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Dr Carey Reams Biological theory of Ionization

Dr Carey Reams (Medical degree in England) also a (Bio-chemist)   "help cure" 10,000 cancer patients using the maxium energy formula.  He measured the persons body chemistry and came up with one of the 25 fine tuned diet of food and minerals that the person needed to regain maxium health and built up the body to help them to overcome dieases.


The perfect body chemistry for maxium energy equation for maxium health:


carbohydrates - urine ph/saliva ph - combine salt - albumen - nitrate/ammonical (ureas)

       1.5                        6.40/6.40              6c                   .04               3/3


People came from all over to have their personal body chemistry analzsis by Dr. Reams.  I heard that Dr. Reams had a 100% "cure" rate in "curing" Leukemia. He say that the Leukemia  body was unable to absorb Vitamin A. Then help the body to absorb vitamin A.


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Biologic Ionization As Applied to Human Nutrition [Hardcover]

Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe (Author) He works the system that Dr. Carey invented.


Read parts of  the book by Dr. Alexander F Beddoe



Reams Biological theory of Ionization

This might hold a very effective approach to treat disease


I think, after brainstorming for quite some time, that the cause and the treatment for most, if not all disease was found in 1976 by Dr. Carey Reams. Remember, that we concluded that the soil determines the disease. Like in agriculture, a bad soil yields unhealthy vegetables, which are prone to parasites, to rot, fungi, etc. Inside a human body, the same applies. When the soil, i.e. the blood pH, the mineral and vitamin status is bad, the blood and tissue become a place where the protits (Enderlein) can't live anymore. They transform into pathogenic microbes (viri, bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts) and start to destroy the host. At the same time, they try to create the perfect habitat by excreting acids that make the soil even worse, so these microbes can thrive inside the body.


Regular medicine says that these diseases care caused by invasive microbes or because of an overactive immune system or a defective immune system. Energy medicine tries to kill the pathogenic materializations of the protits, but it doesn't change the soil. Alternative medicine like homeopathy tries to relieve the symptoms using interesting techniques. Low-carb approaches are also quite nice, as it strarves the microbes and boosts immunity. Alas, it's all not enough and it doesn't tackle the real problem: The soil is still a perfect habitat for the pathogenic microbes.


The only real cure of any disease can be found when we start to focus on the soil. Well, Dr. Carey Reams fits in perfectly.




Dr Carey Reams was both a physician and an agronomist. His medical degree, completed in England, included an undergraduate degree in chemistry. Upon returning to the US to practice medicine, Reams chose to retain his independence by avoiding membership of the AMA (American Medical Association)


It is a fact that a shining intellect can often be apparent at an early age, and Reams' genius shone through from the outset. During his childhood on the family farm in Florida, his intuitive and practical understanding of plant growth became legendary. It has been said that his father entrusted him with sole responsibility for a significant growing area when he was just five years old. He devised a fertility program, organised labour and apparently produced an exceptional melon crop at that tender age.


Dr Reams never really separated his two professions. He developed extensive systems related to both during the 50's and 60's. While practicing medicine in Orlando, Florida, he opened a health retreat in Georgia and used this accumulated practical experience and research to develop what he termed the Reams Human Health Equation - a diagnostic and analytical tool based on the testing of urine and saliva. These body fluids were tested with the identical LaMotte soil testing approach, which Reams favoured when evaluating soil health. The test measured energy loss in his patients, and Reams accurately diagnosed specific diseases based upon small reductions in energy loss, without actually seeing his clients.


More than anyone else, he was able to make the link between earth soil and the soil of a person, especially since he also has an undergraduate degree in chemistry.


The story was told that Dr. Reams had a friend with a dying daughter who insisted that if Dr. Reams could do wonders for soil, plants and crops, that he should be able to help the young child. He wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Eventually, this personal obligation is what drove Dr. Reams to making the transition from soil chemistry analysis to body chemistry analysis. After years of testing, Dr. Reams determined that urine and saliva provided the best medium for testing his Theory of Biological Ionization.



Dr. Reams realized that the soil was everything, just like Pasteur said on his dead bed: "The soil is everything, the germ is nothing". He discovered that all the variables of the human soil can be determined from a persons urine plus saliva. His test consisted of 7 parameters (optimal values in between the brackets). Sugar brix (1.5); Urine pH (6.4); Saliva pH (6.4); Conductivity (7); Cell Debris (1); Nitrate Nitrogen (3); Ammonia Nitrogen (3). It was accomplished by using laboratory instruments and techniques normally used for agricultural testing. Using these figures, he could tell the person exactly what's his condition, exactly where a tumor is forming, and he could predict when a person might get a heart attack. Dr. Reams started a Health Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. People seeking wellness would come to this retreat for several weeks and be given a diet to suit their body chemistry. Many of them left feeling better than they had felt in years. It was quite amazing. His success with treating terminal cancer patients, abandonded by the regular medicine to die in peace, was astounding. He only lost 6 patients of the 10,000 treated in one year ! That's a 99,94% success rate with TERMINAL PATIENTS. Even though you probably think that's too good to be true, please keep on reading.


Reams theory of Biological Ionization

His treatment and his tests are based on the Reams theory of Biological Ionization. A real mouthful, but in short it means that all the energy any organism uses is produced by friction between anions and cations.


From: The Curse Causeless shall not Come

Now we are getting down to the BIOLOGICAL THEORY OF IONIZATION for the production of energy. Please fasten your seat belts; we are going to have to get into a little chemistry, physics and electronics. I hope that you see what I am driving at in a few pages.


A single ANION* contains the smallest amount of energy that there is. This single ANION will contain 1 Millhouse unit of energy. However, an ANION may contain as many as 499 Millhouse units of energy and still be known as an ANION. The word ANION is both singular and plural. An ANION MOLECULE has a positive ion as a nucleus. This + ion is known as a CATION. One single CATION contains 500 mh units of energy but may contain as many as 999 mh units and still be known as a CATION. The orbiting shell of an ANION molecule rotates in a clock-wise direction. A CATION molecule has an ANION as its nucleus and has CATIONS, or if you prefer cationic electrons, in its outer orbit. This orbit is counter-. clock-wise. But why is this important? Because herein is the vital key to health as expressed in science! All energy in human bodies is created by the RESISTANCE generated when these oppositely charged ions rotating in opposite directions come together. Think of that, you physics majors! In college physics we have been taught, and generally quite true, that RESISTANCE consumes energy. But in the ionization chemistry of the human body, it is the RESISTANCE between the orbiting anions and the orbiting cations that actually creates energy! If there is no resistance, then no energy is created. In chemistry, the measure of this RESISTANCE is known as "pH." But pH is neither a qualitative or a quantitative measurement. It is just resistance.

| |


Perhaps you should go back and read again the part about anions and cations before going on. Then I will show you why all this makes a vital difference in the struggle against disease.


Suppose, in theory, that you ate only foods or substances that contained cations. What would happen? With no anionic substances present, there would be no resistance. Remember, no resistance, no energy. Suppose, in theory, you consumed only anionic substances. Where would you get the cations to create the energy? You would not have any! In the practical considerations, it is not possible to have only anions or only cations present. However, it happens all the time with sick people that there are never enough anionic substances present to get for them the energy needed from the cationic foods that they have eaten. Thus it is said that we "do not properly digest our food," or as some of the more recent writers on cancer


So, in short: An anion, (like OH-) can yield energy when it creates resistance with an cation, like H+. For those who've had chemistry, you can see what's the point. The amount of OH- anions and H+ cations in a solution determine the acidity of the solution and thus the pH. As Enderlein showed, our body runs in perfect harmony with the protits when the pH is 7.4, which is close to a neutral solution, so a perfect ratio of cations and anions and thus the perfect ratio to create the most friction and thus the most energy. At that point (blood pH 7.4), the saliva and urine pH is 6.4. Without invasive tests we can determine the saliva and urine pH and our goal is to get it back to where it belongs: 6.4.



How can we make sure that our pH is and will stay perfect (blood pH 7.5, saliva and urine pH 6.4). This can be done by proper diet. Reason dictates that natural, uncooked, unprocessed foods are the best. The Western diet is loaded with culprits: The worst ones are the refined sugars and the grains. We even drink huge amounts of pure acids, like Coca Cola. But beware, also coffee is very acidic. Most, if not all degenerative diseases in the Western world are caused by the consumption of excessive amounts of acidifying foods. If your goal is to cure the disease and to stay healthy and sparkling with energy afterwards, you need to rethink your entire diet.


The anionic Lemon

Dr. Reams states that each and every food is cationic. There is only one exception: The lemon ("citroen" in Dutch), which is anionic. So, to metabolise our food, we need to produce anionic foods that balance the cationic foods we eat. Otherwise we can't get any friction and thus no energy out of our food.


The liver

This is where the liver fits in. The liver produces huge amounts of bile to aid in the digestion of the food, but more important to balance the cations in the food with the anions in the bile. Besides that, the liver produces about 6 billion enzymes, which are used by the organs in our body. Let's take the pancreas as an example. The pancreas produces primarily three things: Insulin, alcohol and pancreatic enzymes that metabolise protein. Where does the pancreas get its input ? From the liver enzymes. Without the correct amount of liver enzymes, the pancreas can't do its job. Result: Diabetes (insulin), cold hands and feet (alcohol) and cancer (digestive enzymes). When any organ in your body is malfunctioning, you should always look at the liver first. If the liver was running at 100%, it would supply the right enzymes to all organs, so that the organs can heal themselves.. i.e. This means: No kidney transplants are ever needed anymore. Problems with the thyroid or the adrenals ? Again: Check the liver !


Liver-regeneration protocol

The liver regeneration protocol is quite simple. Feed it the only anionic food available on this planet: The lemon. Use a neutral non-anionic, non-cationic liquid as a medium: Distilled water fits in perfectly. The protocol is as follows: Make fresh lemon juice and add 9 parts of distilled water to the 1 part of juice, i.e. 4 ounces vs 36 ounces distilled water. Four ounces of the lemon-water solution each hour and Four ounces of plain distilled water take on the half hour.


Example: 9:00 4 ounces of lemon-water solution, 9:30 4 ounces distilled water, 10:00 lemon-water, 10:30 distilled water, 11:00 lemon-water, 11:30 distilled water, etcetera.




Why can it be fatal ? It's because the pancreas gets a lot more enzymes that it was used too and all of a sudden starts to produce a lot more insulin. You can imagine what happens. When bloodsugar levels fall too low, due to excessive insulin, you can fade or fall into a coma, which might very well prove to be fatal.


Anionic Minerals

While lemon is the only anionic food, calcium and potassium are the needed anionic minerals. If you don't eat enough mineral-rich organic foods, you will develop a deficiency of anionic minerals, which means you can't develop enough resistance with the cationic food, which means you can't produce enough energy. Energy starvation is what causes cancer. The best way to get the proper anionic minerals is to eat the widest possible variety of fruit and vegetables you can.


Sugar (again)

Sugar (and grains) is one of the worst foods there is. White sugar depletes calcium from the body because it turns most easily into alchohol. Alcohol is the greatest enemy of calcium in the body chemistry. Now do you see the ionization connection between the high consumption of white sugar and cancer? Does white sugar cause cancer and other diseases? No, but it does drive out the anionic calcium that you are trying to accumulate from the foods, thus shifting the body chemistry enough so that proteins are not digested. If this goes on long enough, you will begin to lose energy and start to get sick. The shift in body chemistry can cause a host of problems, of which cancer is only one. For instance, it has never been known for a person who has sufficient calcium and whose blood sugar is not above normal, to come down with polio. Did I say that the white sugar in cookies was the cause of polio? No. But it does drive out calcium and if that person happens to be a borderline diabetic - Wham: Polio!


Pancreas rebuilding protocol

This is a very easy one. Get yourself a vegetable-juicer machine and make 4 ounces of juice twice a day. Use good green leafy vegetables. Again, use distilled water to make the juice.



Water is very important for health. You should at least drink an ounce of water for each kilo (2 pounds roughly). So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water, which is about 2.5 liters. Please note there is a major difference in water qualities. The best water, according to Reams, is distilled water. The water should have the least amount of minerals (The Belgium Spa mineral water only has 30mg per liter). Besides the zero-mineral content, the extra advantage of distilled water is the high energy. Dr. Beddoe says that water is the "wettest" of all waters.

An introduction to why we should drink anionic water-By Hugh Lovel


Not many people have heard of Dr. Carey Reams' theory of biological ionization. Reams was a self-employed biochemist that 26 years ago lived 30 miles away from me near Cherry Log, Georgia. He taught agricultural classes right up until he died, but he'd also done extensive research into the biochemistry of aging and disease. Dr. Reams found that as people aged they built up a cationic burden of positive charge. This tends to deactivate portions of our DNA so that with age various biological functions tend to fail.

Presumably this is even true of the Earth. Back in its youth there was not so much limestone. The age of limestone deposition followed the age of coal formation. but as lime was acquired from solar fusion, solar flares and the solar wind and deposited as sedimentary layers on the Earth a cationic build-up seems to have occurred.

Reams tested foods to see which ones might alleviate this cationic imbalance. The only anionic food in hundreds and hundreds tested turned out to be fresh squeezed lemon juice. Since water commonly had a wide variety of cationic minerals in it the only water he found that was essentially cation free was distilled water. So for a while he operated a clinic that monitored fasting on distilled water with a little fresh squeezed lemon juice in it. This went a long ways towards balancing electrical charge, restoring health and arresting aging with many people.

Reams was someone I knew, and I knew some of the people who took his fasting cure. I also had a lifetime association with a father who fasted on water, occasionally with a dash of fresh lemon, and I saw him recover from a couple of rather horrible diseases that way, though he died of pneumonia. The doctor who performed his autopsy questioned me at some length to see if I knew why his heart and arteries were as supple and clean as a three-year-old's, though he was 70. I told him about the water fasts, some of which had lasted as long as 28 days, which is an entire lunar month. However, this was more or less discounted. Most doctors can hardly imagine prescribing fasting.

The majority of people in our world today know very little about the healthful effects of fasting. Yet on a few occasions I have found health through fasting when all else failed. However, on none of these occasions did I have distilled water and fresh lemon, so I haven't experienced a fast with anionic water. Nevertheless I can see there is good reason to believe Reams was on to something.

However, passing water straight from the city water mains through a cation exchange resin would does not render the water anionic since the ion exchange resin simply substitutes sodium ions for the various other cations in solution. And water distillation results in electronically neutral water having a pH of 7. Now a Japanese scientist by the name of Okumura has discovered a new process involving crumbs of specially treated magnesium that restructure water molecules so that some of the hydrogen, the most fundamental of all cations, bubbles off rending the water left behind as much as a thousand times more anionic. The magnesium crumbs are marketed in the form of a small, inexpensive stick that can be placed in a water container and shaken so that anionic water is produced. This is something I think many people will enjoy trying. --HL

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From: The Curse Causeless shall not Come
Now we are getting down to the BIOLOGICAL THEORY OF IONIZATION for the production of energy. Please fasten your seat belts; we are going to have to get into a little chemistry, physics and electronics. I hope that you see what I am driving at in a few pages.

Where to go from here ?

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Please be aware that I'm an still studying the RBTI and I've never followed any RBTI-course, so take my notes and interpretations with a grain of salt ;-) .

Below are some brainstorming idea's to see how RBTI fits within other paradigms.

The connections
The connection with Bechamp, Enderlein and other pleomorphic scientists must be clear now. As they did, Dr. Reams also claims that the soil is everything. I also found very interesting connections between the Reams Theory and energy medicine. Check this out: I believe the energy that is produced by the friction between anions and cations is what Reich called Orgone, also known as ch'i and prana. Orgone is the real energy a human lives on and is the energy that allows him to walk from his chair to the door.

Also, I've reread parts of the The Curse Causeless shall not come again and can't help to notice the similiraties with both Reich and Dr Hamer's new Medicine..

Check this out:

The Curse Causeless shall not come, page 10 (with the pH/Engery chart on the left):

"Suppose that we could determine, by some means, WHERE THE ENERGY LOSS WAS LOCATED IN THE BODY. What would we then know ? We would know the probable location of [...] the cancer, wouldn't we.. Is there a way to determine this and the extent of the energy loss ? Yes, but it's beyond the scope of this little booklet.."

Now Check what Dr. Wilhelm Reich says about this: An emotional armor materializes in the body in the form of a body armor, which is a blockade of life energy. So, the armor is deprived of life energy, orgone, or, as Reams says: There is more energy-need than energy-input.. Or: The anion-cation relation isn't balanced (urine and saliva pH not at 6.4)--> Not enough friction between anions and cations ---> Energy deprivation !

Now check what Dr. Hamer says about this: A biological or emotional trauma causes a tumor on a specific location in the body, and also one in the brains, also on a specific location. Once the trauma is dealt with, the cancer will disappear.

When a person lacks energy, he can't produce enough energy (=orgone, life energy) due the unbalance between the anions and cations and thus the pH is too acid or too alkaline.. An orgone accumulator supplies this extra energy to the person, and a MWO probably also. This extra amount of energy is then happily used by the body organs to regain health.. However, the cause is still there: An emotional or biological trauma (Reich, Hamer) or an overly acidified body (Reams).

So, we should see the energy medicine not neccesarily as a cure but more like this: Suppose we are a car and due to some cause (acidification due to bad diet or trauma) the energy levels are suppressed.. Both the Orgone-Accumulator and the MWO are like a battery-charger and supply us with extra 12V power, so we can again run the start-motor, the fuel-pump, etc. However, the situation hasn't changed yet and the car still has a defective dynamo and over time the problems will reappear.... That is, until the dynamo (the ratio of anions to cations) is repaired..

The zapper, blood cleaner, etc are also not a cure.. They take away the manifestation of the bad condition, but these also reappear quickly again as the protits still can't live happily in the body and will keep mutating into other forms !

Conclusion: I think it's very probable that the proper application of the Reams Theory helps tremendously to control or heal virtually any disease. The keywords are: Soil, liver, lemon, calcium, anionic-cationic balancing, pH balancing, water.

I've just ordered a book on the Reams Theory. It can be ordered at
Health Guide for Survival
Salem Kirban;

There are only a few copies left, so if you want one, get it quickly..

Update: You can also get the book from the writer's website:
Health Guide for Survival

Further readings: Please read the book The Curse Causeless shall not Come for many more details and check the articles on Reams in the Archive

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