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SJogrens Disease


Newly diagnosed patients may find the video Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Place To Begin to be a helpful resource when starting your education on this debilitating disease:

Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Place To Begin from Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation on Vimeo.


For starter this is what I would do if I had SJogrens Disease


The whole body needs to be rejuvenated.

1. I would stop eating all animal products. Eat organic living foods. Use a good juicer and juice up lot of veges. Start with Max Gerson veges list. Gerson has perfect this over 80 years. Start taking  Lugol Iodine, and extra potassium, most people are deficient in these.

2. Do the Bob Beck Protocol and wear the silver pulsar 2 to 4 hour per day for a month. This treats the whole body and will do away with most all bad microbes that may cause a lot of health problems. The immune can get overworked this will help the immune system get rid the bad microbes with out using harmful or questionable drug with side effects. This will greatly help things like lupus.

Autoimmune disorders -

It has used to treat numerous autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis of the spine), and Sjögren's syndrome.

3.  Study Blood types and food Allergies. Blood reacts to food that we eat. Study food allergies. Food allergies cause a lot of health problems. “One man’s food is another man poison. Dr Jonathan Wright cured 60% of his patient’s problems with finding out their personal food allergies.

To start with there are some common food allergies like: wheat, eggs, all dairy products, tomatoes, food that you want to binge on and over eat maybe a food allergy food to you. Check your blood to the food. See if your blood reacts to certain foods. Avoid that food for the time being.

4. Study and do Dr. Max Gerson therapy. They avoid animal products and high food allergies foods and promote foods that restores good health. Good result with chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, lupus, Grave's disease, Sjoegren's.

5. I would use Iridology to get to the root causes of the health problem.

6. I would also use Dr. Carey Reams body test to see what that comes up with.

  1. Would take a good quality Pycnogenol.
  1. Also check out .

I will keep adding to this as I go. This is a good start.

Both the patients recovered completely with Inj. sodium bicarbonate, intravenous potassium, antibiotics and ventilatory support. There was no evidence of Sjogren's disease in any of them.



Since Sjogren Disease effects 9 out 10  women, then one may ask why so many women and what’s the main difference between man and women bodies.


One big differences is: *** Boy and girl use the same till puberty, then a girl will use 700 times more calcium per day than a normal man. So Calcium deficiency may effect more women then men.


Another factor may be Estrogen.


Another factor MENSTRUAL cycle.


 Iodine, one of trace elements in soft tissue. *** First stage in cell format­ion, triangular stage, each point of a triangle, put iron, iodine, and oxygen, they are unified with a catalyst, calcium.


Below Notes from Dr. Carey Reams Seminar.

FUNGUS        ****** Many women suffer with fungus of the vagina.       It comes from pollen in the air. This will show up on the numbers on your card. Many times when you see the picture there, see the energy loss, then you can say, Do you have itching of the vagina, or an irritation there? K-Min will knock it out. Take 2 TID with meals for 12 days, same as worms, then one with each meal until the bottle is taken.         *** The individual that’s going downward on that geometric scale and they’re losing weight, getting very thin, it's worms, or bacteria or fungus, something on that order that’s causing it.



K-MIn *** way underweight, looked like skin and bones.        Full of worms. Gave her the K-Min, which we use for worms, parasites           *** won’t do any harm if it doesn’t do any good. Itching of the vagina from pollen, K-Min is the finest thing. *** Girl running temperature for 6 years. Picked up bacteria in Italy, or Hattie. K-Min, over it in one week. *** K-Min, you do not give to pregnant women.            *** K-Min for worms and parasites.            Also in fall of the year a lot of women troubled with itching of the vagina, because of pollen.            Don’t know anything that will clear it faster. *** Adults, dosage 2 TID for 12 days, then 1 with each meal until all are taken. Anyone not having a sheen in their hair should have K-Min.            About 80% of the people have worms. Do not give to pregnant women.            For children 0.5 capsule a day for 45 days, about once or twice a year. 4 to 10 years , 1 capsule a day for 45 days .            Don’t miss a day, or worms will hatch out and when you’ve finished you’ve got another crop of them. *** Do not give K-Min whenever the energy is below 30 or 25, the reserve ener­gy. It knocks the energy down 3 or 4 points. It takes the worms apart by ionization..           *** worms out of eyes, nose, K-Min will knock them.        *** Strep throat, use K-Min. *** Certain types of bacteria that K-Min does not work on. These are parmesan, and etc, that it does not work on. *** K-Min works for ring worm. Make a paste with K-Min and olive oil and rub on.  Itching  of the rectum will denote round worms or tape worms.        rub nose, pin worms. Triconosis worm comes out of the nose. If the liver bile is strong enough and the person in good enough health, never have worms of any kind. (children, digestive juices not strong enough to kill them.

INSULIN        *** If they are on insulin, find out how much and for how long. In­sulin, itself, is a salt, and it is one of the most dangerous of all salts. It will crystallize the arteries and veins, faster than other salt that there is known.         And when the arteries and veins begin to crystallize, the per­son is in serious, serious trouble. At retreat, we have to send them to a hospital for re-adjustment on their insulin intake. A person on insulin, Orin, or devinate, whenever their blood sugar begins to lower, the pancreas begins to function, the pancreas makes more insulin, and the blood sugar is lowering and they have too much insulin in their bodies and it’s very diff­icult to repattern this, to wash it out at equal levels, and lower the in­sulin intake at the same time. The symptoms of not enough insulin are clamminess, sweatiness, moist palms, moisture on their necks, moisture on their limbs. Give high amounts of distilled water. Person in a coma, that is lack of insulin. *** Do not take a person off of insulin. Give them a diet so they

can take themselves off. *** Vitamin C is not available without insulin, and insulin is an energy of vitamin C.            *** You have low blood sugar because the pancreas is manufacturing too much insulin, *** 2.20 sugar, could be a case of high blood sugar, providing they were on devinate, ordinate, or insulin. Insulin is a salt.        It’s a very constant salt.            It’s a very dangerous salt. It crystallizes the arteries and veins in your system. Finally crack open like dried lips, and start hemorrhaging, very difficult to stop. *** The dan­ger in insulin is that you get the system to where it Don’t need the amount it’s already got there, muscles already pickled with it, they’ve got too much insulin, skin is dry. Don’t treat persons with it, unless they know how to regulate it. Most of those drink too much water to start with and you’ve got to start with the lemon and the liver and the systematic drinking of water. *** On 20 units of insulin, for two years, and that’s forcing the sugar down but it’s not getting the person well. *** Be careful because the body stores up insulin just like it stores up salt in the muscle, and this thing drops, then you’ve got a person that has too much insulin when they’re not even taking it anymore, then they’ll go into insulin shock. Symptoms of insulin sh­ock, dry skin, very dry, dry mouth, dry lips, put a little sugar on the tongue. *** On this test you can’t tell whether it’s the pancreas manufacturing too little insulin, or if they have cancer of the pancreas. If it’s just the liv­er not manufacturing enough glycogen for the pancreas to manufacture insulin, then you can’t tell whether they are taking insulin or whether it’s a supply of insulin manufactured by yourself. *** It’s easy to get them off the deviate or Orit ate, than it is the insulin, itself. The insulin has a tendency to accumulate in the muscle or fat in the system, like salt, in fact insulin is a salt in its primary state of extraction it is a salt. It therefore has a tendency where a person has a too high salt, already, to aggravate the con­dition of hardening of the arteries, veins, and etc.   *** How long have they been on it. Insulin is a salt, it gets stored up in the muscles, the fat, the tissues. Anytime you lower the insulin, danger of coma, because this stored up insulin will become available because of the enzymes the liver man­ufactures. Put a teaspoon of white sugar in their mouth. If the sugar level is too low, it will raise it, if too high it won’t make that much difference. Give colonic, get water down them. Get them to hospital for re-adjustment of their insulin. Saline solution if too much, but if sugar is too low, give sucrose.         *** Chlorophyll will prevent the sugar from accumulating in your sy­stem, prevent the pancreas from manufacturing too much or not enough insulin. *** Sugar at 0.s Put him on lemon and water. Test 2,3, or 4 times a day, to see that the sweetener he is using is not causing the pancreas to produce more insulin. Sometimes if he begins to get light headed or dizzy, take him off of everything a few hours and tell him to eat some food, different kinds of food. Chew some raisins, slowly. Try honey, try blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, or sorghum, or date sugar. Find something that won’t cause the pancreas to flush. *** Going to break down into carbohydrate energy, it’s going to trigger off the pancreas that manufactures insulin, counteract the sugar, part of it preventing the blood from carrying the right amount of oxygen to the brain. *** If low blood sugar, it could trigger off the pancreas to manufacture an over abundance of insulin and cause you to have low blood sugar.      (too much heat, too much alcohol) What is it in all foods that turns to energy quicker than anything else? Sugar .  Exception, body chemistry not producing enough insulin. Change the body chemistry. Withdrawal, one body chemistry to another. *** Insulin as an enzyme being produced by the pancreas.  It is an amino acid. *** Insulin manufactured by the pancreas. *** Chlorophyll used by the body, a regulator for the manufacture of insulin. *** The first th­ing that comes off of this sugar molecule is alcohol, nature following the

line of least resistance. Next thing that comes off is insulin. Still following the line of least resistance.         If you’ve got too much insulin the malady is low blood sugar. If you’ve got too little, high blood sugar.


MENSTRUAL *** Anytime these calciums stay low long enough, they will effect the menstrual period. *** Don’t get upset when it changes or skips a time or two, when you are re-adjusting someones body chemistry. *** Menstrual cramps.          Find gland, under arm from breast to ovary, use a vibrator.In the crotch glands on pelvic bone. Vibrate.  Cramps caused by a manganese deficiency, a phosphate manganese deficiency. ****** Periods very irregular, iron deficient.    *** Will periods start again? Got too much of one kind of calcium, and not enough of

5 other kinds. What we Don’t know is how long these other 5 dropped.            If below the PNR line, they will never start again.   If her chemistry can be corrected it should come back to normal.



CALCIUM     *** These tests show you whether there's too much calcium or not enough. Calcium has 40 electrons in orbit. *** Approximately a quarter of a million different kinds of calciums, and these calciums are divided into 7 different kinds of calciums. One is deadly poison to us. Our bodies use more calciums by volume and weight than any element known. *** Boy and girl use the same till puberty, then a girl will use 700 times more calcium per day than a normal man. *** Extremely nervous, excitable, low calciums. Which one? The test will show you. *** The cause of high urea is the lack of calciums in the diet, or lack of oxygen coming in from the lungs to the liver, or brain tumor, or damage to the vagus nerve. *** Anytime the calcium drops too low, the person is in a state of menopause, and has little to do with the menstrual flow or period, but if, it stays low long enough, during’ the age, it will effect the flow of the menstrual period. *** 7 different kinds. Phosphate of calcium, P2 05 , oxide calcium Ca2 03 , calcium carbonate Ca C 03, Tri-calcium, gypsum calciums (lactates), dolomite calciums Ca 02, calcium hydroxide (toxic to people).         6 are essential to life.              *** If hives break out all over the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, all at the same time, it means the calciums are changing and becoming available to you, and vitamin A available to you and the nerve ends are coming alive in the skin, and you have hives.          If it happens to do it on the installment plan, you might have it for 2 or 3 weeks, a little spot here and there. *** A quick drop in calciums causes hives. One type of heart attack causes a quick drop. *** Never give a person lactate if pH is less than 6.20. No buttermilk or acidophilus. *** Our bodies use more calcium than any other substance. . Calcium is anionic. Over a quarter of a million different calciums. We add calcium to our diet to keep it from losing carbon, or to replace it quickly with carbon.       *** You start to repair a cell with calcium. We use calcium and not carbon because we are organic. ***    Calcium unbalance may not be in the cell. *** It's not the cause of loss of carbon in this cell.           It is the calcium that's manufactured by the liver on the freq­uency down to the milli-microns of the organ in which it's located. So it doesn’t have enough to replace this worn out cell and the cell stays in too long and thus wears out. ***        Calcium and potassium determines the structure of the brain. *** Bones are most effected if there is a phosphate of calcium deficiency. *** Calcium is one mineral you have to be careful about. Keep testing and change their diet every time their body chem­istry changes, because they may change every day. *** All MS patients have a calcium deficiency. *** Give high amounts of calcium to alcoholics. *** 4 M on the 25th day, a terrific calcium deficiency.      -*** When the food is digesting too slowly it means the gastric juices are too diluted. Two causes: calcium deficiency and not enough water and oxygen. ***     If they have had arthritis in the joints for 10 years or more, you could expect calcium deposits in the joints. *** The calcium ratio in your produce will be in direct proportion to the sugar content. *** Women who have had their ovaries removed are apt to get in a rut. Also when it produces the least too much of estrogen, which goes back to the phosphate of man­ganese, in their diet, the sugar, the calciums, iron, iodine that is in  their system, that person loses resistance to say "no" to anything. Depending on their calcium level, do not make fast changes. *** Oxygen and calcium are the factors that make a governor for water in your system. *** At o% moisture in our bodies calcium is about 67%   A deficiency in calcium would mean low in manganese. *** If blood does not have enough oxygen it decreases the amount of calcium in the liver. ***If you have a 7.20 over 7.20 it's still possible for a patient to be deficient in calcium because he doesn1t have enough of different kinds. *** When a  patient comes in with a pH of 5. OO or 5.40, nervous, the best thing to do is to give 10 mill. shots of calcium gluceptate. *** The weaker the digest­ive juice the less of the heavy minerals it can get from your diet. *** If the blood does not have enough oxygen, it decreases the amount of calcium in the liver, and the saliva number goes down.    Take right calcium according to pH. Saliva would denote a deficiency in calcium, the top number denotes it first. *** She lacks oxygen and her calcium is passing out into the urine, it’s collecting in the liver. Her liver’s got calcium but can I t use it because it doesn1t have enough oxygen. 7.10 over 8.00. *** The liver produces amino acids.    We are talking about 3 main elements, nitrogen, calcium, oxygen, and water. These interact. Anionic digestive juices, and cationic food, produces gas or vapor format­ion. Four elements we're talking about, nitrogen, calcium, oxygen, and water.           *** Calcium is the mineral found in the body in the most weight and volume. Calcium is equal to 60% of the mineral. Calciums, all the different kinds of calciums. Bone has the most calcium of all the tissues in the body.          The calcium found in the bone is equal to 1/3 or 33% of all the calciums. Calcium is the single most important, in the mineral available by weight and by volume, than anything else in the body. With­out calcium there would be no life. Calcium phosphate is the most common form that calcium is found in the bone, a variable 24 to 34% of the total mineral. *** The difference between the tissue is going to be because of the micronage, in direct relationship to the calcium.         *** In the sex organs, manganese is going to be increased slightly, the calcium decreased slightly. In the heart, arsenic increased, calcium decreased. The calcium would be the variable. *** 7 different kinds or groupings of calcium. 1, Gypsum group, lactate, acetate, sulphate. Yogurt, buttermilk, sour milk, etc., 2. Oxide form includes things like egg shell, oyster shell, dolomite, etc. 3. Glue Onate form. Sweet milk, yogurt also, peas, soft vegetables. 4. Hydroxide groups poisonous, all by itself, the only one. An ingredient in lime water. 5. Tri-calciums, tri-oxides, phosphates, and things like this, compounds. *** In an orange, a carrot, a pepper, the calciums are different. Various arrangements. A frequency difference. How easily at that particular pH range, the body can take that calcium. Can’t utilize some because their frequencies are difficult to convert, cant slow them down.   *** Milk has a frequency, but within that frequency, the molecule, the gluconates form of calcium also has its individual frequency. There could be a thousand calcium gluconates. The oritates fit in the gluconates, the easiest of all to utilize. Calcium hydroxide, goes into water, a loss of the hydroxyl, the OH, so this changed ion of calcium is available, no longer a poison.

Calcium helps determine the size of a cell.          The larger the cell the more percentage of calcium you have. *** Anionic minerals, potassium, calcium, and chlorine. *** The greater the calcium deficiency the greater the over­all deficiency.


MIN-COL *** There is one product that’s been on the market about 4O years, it’s called Min-Col,     It is the only colloidal mineral sold on the market that I know of. *** In a whole ton of bone meal there’s only 60 lbs, we have never learned to get out but about 3 lbs, at the most, out of a whole ton of bone meal. *** Any time you have bone cancer, use Min-Col like it’sgoing out of style. Use 2 BID during pregnancy and lactation period. Min-Col will make the filling come out, and then have them filled again, (teeth) and after 2 or 3 times the teeth will grow out. *** When a baby is about 2 months old, start that baby on 0.5 Min-Co1 capsul a day, in its food.    Keep that up until the child is 4 years old. *** I’ve seen teeth grow out normal providing the nerve wasn’t damaged or diseased. Teeth that are saw edged or glassy, it is a Min-Col deficiency.      Cavities, a Min-Col deficiency.         *** It’s for teeth, bones, fingernails. *** capsul a day until the child is 4 years old, at 4. we recommend 1 a day for 96 years, for a boy. A girl, when she comes into puberty, 2 a day. And when they become pregnant and lactation period,          This mineral that comes from bone meal is a colloidal compound. *** Each molecule of Min-Col is a complete little solar system within itself. An excellent thing when there’s cancer of the bone, or deteriation of the cancer of the bone, for at least a year or more.         *** A person with a fracture, I give 2 TID to some people, but 2 BID will generally supply the amount, *** It’s very few of these minerals we recommend except Min-Col, that actually goes directly into our system, Min-Col can go into your system without any physical change whatsoever. It can go in just as you take it without any physical change. *** Take your Min-Col tablets and it will stiffen your toenails until they will not be ingrown anymore. It’s because they’re too soft, this is what causes them to bend and grow inward,  It is a subatance taken from digestive bone meal, and out of the digestive bone meal, it has to be floated out and then it has to be dehydrated, and then made in capsul form. This is the essence that forms the very bone cell, not any other inert products in it. And people that have cavities in their teeth often complain about their fillings falling out because it starts to grow out, Your teeth should grow out like your finger-nails do, not quite as rapidly but they should grow and they will if you give them the right substances. I do not know of one that will do what Min­Col will. *** Min-Col is another source rich in manganese, and that’s in phos­phate form. *** Also Min-Col is a great thing to take whenever you have a bowel problem, any bowel deterioration.*** Min-Col is already pre-digested. It’s immediately available 100% of it to the human body, regardless of the gastric juices, weak or strong, or dilute. That’s why the older and weaker, or the lower the reserve energy, the more we stress the giving of Algavim and Min-Col.     If anything in the world will supply the mineral nutrient, it will. *** Phosphate of potassium. Best source, Min-Col. Correct 80% of potasaium deficiencies. *** Helps nature restore deficiencies at the time pregnancy begins. *** We pick up chromium from two sources.         One is from the air and the other from Min-Col.            *** The calcium loss causing rapid decay in teeth because they Don’thave enough phosphate of calcium, and the only place you can get it is from Min-Col.            There’s no other supplement on the market today, that is purified and clean, that really will work. Been on the market since 1934. 2 or 3 twice a day, maximum, any more wouldn ‘t do any good.


CHARCOAL  *** Charcoal tablets, or bridets toast, is an excellent source of carbon.


CHLOROPHYLL           *** C6H22012 + N02    is chlorophyll. This is the greatest pain killer in the world. Use either comfry, wheat grass, green grass out of the yard white dutch clover, lettuce, or dandelion, or spinach. Grind it in a food chopper then put in a juicer and strain out the pure chlorophyll, and let them drink 4 oz. 3 or 4 times a day. Good for those who are below and above PNR line.        You can buy the raw chlorophyll in the store and it will keep for 6 months. Give 1 T in 4 oz. of liquid once or twice a day. Fresh is better. Make a lettuce cocktail with the juice and the core, it will make them sleep like a baby.    *** Chlorophyll is good to help the liver make enough glycogen for the pancreas to preform. For low or high sugar use chlorophyll drinks. Aloe vera is good too. 1 T once a day put in carbonated drink, about 3 oz.






*** Chlorophyll will do more to control sugar than any other substance.  If the pancreas is not functioning and sugar is too high, they will get drunk like on a binge. ***Green drink, this has chlorophyll in it and this will prevent the sugar from accumulating in your system, prevent the pancreas from manufacturing too much or too little insulin.





ESTROGEN *** Alcoholics. Another reason is that the system will manufacture too much, either estrogen in women, or testosterone  in men. And at that time it seems to loose something in the system that it’s got to have some kind of a problem. That person is going to get hooked on something. Build up the cal­ciums, so that it manufactures the correct amount of estrogen and testosterone. If this estrogen rises a little higher still, it manufactures until too much, then that person becomes a vegetable. They become schizophrenic.        Get the calcium back to available to the system. *** (some people turns too much of their starches and carbohydrates to alcohol). It also has a terrific amount to do with the production of estrogen and testosterone. Whenever a man is a little bit lacking in testosterone, or a woman is lacking in estrogen, they be­come hypochondriacs (depressed and very difficult, and if they go low enough they become absolutely insane, uncontrollable, and can not control themselves. Even though the ovaries, the organ that produces, is still in, and especially the women that have had the ovaries removed, are apt to get into this rut, that they do not have enough estrogen, and consequently they become very, very difficult to work with and to live with and to be around, and they are a mis­ery to themselves, and a problem to society. Also when it produces the least bit too much estrogen, which goes back to the phosphate of manganese in your diet, the sugar, the calciums, the iron, that is in your system as well as the iodine, that person loses the resistance to say "no" to anything. They get hooked on something, may be alcohol, cigarettes, whisky, wine, anything in the world. It takes a real amount of recognition of yourself to get yourself out of that rut, you need help.       Those people with still more estrogen or testosterone, they become either a vegetable, absolutely helpless.        This effects women more drastically than it does men because many of the men become psycho cases, schizophrenic, but also absolutely insane, because they cannot get a diet that will control this. B3 is one of the finest things to start people on. You must go into it slow so that the body will accept it.        If their cal­cium level is too low, and they’re mighty nervous, or if they have a digestive problem, go slow to start with.




CARBON *** People that contain too much water are lacking carbon. Good source is charcoal tablets, or bridets toast. Carbon is the governor for water. When a person is dehydrated they have too much carbon and lacking in water. The way to get rid of water is to drink water. *** Carbon is in every biological cell. The cell cannot exist without carbon and that's carbon 12,


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*** Carbon has 1 anion and 12 cation, and is not an isotope. *** In South Texas  There’s a high chorine content in the vegetables and chlorine displaces carbon and calcium. Carbon is absolutely essential for your life.  IT does the same thing in your body as it does in the soil.  It determines how much moisture your body will hold. Charcoal is a rich source of carbon. An­other source is carbohydrates .*** All colloids contain carbon.      *** The most important biological substance is carbon. *** Carbon has 12 electrons, 12 cations in orbit. Carbon is always a cation. *** In testing human ashes you only measure carbons in thousands of years of life. *** The difference between iron and hardened steel, the carbon has been taken out. *** One pound of carbon can hold up to 4 lbs. of water, at 100% efficiency.         In the bone is a lot of  dry carbon that isn1t holding any moisture. *** This is just dry weight, no water, carbon 3.4 % in liver and less than in bone.       ****** Water is the catalyst for carbon. Within the molecule when it dehydrates it shrinks down, and when it comes in contact with moisture it swells up, it sucks itself full of water.            Females have more carbon and more water.     *** The shape of the carbon atom, it’s a tetragonal. The two carbon atoms join together to form a v. Those v shaped double carbon atoms go into a whole series of platelets, stacked up, I Shape of these carbon atoms is important, it’s at the stole. *** Carbon a water regulator. Diamond is the hardest form, absolutely dry, not a conductor of electricity. In our cell structure this paired tetragonal formation is responsible for insulating, or stopping the messages from the brain, like a lead barrier toward electrons. A message transmitted to the cell, absorbed, programmed, and stopped. Nine possibilities of energy formation, the tetrag­onal formation is what the carbon takes on when we're-talking about cell struct­ure related to the stole. If the sharp stabbing pain is there, knitting taking place, it’s periodic, it’s not constant. The carbon atom has not taken their specific location in order to provide the insulating effect, *** Phos­phate is the catalyst for carbon and oxygen, for the manufacture of carbohydrates.


CIRCULATE *** When a cell loses carbon it loses moisture, then break down of carbon forms C02 gas. When this gas forms the cell enlarges and it crowds the cells around it and this becomes a little mass. This is called adhesions. It prevents the blood from circulating, a chain reaction.        * Circulatory system, because the blood is a carrier for your energy throughout the entire system. *** Left ventricle, through the aorta, down abdominal aorta, to kidneys all along feeding things, into lower extremities, back through liver, back into right atrium, into right ventricle, then to lungs, right and left lung, return to left atrium, to left ventricle.       *** Blood circulates in the brain, less blood than any other organ, cleaner blood, has to be more efficient.


NIACIN *** If the liver’s functioning, then you give niacin and rebuild this nerve so the pancreas can function. Niacin, B3 , will help, and do a great job in rebuilding any of the nerve tissue.     ****** MS all of them have a niacin deficiency, B3 deficiency. ****** I start with 100 units between meals and as long as they get a flush I do not increase it, but whenever they go through two or three days without a flush, then I double it to 200, and then I keep increasing it so that they continually get a flush. *** A person with extremely low calcium, and extremely nervous and high neurosis, do not use B3 . Not that B3 would do any damage, but the point is they are so nervous when they begin to get any reaction they go into hysteria. B3 didn’t do it, they just lost their nerve. I’ve used 2000 milligrams many times, as much as every two hours. I’ve used up to 3 or 5 thousand a day many times. *** Keep adding it until they get a flush. If they won’t get a flush, increase it until they get to 100.        After you get to 100 increase it by 100. I've given 3 to 5, 000 units a day, and after that I have not gotten any better results. After they’ve been on it a few months, give them lower, and lower it down. Do not take them off of it too quickly, lower it slowly until it gets back to normal. Niacin will marvelously rebuild nerves:            (see Vitamin B3 )          (see Schizophrenia)       .


IODINE *** Liver is rich in iodine. *** Carrots that are grown in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, only contain about 2 parts per million of iodine, or iron. Consequently those states are called the goiter states, because a deficiency of iodine makes goiter.      Calif. has about 200 parts per million per gram of iodine, carrot juice. *** Leukemia, anemia, not enough iron and iodine. Replace iron and iodine in the liver, the basic substance for the manufacture of vitamin A.       *** The thyroid is rich in iodine, and if it does not get the iodine, the liver Is going to take its part first, and if it does not have enough, then it’s going to cause carcinoma cells of the thyroid gland. *** Foods rich in iodine, carrots, fish, kelp, with the sodium removed, .Algavim, parsley, very rich in it.  *** What foods do we get iodine out of? Kelp, celery, most all vegetables, quail meat the richest of all, anions, most any kind of seeds. *** Forming of amino acids, nitrogen, calcium, oxygen and water as a catalyst and carrier. You might add iodine and iron, next. Iodine, one of trace elements in soft tissue. *** First stage in cell format­ion, triangular stage, each point of a triangle, put iron, iodine, and oxygen, they are unified with a catalyst, calcium.
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