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How serrapeptase can remove fibrosis and help men with peyronies disease
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Is Serrapeptase the Miracle Enzyme? 


Enzymes (Neprinol, Nattokinase and Fibrozym) for Peyronie’s Treatment



Home – Natural Peyronies Disease Treatment



Any Peyronie’s disease  treatment using drugs or even surgery to be effective must be all about the internal scar tissue (plaque) that causes a bent or curved penis to develop.  This is why we strongly suggest monitoring the size, shape, density and surface features of the PD scar to determine if your PD is progressing or stable.


hat medical research has reported for vitamin E, PABA,acetyl-L-carnitine, and others, when used in a very particular way.



Authored by a man who had PD for over two years before curing it himself, using Alternative Medicine therapy as described on the PDI website.


Vitamin E  & C ,  “Unique E” for treatment of Peyronies Disease

 William Bodri, in his excellent book, “How to Dissolve Your Peyronies Plaques Naturally…11 Ways to do it”, strongly advocates Unique-E as the vitamin E to use for Peyronie’s disease treatment . If you have had good experience with Unique-E or know of its excellent reputation, as many have, and you therefore prefer to use Unique-E, then that is perhaps the product you should use. Now you can get UNIQUE-E from PDI at the best prices around. We are pleased to offer Unique-E to you at our always competitive price. Either way – with the Yasoo or A. C. Grace vitamin E products – you are assured high quality vitamin E at the very bet price when your deal with PDI.


 Does Unique-E oil have the tocotrienol portion of the vitamin E family in it? ... Will it still be effective to the fibrous plague even my Peyronies disease condition ... question is about using "wraps" im only using DMSO/Vitamin E/Castor oil wrap, im just ... scar tissue and contracted fibrous tissue elements, remove free radicals,.


Once your tissue repair mechanism has been supported so that your Peyronie’s disease is under control, and your scar has been absorbed by the body, IT IS MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you stay on a dose of one softgel each of Integral E 400/400, Maxi-Gamma E, Omega-T, and vitamin C for the rest of your life. 


Vitamin E and Peyronie’s disease treatment recommendation (and Vitamin C)


Anyone taking blood thinning medication should consult with their prescribing doctor before starting a high dose vitamin E and omega fatty acid therapy.

Because vitamin E and omega-3 act as very mild anticoagulants they may have an additive effect and cause further thinning of the blood beyond the desired level. In general, PDI strongly advises anyone taking any other medication for any reason, to first check with their treating physician before undergoing any suggested supplements or therapy offered for study and consideration.


1. One softgel per day of Vitamin E Factor 400/400, taken at the first meal of the day. The advantage of this form is that it supplies 400 IU vitamin E activity from natural d-alpha-tocopherol plus 400 milligrams of the other natural tocopherols plus tocotrienols that have additional benefits.

NOTE: Two vitamin E 400/400 may be taken initially for a few weeks, at the beginning of treatment, then reduced to one daily.


2. One softgel per day of Maxi-Gamma E taken at the last meal of the day. The extra gamma tocopherol can help with inflammation and arterial function. Each softgel contains: 800 milligrams of tocopherol concentrate high in gamma-tocopherol.


3. Two softgels of Omega T™ taken with any meal during the day. Combines the benefits of all natural omega-3 fatty acids, natural tocopherols plus tocotrienols and CoQ10 in their most bioavailable form. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in clinical trials (33-34) to reduce heart disease, reduce triglyceride levels and reduce inflammation.


4. Twice daily use the Callisto oil, which is very rich in gamma tocopherols and tocotrienols directly over the Peyronie’s disease scar (along with PMD Topical DMSO Solution to increase penetration) to help reduce inflammation, promote healing and may reduce scarring. This is really recommended because it is another avenue of entry of vitamin E into the tissue. By taking vitamin E through an external source – in addition to the much needed internal source – you are assuring maximum saturation of vitamin E into the area. Apply a small amount of Unique-E oil to the area of the shaft where the scar(s) is located and rub in until slight resistance is felt, indicating that most of the vitamin E oil has been worked into tissue. It may happen in some individuals that if you apply any oil too often, a rash may develop on the site of application; if so, just reduce number of applications so that skin is able to handle increased oil.

5. Douglas Laboratory vitamin C, 2,000-4,000 mg.(2-4 grams) daily, in divided doses with food, depending on your ability to handle this amount of vitamin C. Some people take 6-8,000 mg (6-8 grams) of C of this product because they have absolutely no problem with it, but only a very few have any gastric distress with 2,000 mg daily.
Dosage should be in the 2,000-4,000 mg. range if at all possible. If you experience diarrhea or gastric distress after taking vitamin C, you can temporarily reduce the dose until you do not have these symptoms, wait a week and then slowly increase your intake again. Or, if you know you are highly sensitive to vitamin C, you should consider taking a buffered vitamin C that will make it easier to take doses in the 2,000 mg to 4,000 mg (2-4 gram) range. Douglas Laboratory makes a buffered Vitamin C product, Ascorbplex 1000, that will tend to protect the digestive tract from such irritation. As an example, if you experience diarrhea at 2,000 to 4,000 mg (2 to 4 grams) a day and you are taking the vitamin C with your meals and in divided doses as you should, then go down to 1,000 mg (1 gram) for 10-14 days to accustom your body to the vitamin C.

Break a 1,000 mg tablet in half (500 mg) so that you can then go to 1,500 mg daily for a week or so, then to 2,000 mg for another week or so, and so on. It is important that you get your intake as high as you can for maximum tissue response.


Serrapeptase & Emphysema, Lung Problems - How this enzyme can clear up the lungs






Find out what health plan is suggested to help with the recovery of Peyronie’s Disease and to instil long term health. By following the plan below along with a naturally healthy lifestyle, it’s possible for symptoms to ease and the body to eventually begin to heal itself.




1.     BlockBuster AllClear – SerraEnzyme serrapeptase, nattokinase and 13 other circulation supporting nutrients. Take 3 x 3 times per day, 30 minutes before eating. Drop to 2 x 3 after 1 month (plan on 4 months).

2.     Nascent Iodine Drops – Iodine is essential for a complete healthy body. Take 5 drops x 3 times per day in 20ml of water, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Build over 2 weeks to 15 x 3 until well and then slowly reduce back to 5 x 3. Take 1st dose one on waking, 2nd mid morning and 3rd mid afternoon. Note that Iodine needs a supplement containing Selenium to activate it, such as Active Life or D.I.P. Daily Immune Protection or B4Health Spray.

3.     B4 Health Spray – Take 4 sprays x 2 times per day. Contributes to hormonal balance and clears any pain and inflammation.

4.     HealthyFlow - Contains Arginine L-Lysine L-Citrulline Grapeseed Extract 95% AstraGin™ (contains Astraglaus membrenaceus and Panax notoginseng) This formula supports healthy blood flow throughout the body and especially into the penis. Take 1 scoop, twice daily.

5.     Pain Genie – The ultimate solution for powerful pain relief support. It has been tested on enough people to give a 100% guarantee of success. It can be purchased with a money back guarantee or rented for 1 month.




Nattokinase 75% and  Serrapeptase 50% and Lumbrokinase 95% removal compared



Serrapeptase Research - Must See Serrapeptase Research Video



Published on Mar 30, 2012

Serrapeptase Research: http://www.serrapeptase.info/Serrapep...

Download your free eBook now, Serrapeptase 'The Miracle Enzyme'
Is Serrapeptase the Miracle Enzyme? 

Proteolytic enzyme therapy is traced to contributions made by Max Wolf, author of the first endocrinology textbook. When the book was published, endocrinology was very young. Wolf, along with Benitez did most of their work in the years between 1930 and 1980. They looked at enzyme combinations and the work did not have the strict control used today in research. However, there were observations of the positive effects that enzyme therapy provided in cased of certain viral infections, vascular diseases, lymph edema and the healing of injuries and inflammations. They were convinced that the primary cause of premature aging was a deficiency in proteolytic enzymes. 

Enzymes such as these have shown themselves helpful with infections. They are especially useful in UTI or urinary tract infections. In European clinical investigations, use of antibiotic drugs along with systemic proteolytic enzymes provides a higher concentration of the antibiotic at the infection site, resulting in a more rapid cure.

Serrapeptase is one example of these enzymes. It is isolated using the microorganism Serratia E15. This enzyme has been shown superior to others by providing specific anti-inflammatory effects. In biological fluids, the enzyme binds completely to the alpha 2 macroglobulin.

Sufferers of RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) can also benefit from treatment using proteolytic enzymes. The proteolytic enzymes offer help that avoids the potentially dangerous side effects of the normal drugs that are used to treat RA.

According to studies of both animals and humans affected with RA, the use of the enzyme therapy allows for effective symptom management that rivals that of conventional drugs, but avoids the negative side effects. In fact, these enzymes have practically no side effects. Doctors that have experience with use of these enzymes in the treatment of RA report patients experience less pain and muscle atrophy, as well as better mobilization.

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Health Benefits of Serrapeptase Enzymes Part 1



Health Benefits of Serrapeptase Enzymes Part 3



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Serrapeptase is a protein and therefore can be broken down in this strong acidic environment of the stomach. Serrapeptase therefore possesses an outer layer to protect it in the supplement capsule form, in order that it can move through the stomach in tact. Once the serrapeptase has become taken up into the bloodstream it's going to move around your entire body and will go about its tasks of breaking down non-living material. Let us have a look at a few of the things that serrapeptase can do (or at least is claimed to do).

As we age, this becomes more important as natural quantities of protease enzymes inside our bodies decrease. There are a lot of described advantages of taking serrapeptase including the treating blocked coronary arteries. This enzyme has been prescribed in Europe primarily as a treatment for arterial plaque. In Germany the physician recommended this enzyme to his patients requiring heart surgery. 

The results were extraordinary with a number of patients no longer needing their bypass procedure.
Serrapeptase has been known quite a long time in Europe - for Thirty years or maybe more, and there are a number of medical studies displaying a wide range of benefits from taking this enzyme. Much like anything else that relates to your health, you ought to meet with a medical expert before taking this type of dietary supplement. Best to be on the safe side!



Serrapeptase - Help Is Finally Here!




Dupuytren's Contracture Treatment Program-stretching


Dupuytren's Contracture is a serious disorder affecting millions of people annually, resulting in the contracture of the palmar fascia of the hand to contract and pull the fingers into a flexed / curled position towards the palm of the hand. Stretching the fascia and strengthening the finger extensors can offset the contracture and provide relief.

Bent Penis - Fix It Easily!


Uploaded on Aug 17, 2011

This bent penis video has William explaining and demonstrating the best clinically proven method for correcting "Peyronie's Disease". You will also learn why this method is safest and most effective. William has spent over 3 years researching every bent penis "remedy" in the world, including (but not limited to) surgery, drugs, injections, vitamins, creams and penis traction. William's easy to understand writings have enabled tens of thousands of men to correct a curved penis safely and easily. This method is currently medically approved and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide. The regular practice of the techniques shown in this bent penis video can help 99.99% of men correct a bent erection problem. You can get the detailed information free at his website: http://the-bent-penis-website.com


 One thing that can help: regularly using a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that include acetyl L carnitine. 


I am Peyronie's Disease patient who happen to cure my condition using cold laser treatment. You can read the entire story at Peyronies Condition.This condition is completely curable without any surgery.




Treatment of Peyronie's Disease


Use B vitamin  (PABA)  Para-Aminobenzoate

Use vitamin E  (400 iu per day x 3x)

Tamoxifen  (anti gout)

Colchicine  (anti cancer)


Gotu Kola

Injection  -- Verapamil  (calcium channel blocker), steroids, Collagenase



Another formula to treat Peyronies Disease positive results from youtube video rub


1 milliliter Magnesium oil

7 drops Saturated Solution Potassium Iodide

1 drop DMSO

Vitamin E


The TRUTH About Peyronie's Disease MUST SEE


Published on Jul 13, 2014

I will discuss what so called Peyronie's Disease is and how to cure it (natural alternatives). I personally went through this myself so now I have an opportunity to help others in the same situation. I had a severe case of this disease. This leads to penile did function along with other penile diseases like urethritis and urethral structures which I will discuss in upcoming videos. But I didn't panic because I was already conscious and knowledgable. Here is the TRUTH..

Peyronie's Disease Formula: *ENZYMES*
• Papain enzyme
• Bromelain enzyme 
• Pineapple juice powder
• Papaya juice powder
• Papaya fruit powder
• Serrapeptase enzyme

“Super Enzymes” by NOW

**CHAPARRAL TEA** (Drink At least 2 cups a day)

Herbman's Garden 

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Great work! and thanks for posting your video and the passion you have to help other people. If you truly cured your problem then this is HOPE for many of us who have the same thing. Your experience and knowledge is extremely valuable. I have been using enzymes you mentioned for almost 2 years...plus  Vitamin E , MSN, Co Q10, Gotu Kola, Nattokinese...also rubbing in DMSO with Caster Oil,etc  the regiment I got from,, The Peyronies Disease Institute.  I also work with a health practioneer in which I also take numerous other supplements. So its hard to take all the required doses during one day!  My question is:  What dosage are you taking of theses enzymes?? cuz I know that is the key! Once you give me that info,,,I can try to mimic what you did. I am determined to beat this. and again thx for reaching out to everyone, especially when you found something that works!!  


Home Erectile Dysfunction Remedy - watermellon



Sex Enhancers & Sexual Herbs, Natural Viagra, More Sexy Sex


Xiaflex for Peyroine's Disease




Xiaflex® First and only FDA approved medication to treat Peyronie's Disease


Published on Jan 25, 2014

This video interview with Dr. Martin Gelbard was conducted in the Spring of 2013. Dr Gelbard was one of the original investigators of Collagenase for treatment of Peyronie's disease. Some of the content mentioned in this video is outdated and dates may not be accurate. On December 6th, 2013 the FDA approved this medication and it will be available sometime in the late Winter of 2014. 
For more on this and other information visit, 


From Book, “Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatments and Cures”  by Ryan Wellman


page 140

First and for most focus on Thacker’s formula togather or Wright formula with Dr. Jonathan Wright’s PABA recommendation.

Second, take vitamin E with Vit c – the AC Grace Ultimate E, and  either Rainbow Light Ultr Gram C or Supergram III Vitamin C.  Don’t buy a cheap brand.


Third, acetyl-L-carnitine

Obviously, cost becomes an issue so the things to focus on are:

First Thacker’s DMSO original formula or

The Jonathan Wright SSKI formula

-PABA  8 – 9 gm/day

Vitamin E


Everything else is secondary and this includes nattokinase, vitalzym, and tests to tell you

The same goes for lumbrokinase and the Serrapeptase  enzyme through the enzyme supplement cocktail. Vitalzym.

A blood panel ION test, from MetaMetrix labs may ID any underlying deficiency you have that is contributing to the disease (let us concentrate on lysine, proline, Vit C, Vit E copper, blood factors such as Lp(a), fibrinogen, etc.)

An Immuno labs ELISA food Sensitivities test to avoid.

I know about and have seen castor oil do all sorts of related conditions. You can try the SSKI-DMSO-VITAMIN E rub or the CASTOR OIL – DMSO-VINGEAR RUB. DMSO will take the active ingredients into the plaques to help dissolve them over time. (outside workings rubs)

Also do inside especially PABA and vitamin E. also maybe inject verapamil.

Also colloidal copper (Purest Colloids Brand) to possible help soften scarring,

Dr. Wright long time has used vit E, (along with selenium and either evening primrose or black currant oil, in addition to iodine and magnesium) supplements.  (good to add vit c with vit E they greatly help each other.

How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaques

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_5848167_naturally-dissolve-peyronie_s-plaques.html



    • 1

      Try a hyperthermia (heat therapy) session. Hyperthermia can reduce the size of the plaque and also reduce the amount of curvature that Peyronie’s disease causes to the penis. Treatment usually involves 5 weeks of 30-minute treatment sessions performed twice a week.

    • 2

      Take Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) which has shown to improve some effects of Peyronie’s disease in some patients. It can reduce the size of the Peyronie’s plaques and some of the pain caused by erections. You can purchase ALC over the counter.

    • 3

      Take 400 mg of vitamin E daily to help reduce the swelling and size of Peyronie’s plaques.

    • 4

      Visit a dietitian to restructure your diet. Ask her to perform an allergy test to determine if you are allergic to anything in your diet that could be affecting your overall health. If your body is healthy and you have energy, you can better fight the pain and discomfort of Peyronie's plaques.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_5848167_naturally-dissolve-peyronie_s-plaques.html

Peyronie's Treatment



Importance of Enzymes - Dr. Timothy Kelly


Clinizymes (new! Formerly Nattolizyme)

This highly advanced and unique enzyme product is like no other on the market. Each time released capsule contains a variety of potent and pure strength enzymes containing:Clinizymes Serrapeptase, Papain, Bromelain, Fungal Protease, Bacillus Subtilis, Harpagophytum Procumbens, Harpargoside 0.5%, Zingiber Officinale, 5% Gingerols and Salix Alba (30% Salicin). These fibrinolytic enzymes travel throughout the body and support the dissolving of the fibrous build ups (Fibrin or fibrous scar tissue matter) in the body causing issues like that with peyronie’s disease curvature and pressure. 

Not only is Clinizymes™ a powerful scar tissue dissolving enzyme regimen, but a very excellent natural inflammation and pain reducer. Clinizymes™ is a natural non-steroidal anti-inflammation drug, or a ‘NSAID’.
 These capsules also contain DrCaps® coating for maximum digestive acid protection and blood stream absorption! Recommended dosage is 4-Capsules daily.'    $79.97

Alcarnitol™ New!

Alcarnitol™ is a clinically proven formula in which, over time has been proven to effectively dissolve alcarnitolPeyronie’s disease plaque and correct curving better than any prescribed pharmaceutical drug in clinical studies. This advanced formulation created by Clinical Nutraceuticals™ contains a proprietary blend or Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI and Alpha Lipoic Acids. Perfect for going at the root cause of Peyronie’s disease and the scar tissue causing this nuisance. When compared to the prescription drug Tamoxifen, the results were significantly better.

Acetyl-L-carnitine was significantly more effective than tamoxifen in reducing pain and in inhibiting disease progression. Acetyl-L-carnitine reduced penile curvature significantly, while tamoxifen did not; both drugs significantly reduced plaque size. Tamoxifen induced significantly more side-effects than acetyl-L-carnitine.

These results suggest that acetyl-L-carnitine is significantly more effective and safe than tamoxifen in the therapy of acute and early chronic Peyronie’s disease.   $84.00

Serranex-FT™(Fibrinolytic Therapy)


Serranex-FT™ is a powerful fibrinolytic that makes a perfect pair along with Nattolizyme for support in dissolving peyronie’s disease plaque and safely correcting curvature. This product contains 120,000 iu’s per daily dosage of Serratiopeptidase fibrinolytic enzymes. These capsules feature a unique Dr. Caps™® brand coating which allows the capsules bypass the stomach’s digestive acids and safely reach the small intestines without dissolving. 

These enzymes then dissolve where it is best absorbed into the blood stream to then seek out fibrous scar tissue matter to ravage, like peyronie’s plaque. This well tolerated and safe, yet powerful enzyme is in it’s more purest and potent form. Similar to above, Serranex-FT is also a NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug). This same enzyme is prescription grade in some countries worldwide. Often prescribed for it’s fibrinolytic activity and excellent cardiovascular health properties.
Recommended dosage is 3-Capsules daily.  $69.97

Vitamin D10

Vitamin D10
 (10,000 IU Cholecalciferol D3 Liquid Gel Caps)

These powerful Vitamin D3 gel caps are unlike anything you might see at your local supplement store. These high potency gelatin capsules are filled with concentrated Cholecalciferol Vitamin D3 in it’s most purest form. Clinical studies prove this form of Vitamin D in a pure form is amazing for boosting the immune system. 

An essential task when assisting the body in the repair process of reconnecting damaged scar tissue from peyronie’s disease pressure and curvature. Our Vitamin D10 is highly recommended to be taken along with the above enzymes for the quickest and best possible results. Taking just one of these safe and powerful capsules daily, will give your body an immune boost for not only supporting tissue repair, but for overall optimal health and well being.  $34.97

Alcarnitol Peyronie's Health Product
Peyronie's Plaque Stretcher - Improves Recovery Time
Recommended Peyronie's Disease Support Package - No Vitamin D10 - One Month Supply

 December 6, 2014. Baking Soda Plaque Removal - Doctor insights on HealthTap (https://www.healthtap.com/topics/baking-soda-plaque -removal)

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Chilakapati on baking soda plaque removal: Depends on what you mean by alternative medicine, a very broad & ill.

25 Jul 2013 The compositions can be used for the treatment of fibrotic or connective ... The composition of claim 1 wherein the emu oil is present in about 10 wt. ... The plaque of Peyronie'sdisease may develop following trauma to the penis that ... Suitable oils include meadowfoam oil,castor oil, jojoba oil, corn oil,.

November 26, 2014. Peyronie's Disease and Apple Cider Vinegar -

 Vitamin e oil or castor oil or Palmer 's cocoa butter applied topically ( rubbed in) Will be better than

Bromelain is notable for helping to remove scar tissue and nattokinase helps ... Castor oil, also recommended by Iolite, seemed to help last time, but the .

In severe cases the hardened plaque can reduce flexibility and result in pain by ... Formula forremoving cold, blood and qi stagnation, and softening hardness. ... Following this one should directly apply an oil of vitamin E, castor and DMSO.

8 Jul 2011 ... castor oil, heat lamp, dmso. i even tried experimental homeopathic injection ... Almost every day someone will write an email reciting a list of things he ... good things happen with your Dupuytren nodules and Peyronie's plaque. ... years, but I never imagined it could help removethe lumps on my palms.

 like 1 tsp epsom salts to abotu 16 oz water or a small does of castor oil 1 tsp in.

 propolis, topical verapamil, Vitamin C, Castor Oil, MSM, .

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·         May 10, 2014. Peyronie's Disease Natural Treatments and Cures: Ryan Wellman http://www.amazon.com/Peyronies-Disease-Natural-Tre atments-Cures/dp/1452869359


·          Peyronie'sDisease and Sex;: Maximize your sexual potential in spite of PD by ... Discover books, learn about writers, read author blogs, and more. ... the Serrapeptase enzyme to dissolve the scar tissue responsible for Peyronie's Disease. ... in the privacy of your own home for eliminating Peyronie's plaques, pain and ...


·         May 3, 2014. Naturally Prevent and Remove Arterial Plaque - The Best Years in Life




·          Exercise can also improve your circulation which can help reduce plaque. ... Pectin prevents accumulation of arterial plaque and dissolves build-up ...


·         http:// www.ehow.com/about_5402943_herbs-treat-peyronies-disease.html


·          ... Tony Isaacs is a natural health advocate and researcher and the author of books and articles ...

·         May 17, 2014. Peyronie's Disease | Health | Patient.co.uk


·         http://www.patient.co.uk/health/peyronies-disease-leaflet


·            Peyronie's disease is a condition in which scar tissue (fibrous plaques) ... photographs you have taken at home or more accurately by use of a vacuum ... Book/cancel yourappointments, order repeat prescriptions, and message your practice.


·         May 20, 2014. Peyronies Treatment Options -Updated Book - Scribd (

·         http://www.scribd.com/doc/159168718/Peyronies-Treatment-Options-Updated-Book ) 9 Aug 2013 Thisbook is my story and how I developed a treatment program, that ... I want my experience with Peyronie's disease to inspire and help men and ... the plaque in my ravaged penis, and slowly dissolve the dead scar tissue.


·         April 28, 2014. The Right Enzymes for Peyronie's Disease - SlideShare (

·         http://www.slideshare.net/biodemiclabs/the-right-enzymes-for-peyronies-disease 


·         4 Apr 2012 Biomedic Labs now offers a Peyronies Product Package which ... Peyronie's disease results from a buildup of scar tissue, or plaques, ... Systemic enzyme therapy such as anti-inflammatory-NK can help reverse Peyronies disease in some men. ... Peyronies by reducing inflammation and dissolving unwanted scar ...


·         May 5, 2014. My own experiences, treatment regime and results (this is a long (


·         http://healthunlocked.com/hughes-syndrome/posts/59732/my-own-experiences-treatment-regime-and-results-this-is-a-long-one


·          Which treatment do you take to manage the symptoms of your APS? ... They take a leaf out of the Wizard of OZ`s book and I think any doctor reading this will ... an enzyme that attacks collagen, the major component of Peyronie's plaques). ... in 1980; he was looking for something which could successfully dissolve thrombus  ...



·         April 30, 2014. Serrapeptase - Helpful frequently asked questions

·         http://www.health4youonline.com/serrapeptase-questi on-and-answers.htm

·          Arterial Plaque, DVT (good for travellers) and Blood Clots. Migraines ... I heard that Serrapeptase could help "dissolve" internal scar tissue. Is there any truth to this? ... Follow the plan in my book for best results. ... Wondering if Serrapeptase has ever been used for Peyronie's Disease (curvature of the penis)? It could work as ...


·         May 6, 2014. Calcification and Its Treatment with Magnesium and Sodium-thiosulfate http://drsircus.com/medicine/magnesium/calcification-and-its-treatment-with-magnesium-and-sodium-thiosulfate


·         ) 8 Dec 2009 Dr. Dean makes this clear when she says in her book The ... The same thing happens in your bloodstream, heart, brain, kidneys, and all the ... If you don't have enough magnesium to help keep calcium dissolved, you ... However, at right with passage of time the plaque grows larger. ... I have peyronies.


·         May 18, 2014. Peyronie Disease Treatment | Peyronie's Disease Treatment


·          Because of the 'plaque' area or more commonly known as scar tissue, the blood cells ... They also are 'fibrinolytics', meaning they naturally dissolve 'fibrin' or ... taking natural health supplements and vitamins with no problems found at your ...


·         May 12, 2014. Peyronie's Disease - Earth Clinic

·         http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/peyronies-disease.html

·         Peyronie's disease, development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis, can be treated with natural remedies. Castor oil ... Castor oil applied topically to the plaque spots or areas of scar tissue dissolves the tissue and offers relief. ... 11/06/ 2013: Twinsauntymom from Ca, U.s.a.: "Novel treatment for Peyronies Disease: Hi, My ...


·         May 16, 2014. The Sexually Healthy Man: Peyronies Disease


·         http://www.sexuallyhealthyman.com/p/peyronies-disea se.html



·          My bout with Peyronie's disease came on rather gradually. ... searching for a natural agent that would successfully dissolve thrombus (fibrin) that is associated  ...


·         May 14, 2014. Use of Intralesional Verapamil to Dissolve Peyronie's Disease http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0090429597007000

·          Multiple conservative therapies for the treatment of Peyronie's disease have been ... Verapamil or saline was injected directly into thePeyronie's plaque once a ...


·         May 11, 2014. Irregularities in Erect Penis - Peyronie's Disease http://www.urologicalcare.com/reconstructive-urolog y/peyronies-disease/

·          Dr. Francois Eid is an expert in Peyronie's disease, an inflammatory, benign condition that may cause a curvature, deformity or shortening of the erect penis.


·         May 9, 2014. Forum | Peyronies http://www.peyronies.org/forum

·         90 degrees upward bend and theplaque moved from lower end to the glans and left a ... My question is whether Xiaflex would help restore the lost length? ... ionthoforesis ( made at home by me, but as stated in medical books) about 30 ... If it is not dissolved, does the plaque still stay on Tunica Albuginea after treatment?


·         May 2, 2014. Toronto Men's Doctor Frequently Asked Questions | MensClinic.com http://www.mensclinic.com/faq/

·         ) The medication dissolves into the penile tissue causing an erection. ... With oral medication you will generally lose your erection after you ejaculate and you may ...Peyronies disease is characterized by a plaque that forms on the penis. ... would like to book an appointment, please call us and we would be happy to help you.


·         May 8, 2014. Management of Peyronie's Disease in the Aging Male: Pathogenesis http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/740710_2

·          Peyronie's disease-an acquired fibrotic disorder resulting in penile deformity and ... the Pulitzer, and New Book; Very High-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer ... Plaques may be fibrous, contain areas of calcification, or be completely ossified. ... Although pain resolves as part of the natural progression of PD, nonsurgical ...


·         April 29, 2014. Bent Penis: Peyronie's Disease - Dr. Gabe Mirkin http://drmirkin.com/men/1241.html

·         16 May 2013 Three of 100 men suffer from Peyronie's disease, a bending of the ... to dissolve Peyronie's disease plaque: A long-term single-blind study. ... been shown to decrease scarring and help treat Peyronie's disease. ... nutritionist Diana Mirkin bring you news and tips for your healthful ... The Good Food Book.


·         May 7, 2014. Non-surgical Treatment Options for Peyronie's Disease: External http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/757910_4

·          Which treatments are the most effective for Peyronie's disease? ... Oncology, the Pulitzer, and New Book; Very High-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer ... Peyronie's plaques after having undergone electromotive drug therapy with ... which is significant in that shortening is a common occurrence in the natural history of PD.


·         May 4, 2014. plaque and tartar on teeth at Ask CureZone Community, topic 1542951 http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp%3Fi%3D1542951

·          on my bottom front teeth i have some plaquethat has hardened to tartar. i ... no coverage anyway. can anyone advise me on how to naturally remove tartar, ... The Mg ion captures the Calcium complex (plaque), or better yet - dissolves it ... ( keywords: beesting,dental plaque,candida,peyronies, http://www.curezone.com


·         May 22, 2014. Peyronies Disease Home Treatment Options http://www.theskepticalnutritionist.com/Peyronies.htm

·         Peyronies disease natural cures. ... How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaques ebook for just $ 33 . There's also a 6-week "No Questions Asked"


·         May 13, 2014. The Male Health Center - Peyronie's Disease http://www.malehealthcenter.com/c_peyronie.htmlPeyronie's disease is a severe curvature of the erect penis. ... When a man with Peyronie's has an erection, the plaque does not expand, so the penis curves. ... bizarre treatments, including steroid injections into the plaques (which don't help) . ... It has been my experiencing that this has not proved to be a very effective ...


·         May 1, 2014. Ask the Doctor - Peyronie's Association http://www.peyroniesassociation.org/hear-from-others/ask-the-doctor/

·         ) To help you find answers and better understand this condition, ... don't find what you're looking for, you'll have an opportunity to submit a question of your own.


·         May 23, 2014. How to dissolve your Peyronie's plaques naturally – Peyronies http://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php%3Ftopic%3D306.0

·         ) $33 for the book... Alternative Treatments of Peyronie's Disease - PDS - Alternative treatments that do not fit under other categories. -Peyronies ...


·         May 15, 2014. My experiences with Peyronies and interferon and vacuum stretching http://www.sexualmed.org/index.cfm/forums1/viewthre ad/E14102B2-F28A-4787-BE450A4C634CE01D/

·         ) 7 Sep 2010 ... of Terms · Sexual Medicine Articles · Sexual Medicine Books · Sexual Medicine Links ... My Peyronie's shape changes snuck up on me slowly over time so, like many men, ... They weren't interested in trying to help me because this is a very difficult ... Over time the interferon slowly dissolves the plaque.


·         May 21, 2014. Book - Peyronie's Disease Handbook - Peyronie's Disease Institute http://peyronies-disease-help.com/peyronies-disease -handbook/

·          "How to Cure Your Peyronie's Disease Plaque with Proven Natural Treatments" ... popping a few Neprinol enzymes to magically dissolve the Peyronie's plaque.


·         May 19, 2014. How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaques | eHow UK http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_5848167_naturally-dissolv e-peyronie_s-plaques.html

·         How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's PlaquesPeyronie's disease is a condition of the penis. It is a hard lump, orplaque, that develops on either the ...


·         January 21, 2015. Peyronie's disease Treatments and drugs - Diseases - Mayo Clinic http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peyronies-disease/basics/treatment/con-20028765

·         )Your doctor might recommend a wait-and-see (watchful waiting) approach if: ... The goals of treatment with medication include reducing plaque formation ... These include using intense sound waves tobreak up scar tissue (shock ... Check out these best-sellers and special offers on books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic.


·         January 22, 2015. home remedies for peyronie s disease - Best HD Wallpaper Gallery http://newhdwallpaper.cf/home-remedies-for-peyronie-s-disease

·         ) 5 Dec 2014 Book Cover In Blue Tone With A Sideway Image Of A Female Mid ... rush me your "How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaquesebook.


·         January 23, 2015. For Men Only: Peyronie's Disease? - Dr. Weil http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA400667/For-Men-Only- Peyronies-Disease.html

·         ) 4 Jan 2010 What is your opinion of this approach and are there any other viable, ... Injections of the drug verapamil seem to help dissolve plaque, and.


·         January 24, 2015. Coenzyme Q10 Improves Peyronie's Disease - Wellness Resources http://www.wellnessresources.com/health/articles/coenzyme_q10_improves_peyronies_disease/

·         ) 13 Feb 2011 Peyronie's disease is a curvature of the penis due to plaque-like ... Health News · Weight Loss News · Free Newsletter · Wellness Blog · Self-Health Course · Books ... a nutrient like bromelain, which naturally boosts up the dissolving of old scar tissue. ... Your e-mail will be kept private | Newsletter details.


·         January 25, 2015. Best Way to Treat Peyronie's Disease? | Mens Health Cures http://www.menshealthcures.com/what-is-peyronies-disease-and-how-to-treat-this-sexual-dysfunction/

·         ) 4 Aug 2011 Peyronies Disease is a condition that causes their penis to bend upward or ... good Books for Peyronies Disease that offer doctor recommended natural treatments for curved penis. ... injectable steroid agents into the effected area to help break up the plaque. ... Your email address will not be published.


·         January 26, 2015. Abc's Of Peyronie's Disease | SSD http://sensesensitivedesign.com/process/%3Fq%3Dnode/11043

·         ) 25 Jul 2014 You predominant objective of remedy for Peyronie's disease is ... The way to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaques book for just $ 33.


·         January 27, 2015. Nothing found for Home Remedies For Peyronie S Disease (

·         http://sain.ninja/home-remedies-for-peyronie-s-disease

·         ) 28 Dec 2014 Book Cover In Blue Tone With A Sideway Image Of A Female Mid ... rush me your "How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaquesebook.


·         January 28, 2015. Irregularities in Erect Penis - Peyronie's Disease https://www.urologicalcare.com/reconstructive-urolo gy/peyronies-disease/

·         ) Dr. Francois Eid is an expert in Peyronie's disease, an inflammatory, benign ... If the natural history of Peyronie's plaque has produced significant decrease in.


·         January 29, 2015. Getting Treatment | Peyronie's Disease | MensHealthPD.com http://www.menshealthpd.com/getting_treatment/index.html

·         ) Surgical and nonsurgical treatment information for Peyronie's disease on ... Men's Health peyronie'sdisease - getting information and help... by the disorder can be felt upon examination, and calcified plaque can be identified using an ... the right information, Print and use this document as a guide for talking with your doctor.


·         January 30, 2015. User:Herazy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Herazy

·         ) You have seen many examples of synergy in your life when a small group of people ... to respond better than well-established plaques, an early trial of inexpensive, safe ... Concurrence of opinion of the primary medical doctors of the Peyronie's ... of the practice of medicine and the use of natural Complementary Medicine.

·         January 31, 2015. Peyronies Disease Home Treatment Options http://www.peyroniesdiseasehelp.com/

·         Peyronies disease natural cures. ... Here's How to Cure Your Peyronies Disease Plaques With Proven Natural Treatments " 11 Naturopathic Ways to Help But Only 3 ... Every man with Peyronie's Disease should have this book." Theodore R.


·         February 1, 2015. Peyronie's disease | Better Health Channel http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Peyronie's_disease

·         Peyronie's disease causes abnormal, fibrous lumps (plaques) to form inside the erectile tissue of the penis. ... Where to get help ... endorsement and is not intended to replace advice from your doctor or other registered health professional.


·         February 2, 2015. Peyronie's Disease natural treatment supplements herbs vitamins http://www.raysahelian.com/peyronies.html

·         Peyronie's disease is a wound healing disorder in which a fibrotic plaque forms in the tunica ... Would one of these single enzymes help dissolve the plaque? ... I have been taking your serrapeptase for about 3 months and have noticed an.


·         February 3, 2015. Peyronie's Disease: Nonsurgical Therapy Options http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3221554

·          /) In the past, penile ultrasound was used to localize and measure plaques, exclude ... showed that vitamin E does not have an impact on thenatural history of PD.


·         February 4, 2015. Peyronie's Disease - Earth Clinic http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/peyronies-disease.html

·         ) 9 Jul 2014 Peyronie's disease, development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis, can be treated with natural remedies. ... Castor oil applied topically to the plaque spots or areas of scar tissue dissolves the tissue and offers relief. ... Make sure that you can get into the bathroom to wash when your hands are oily.


·         February 5, 2015. Peyronies Treatment Options -Updated Book - Scribd https://www.scribd.com/doc/159168718/Peyronies-Treatment-Options-Updated-Book


·         ) 9 Aug 2013Peyronies Treatment Options -Updated Book - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. ... you is, make an appointment with your doctor and ... dissolving stitches that will not stretch and traction would pose a ... scar/plaque to help that area reproduce new cells, then the


·         February 6, 2015. How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's Plaques | eHow http://www.ehow.com/how_5848167_naturally-dissolve-peyronie_s-plaques.html

·         How to Naturally Dissolve Your Peyronie's PlaquesPeyronie's disease is a condition of the penis. It is a hard lump, orplaque, that develops on either the.


  William Bodri, in his excellent book, “How to Dissolve Your Peyronies Plaques Naturally…11 Ways to do it”, strongly advocates Unique-E


Don't Be Another Peyronie's Disease Sufferer 
Whose Sex Life Gets Destroyed Because They Didn't Act...

"Here's How to Cure Your Peyronies Disease Plaques
With Simple Natural Treatments
... 11 Naturopathic Ways to Do It


Dear Peyronies Disease Sufferer,

It's your penis and your sex life, dammit! Don't let Peyronies disease destroy it, disfigure you and subject you to pain and embarrassment. You should be able to do something about it!

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Did you know there are 11 different naturopathic ways -- THAT HAVE WORKED -- to naturally start dissolving your Peyronie's plaques and restore your penis back to normal? No more lumps, no more pain, no more angles, disfiguration, uncomfortable sex, worry or embarrassment.

In fact there are more than 11 ways to cure Peyronies disease, which we've explained with sources and references and background materials and cases, in our 145-page book:

  • You should be consuming high dosage vitamin E for Peyronies, but only of a special type and only one brand you should ever use (which your doctor isn't going to tell you because he doesn't know) ... ANDyou should always be taking this special form of vitamin E along with another vitamin at the same time to maximize its effectiveness ... and perhaps along with two special amino acids as well.

  • There are special clot busting, fibrin dissolving enzymes, one made from soybeans and one made from earthworms, that come from overseas (but readily available through the internet) that are proven at dissolving blood clots and increasing blood flow to all your organs and extremities, including the penis! One individual who started using it for his penile scars (that he developed due to martial arts practice) reported to me that the tissue had softened in only four days, and men constantly call me up telling of stronger and more frequent erections when they haven't even used up a quarter of the bottle. This is one inexpensive but powerful Peyronies treatment option you should not miss for sure!

  • There is a particular enzyme cocktail formulation, containing a fibrinolytic tissue eating enzyme made from silkworms -- which Dr. Hans Nieper called "the poor man's chelation therapy" -- that holds the biggest promise for eliminating hardened tissues ALL throughout the body -- that eliminates pain, destroys floating immune complexes in the blood that contribute to autoimmune disorders, and literally "eats away" at plaque and fibrin accumulations, including fibrocystic breasts. It's so effective that plastic surgeons use it to prevent or eat away scars after operations, and in high doses it will literally eat away at internal scar tissues.

  • There are special RBC, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fatty acid blood tests that can give you a full inventory of your nutritional abilities to fight off Peyronie's disease, and which can actually spotlight any biochemical pathways that are "off" that might be clinically or subclinically contributing to the disease. Whether Peyronie's plaques are due to an inflammatory, autoimmune, vascular disease or wound healing response gone haywire, this panel of chemistries will let you know exactly where you stand and what you should be supplementing with to correct your underlying blood chemistry, modulate your healing reactions and intervene to fight off the disease.

  • There are certain foods you should avoid, for your health in general, that produce allergic reactions that make Peyronie's disease just that more difficult to deal. While there is no widely recognized scientific relationship between Peyronie's disease and your diet, here is a fool-proof way to discover whether you have any food allergies that are hurting your health, with Peyronie's possibly being one of those contributions. This 115 food antigen test is absolutely the only one ever to trust, and once you know what foods to avoid your body can devote all its other energies into getting well.

  • There is a special B vitamin formulation and protocol, well studied on Peyronie's and scleroderma patients, that is difficult to comply with but which has a definite track record of reducing pain and penile angulation for Peyronie's disease.

  • There's the antioxidant, acetyl-L-carnitine, which like vitamin E should become a definite part of any natural Peyronie's assistance therapy. Not only has it proved better than tamoxifen in reducing the pain of erections as well as the size of plaques and the severity of penile angulation, but it's just good for your health anyway.
  • Medical journals contain numerous studies on the use of verapamil and colchicine and injectablecollagenase factors for Peyronie's disease, so while we don't concentrate on the pharmaceutical interventions in depth because of the natural alternatives, we also briefly summarize their position.

  • There is a traditional DMSO and castor oil combination formula, to be directly applied to the plaques, that uses ingredients Edgar Cayce found successful in treating all sorts of cases of tissue congestion and lymphathic impaction. The individual components have been successfully used for scleroderma as well, and whether we are talking about scars, cysts, or other hardened tissues this is perhaps the most powerful home remedy and "collagen softening agent" you could ever apply for actually breaking up your Peyronie's plaques. Of all the remedies people mention, this one seems to make the most sense and also has the best track record.

  • There is a new high tech colloidal copper spray, just recently invented, that has the amazing ability to soften scar tissue and actually remodel collagen, breaking down and synthesizing collagen at the same time! Containing copper molecules only 1-2 atoms wide, I've actually seen this spray soften 3/8-inch thick scar tissues in days ... amazingly returning them to normal color and freeing the surrounding tissues of restrictions because the tissues had become as soft as the surrounding skin ... after a year's worth of every other conceivable therapy had failed.

  • There is also oral and intravenous EDTA chelation therapy to help remove the calcification found in advanced Peyronie's cases. You might not want to do this, but you need to know about it.

If all this information on various natural Peyronies disease treatment options sounds potentially useful to you, we've collected it in one single place for your convenience, which you can instantly receive via the internet. Typically, all you need to concentrate on are 3-4 supplements out of the 11 methods to start reversing the disease.


"Bill, I could surf the web for months and not come up with as many practical solutions to dissolving penile scar tissue as you have come up with. Just one of your suggestions alone dissolved my fibrous deposits in under one week! My erections have gotten much harder as a result. Another leading 'authority' on the web claimed that my damage was 'irreversible'. So much for his authority! You've got solution after solution in your eBook, and if only one of them works then that is more then anyone can ask for."
--PRosinke, New York

Bill's "The Naturopathic Approaches to Peyronie's Disease" is a gold mine of valuable ideas and treatment options. It is highly recommended because of its clear and entertaining presentation of solid science and logical thought. Every man with Peyronie's Disease should have this book." 
-- Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM), Peyronie's Disease Institute, www.PeyroniesMD.com


Save yourself time, money, discomfort and embarrassment by finding these Peyronie's disease natural protocols all in one place and get started using it right away. You can skip another $150 or $250 or $450 trip to the doctor, urologist or surgeon where you find no assistance whatsoever.

Just click the ordering link below, and an easy to read, 145-page .pdf manual will be sent to you in minutes that can help.

Reversing Peyronie's disease is not something that can be done immediately, yet it can be done over time with patience when you use the approach that's right for YOU. Some people start experiencing scar softening in as little as two weeks.

Plenty of people have reversed their Peyronie's plaques by dissolving them away using one or other of the techniques we've reported, and without resorting to surgery or other invasive treatments. Many of these techniques have even had double blind studies done and reported in medical journals (we summarize all that information for you, too) to determine their efficacy.

You can try these techniques and STILL have the option of surgery whenever you like, but doesn't it make sense to first investigate these safer alternatives?

Some doctors say that Peyronie's disease will just disappear in time on its own, but why risk it when using these low cost therapies will stack all the odds in your favor ... and when there's a 90% chance the condition will worsen if you don't do anything?

It doesn't make sense to risk doing nothing at all when your penis and sex life are at stake. In fact, if Peyronie's disease has appeared down there, then what else is going on in the rest of your body? Here's your chance to stop it!

Truth be told, Peyronie's disease must appear for a reason, and it's the underlying condition (the inflammatory biochemistry) that requires an appropriate curative response. No one can tell you without an examination what condition applies to you specifically, so we've included all the natural approaches known that have worked so that you can pick and choose what seems appropriate for your situation.

Peyronie's disease can be reversed -- plenty of people HAVE done it -- but it does take time and discipline. To find out what to do, simply order our 145-page ebook below while taking advantage of our 6-week money-back guarantee.

We've removed all your risks of buying because if you don't like our manual for any reason whatsoever, simply ask for your money back and keep it in good conscience.

We don't want unhappy customers for our products, so they all come with a money back guarantee and your order is process through a secure server. In other words, your transaction is safe -- if you don't like it you don't pay but you can still keep the manual anyway. You can't be more fair than that which is why it's worth a try.



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