of veggies and higher fats, oils,  and alkaline  Body and increase vit C.

Avoid: all grains, sweet things, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, all high starchy items, no wheat, no grains, no sugars, avoid carbs, .

Lot of weight gain is from high sugar and high wheat diet. Sugar and wheat and other high carbs go into fat. Eat more fat with no or low  carbs and you will lose weight and teach your body to burn fat for energy.

Fat is good because you can eat health low calorie, alkaline veggies and eat more fat because fat help you not to be hungry from your low carbs diet. Also teach your body to burn fat and you will not be hungry.

Major Avoid wheat like it is poison and kills brain cells and gets you fat. Most people are wheat or gluten intolerance, which means that wheat or gluten is poison to you body and it is stored as fat. To me most fat people or most people are gluten intolerance, and sugar intolerance or insulation resistances and both turn to fat and you are still hungry and eat lot more then you need.

This sugar and wheat and other high carbs cause the Body to become very acidic and weakens the body and leads to many diseases and body illnesses. Leads to Diabetes and heart disease and lot more problems.

Very important video to watch:

7 Easy Steps To Start Eating A Ketogenic Diet video

Published on Dec 9, 2013

7 easy steps to start eating a Ketogenic diet
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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Top 7 easy ways to start a Ketogenic Diet
The dangers of High Carb eating
Sugar, cells and Ketogenic diets
What are Ketones?
What is Ketosis?
Best supplements for a Ketogenic diet
Best foods to eat for your cells
Benefits of grass fed beef in a ketogenic diet
Why healthy fats are your friends
Ketones and brain performance
liver cleanses and ketosis
Adrenal fatigue and Ketogenic diet
What is Gluconeogenisis?
Stress and eating

Why We Get Fat -- with Gary Taubes

Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, brain performance and enhanced longevity

The Marvel of Ketone Science (Stop Alzheimer Now)

Dr Oz Gary Taubes Part 2

---- You are both right and both wrong.----- Declaimer: I am not a doctor, below are things  i have studied from many different Doctors over 35+ years.

So if Dr. Oz is A blood type, he will do great on a veggie diet and bad on a animal only diet. If Gary Taubes is O blood type, he will do better on more animal diet and get weaker if he only ate a veggie Diet. 

 This is Another over look item is Blood type and Diet. "One man's food is another man's poison". They have proven similar Blood types react the same to similar type foods. So study your Blood type diet. Type O blood has a stronger digestive system and type A has the weakest digestive system. 100% mostly veggies diet is good for A blood type, but if a O blood only eats a only veggies diet for a long time they will get weaker and more sickly. 

So if Dr. Oz is A blood type, he will do great on a veggie diet. If Gary Taubes is O blood type, he will do better on more animal diet. Opposite diets for opposite blood types. One diet is NOT best for all, each blood type has their own best diet for that blood type.

Wheat carbs are very bad for you, it kill brain cells, cause blood sugar to go much higher and stay their, sugar and wheat causes you to get fat. Sugar, wheat carbs (are the worst, many people are wheat intolerance and do not know it.)  , cause you to get fat and high blood sugar. Other cards like rice, potatoes, popcorn, are not as bad, (if your body is not intolerance to them) but  causes blood sugar to go up bad for diabetic.

You have 2 bodies in one, you have a "feasting body" and a "fasting body". Feasting body we eat food and the body tries  to convert it to energy and/or store it as fat. The fasting body, uses body fat to get energy and feeds the body cells from stored up fat. So your body cells can live on foods or  fat. Cancer cells can only live on glucose or "sugar" from sugar or starches converted to sugars but can not live on fat.

But healthy cells can live on body sugars or fat. If you have cancer you feed the cancer with sugar, but if you only eat fat or fast, the cancer get NO or very little  sugar which should limit it growth. 

Cancer is harder to live in a high alkaline body. High blood sugar causes a acidic body promotes cancer and other diseases. Low calorie alkaline veggies are very good for the Body with some healthy fat helps you not to be hungry and the body needs healthy fat and fat does not feed cancer.

Animal fat is a solid at body temperature and when we cook it at high temp it turns liquid and at high temp can get into the blood and go back to solid. We do not want too much animal fat in our blood.

 In the OT Bible, God told the Hebrews to cook the meat for a long time until all the fat is cooked out of the meat. There are many other plant based  fats that are liquid at body temperature, these fats are good fats, because these fat stay liquid in the human body. Side note, Dr. Max Gerson proof that to a cancer patient,  all oils promote their cancel accept one, that is Fax seed oil. So if you have cancer,  only take fax seed oil, but if you are not fighting cancer,  then you can take other oils. Oils are fat and good for you.  

The problem with cholesterol is the lack of Vit C,  not fat. When we are low on Vit C the Body blood vessels "start to fall apart" or get "cracks" in them and the cholesterol fills in the cracks and start to accumulate around the crack. So the solution is take more Vit C so that will make the Blood vessels strong with no cracks and vit C makes all organ stronger. 

Problem, But if you take lot of vit c on a acidic body you make the body more acidic and acidic body can lead to cancer. Solution,  make your body more  alkaline with high pH water (8 to 9.6 pH) or baking soda (8.2 pH) and then take high dos of Vit C or take buffer Vit C like Esther C. Sugar burns up Vit C and vit C burns up sugar. To lower your blood sugar, first alkaline your body,  and take much high dos of Vit C. 


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