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Do a You Tube video search on Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar cancer cure and on Dr. Max Gerson cancer cure. This is what I would use to cure cancer today. Listen to Dr. Day videos also. Read Dr. Reams notes.

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

Avoid the USA medical Doctors if you have cancer they will kill you with all their bad treatments. Everything they do cause you addition great harm. Very Bad.

Dr. Reams said Dead cancer cells come out your urine. if your urine is very cloudy day after day you may have cancer. Animal fat can also cause cloudy urine. Stop eating animal products and then recheck your urine.

Best cancer cures is Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar can cure cancer in 21 days. Real works. I had Breast Cancer and only use Dr. Bob Beck's Silver Pulsar and cure it in 21 days.

Dr. Max Gerson knows all the foods that cause cancer and the food that cancer people should eat.

Do a you tube video search on Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar cancer cure and on Gerson cancer cure.

One place to buy tools for healing


inexpensive cancer fighting


200 “fighting cancer” big list.


Stage IV Treatments Generally Done At Home


1  Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol / Alkaline / Alkalinity / pH [Stage IV treatment] 

2  Bill Henderson Protocol [Stage IV treatment] 

3  Bob Beck Protocol [Stage IV treatment] 

3-RU  Bob Beck Protocol [Stage IV treatment] (in Russian) 

N/A    How to Make Colloidal Silver At Home 

4  Amazon Factor Protocol [Stage IV treatment] [if product page is down, click

on next page and call them]

   NutraNomics Website (maker of Amazon Factor) 

5  Johanna Brandt Grape Cure (using black, purple or red grapes)

[Stage IV treatment] 

5-RU  Johanna Brandt Grape Cure (using black, purple or red grapes) [Stage IV]

(in Russian) 

6  Ozone RHP Treatment [Stage IV treatment] 

7  Hydrazine Sulphate (The Cachexia Treatment Plan) [Stage IV treatment]

[This treatment is generally not used by itself, but is an adjunct with other

treatments for cachexia patients. There are some POTENTIALLY SEVERE

INTERACTIONS WITH DRUGS OR FOODS for those who use this product!!] 



blood root fights cancer,  pictures before and after.


11 ways to “cancer fighting”




Do a google search on:


“Ozone cures Cancer?”  “Ozone treatment for cancer.”  “Ozone cures”


How to cure cancer with Ozone.  Ozone medical cures.



“that the growth of cells exposed to vitamin C was reduced from 50% to 99%

depending on the type of cancer. Why it killed cancer cells but not normal cells

was unknown. It was possible the hydrogen peroxide caused damage that was

repaired in normal cells but not in sensitive cancer cells.”


Hydrogen Peroxide is a ozone by product. One reason they didn't mention, and

probably don't know about vitamin C, is Vitamin C tricks cancer cells into thinking

it's sugar. The tumor sucks it up like it's sugar, and is killed from the inside out.

So this is a very effective combination with ozone. Ozone will kill the tumor from

the outside in, and Vitamin C will kill it from the inside out. However, ozone and

Vitamin C should not be taken at the same time; they cancel each of their out.

Leave two hours between using ozone and taking vitamin C.



Treating & Healing Cancer With Oxygen, Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide (1)

Taken From:


I ... have a wife who HAD cancer. ... My wife had 16 tumors throughout her body,

in her intestines, liver, and breast. All the doctors said there was nothing they could

do and that she had 6-12 months. ... I had been looking at alternative treatments

from various sources & doing research on my own & found ozone. We didn't want

to try it because of what the EPA & everyone else said about it, but since her

system was starting to shut down, what did we have to lose? We drank ozonated

water & breathed it while we slept every night, also did juicing and she continued

with the chemo. Within 3 months she was cancer free. Now if that isn't enough,

a year and a half later when she went in for her check up to see if the cancer was

still gone, they said she had two more tumors. One on the bile duct & one in her

intestines again. The doctor told her they couldn't give her any more chemo & there

was NOTHING they could do this time. We had slacked off on the ozone for several

months so we decided to flood our bodies again.


Guess what? Within 6 months the tumors were gone again. This time all we did

was the ozonated water, breathing ozone & juicing. The doctor couldn't believe

it & sent the tests out to 4 other doctors & they all said there was no cancer.


Gaylen T. reporting on his wife’s erasing of "terminal" cancer TWICE by drinking

ozonated water, breathing ozone & juicing


The above-reported exciting story of a double healing of “terminal” cancer using a

simple approach-stepping up the cancer patient’s oxygenation through a simplified

form of ozone therapy combined with juicing-shows the importance of including

information on the purported general and cancer healing power of oxygen (O2),

ozone (O3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at Healing Cancer Naturally. As the

above story implies, ozone is likely not a silver bullet and may not necessarily

heal your body when relied upon as a “stand-alone treatment”. Generally (and

personally) speaking, implementing a complete “holistic” health program may

always be the wisest choice (and you will find many pointers to that effect on

this site).


Taken From:



Ozone therapy in cancer treatment:

frequently asked questions


The Cancer Cure That Worked,   Fifty Years of Suppression



Dr Reams (Bio-chemist) cure 10,000 cancer patients using the maxium energy

formulas with fresh lemon Juice to build up the liver. Today use Pycnogenol and

vit c  to keep 100% max energy.  Dr. Reams had a 100% cure rate in curing

Leukemia. He say that the Leukemia  body was unable to absorbe Vit A.


Book “Back to Eden” was curing cancer in 8 weeks back in 1934. For a few dollars

you can buy the book today.



A man in Japan cure 35,000 of cancer by correct there thinking.


Check out Natural cures they don’t want you to know about by Kevin Trudeau.

I have the audio book on cd.


There are many ways to cure cancer. The worst thing you can do to a person is

what the USA does to them. They weaken the body, cut it up, and radiation it.

All 100% bad and very harmful for the body.


Google  “cancer cures”  “alternative cancer treatment.”



Cure cancer with Bloodroot. Pictures of cancer before and after.


Dr_ Johanna Budwig Cancer Diet.htm “Cancer is easy to cure”.


Here Are 11 Effective, Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer


Cancer Cures -- Doctor cure her own self of cancer and exposes the truth.


Many home remedy cures, as well as a stock newsletter also.


The Cancer foundation alternative treatment cure with testimonies, cancer VACCINES,

complete list of thing to cure all kinds of cancers

A list of Must Have Health Books and tapes and Videos. These are great health

Reference Books to Remedy Diseases and maintain great health to avoid diseases.

More Natural Treatments for cancer


Prevention of cancers




Natural books and products on cancer cures.


Normal medical Dr. treatments.


Testimonies of cancer cures


Stop the Cancer Epidemic!


A simple test you can do to measure your susceptibility to cancer, heart disease,


osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases. How to Do the Saliva pH Test

Bernard Jensen, D.C. (1908-2001), the leading American iridologist, stated that "Nature has

provided us with a miniature television screen showing the most remote portions of the body

by way of nerve reflex responses." He also claimed that iridology analyses are more reliable

and "offer much more information about the state of the body than do the examinations

of Western medicine."


IRIS ANALYSIS VIA THE INTERNET! check out the picture in FAQ Software personally diagnose his eye lots of info on many things


Warts or HPV virus 




Health Books




Folk Remedies 



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