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  1. Spots on the Liver Disappear after Using Bob Beck Protocol

    The Bob Beck Protocol - blood electrification, colloidal silver and magnetic pulsing - in addition to herbs and lifestyle changes ...
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  1. Dr. Bob Beck web site Video Testimonies of many health healing and health cures

  2. 19 very young children were forced to do CHEMO,  only 3 survived, Dr. Bob Beck's silver pulsar helped  this boy to be one of the survivors, with out it, he also probably would have died .


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Get the Silver Pulser here . Beck designed two other devices ... cause of his livercancer. ... to make a good Pulser is the way described by Bob Beck in ...


1.     Bob Beck Protocol - The Magnetic Pulser for Stage 3 Patients

Bob Beck Protocol – The Magnetic Pulser Stage ... and especially areas where there are dense concentrations of cancer cells. Fourth, the liver. ... YouTube – Bob ...



Bob Beck Protocol Used for Liver Challenge and Extends ...

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... the Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser, after being taken off the liver ... to the BobBeck Protocol including the Silver Pulser and ...


·  Colloidal Silver - Bob Beck Protocol - Alternative Cancer ...

Bob Beck Protocol – Colloidal Silver Stage III Protocol ... Bob Beck Videos and Papers.YouTube (1 of ??) ... Liver Cancer; Lung Cancer; Lymphoma;


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Spots on the Liver Disappear after Using Bob Beck Protocol

o    by Bob Beck

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The Bob Beck Protocol - blood electrification, colloidal silver and magnetic pulsing - in addition to herbs and lifestyle changes ...

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o    by Althea Sexton

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Bob Beck's Blood Electrification helps with Hepatitis C

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  2. Cytodoc Healing the natural way

    Empowering yourself and taking back your health.. EMF protection, Robert BeckProtocol, Sota, Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, ...

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  4. Spots on the Liver Disappear after Using Bob Beck Protocol

    The Bob Beck Protocol - blood electrification, colloidal silver and magnetic pulsing - in addition to herbs and lifestyle changes ...
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Dr. Reams Notes on the liver

LIVER * The liver is rich in iron and iodine. * Calcium is a product our livers use to manufacture some 6 billion different kinds of enzymes necessary to keep us healthy throughout our life. * The pancreas manufactures alcohol from the glycogen made in the liver and that’s what controls our body temper­ature. * The bottom number is the pH of the liver bile. * Protein in the form of green bean, piece of meat, a nut, turnip greens, and your body will take the energy out of it in particles., piece by piece, anionic and cationic molecular structure, and fit it to the organ of your body on your frequency. The liver makes that possible. It makes the parts for the entire body. It manufactures all of these enzymes at the same time. * If it were not for that vagus nerve going to the vital organs, the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the pancreas, the liver, the sex organs, and etc, they could not live. If the body does not respond to diet, yet they do not have any brain tumor, you know that there’s damage to one of the branches of the vagus nerve, between the central nerve trunk, the vagus trunk, and the liver.   *Our liver manufactures substances that makes it possible for us to resist all kinds of maladies. * Everybody would have worms if it were not for the fact that the liver manufactures enzymes that were constant enough to kill them.

The liver manufactures about 6 billion different enzymes, and nobody knows  all of the inn’s and out’s. We only know the names of a very few things that the liver does make.       * (one cause of high urea) lack of oxygen coming in from the lungs to the liver. * There are many things that you could bring a pH up quickly in a half hour, but it’s still not supplying the calcium the liver is deficient in. Unless the liver manufactures the alkaline chelate needed for the system’s bones, teeth, flesh, so forth, it just doesn’t count. * (alcohol) It causes the calcium to oxidize and cirrhosis of the liver results. * If the liver is functioning normally, and the central nervous system is functioning normally, then the back is much harder to damage by serious accident.           .. an injury can constrict the functioning of the liver, or heart, or stomach, or the kidneys, and what-not, and make a world of effect, that should be adjusted at the time of the diet. * Practically all of our problems start with the liver, even one in the brain. * The liver manufact­ures chelated materials. Protein is the element that makes chelation form a cell. *It is the calcium that’s manufactured by the liver on the frequency

down to the milli-micronage of the organ in which it’s located.    * New cell, starts from an anion and a cation, comes from the liver, the liver manufact­ures it.          * The problem with the pancreas is the liver not manufacturing enough substance for the pancreas to perform normally. * (prune Juice) It’s very, very rich in iron, and it’s also rich in calcium, it’s also in concen­trate form, and therefore you begin to build up in the liver the hemoglobin in the blood, and you’re building up the liver, reinforcing the liver.

Why would that make leukemia? Because the liver cannot produce, actually the



Page 72.


liver bile is almost acid. * Rebuild the liver, it will do the rest. If you can’t rebuild the liver, you cannot help them. * Color of the skin, yellow, or very pale, the liver’s not functioning normally, not enough iron. * We see through it all a malfunctioning of the liver because of deficiency  of calcium.         * When that sugar is between 1 and 2 then the liver is not over taxed in handling carbons that it doesn’t need.    * You can tell when the liver is rebuilt. That number will begin to drop (urea). Don’t let it frighten you when it gets below 12, when all the numbers are correct. * emphysema, not getting enough oxygen to the liver. * Look at the tongue. If it’s coated, it means that the liver has a problem. * The rougher the tongue the worse the liver. * Alcohol, builds up the density between the molecules of blood, so it can’t carry oxygen, to brain, to liver. When the liver takes in calcium from your food, and it does not have enough oxygen to turn that into *Hydrochloric acid, then it oxidizes in the liver and you have cirrhosis of the liver. Then the liver can’t make the right amount of bile. * Our livers manufacture a substance called bile or hydrochloric acid, and it’s an alkaline substance, an anionic substance. * The ph of the saliva is almost identical with the pH of the liver. * First place, the liver is very acid, 6.10, and this is a sign when it gets that low, that they’re not getting any energy out of their food. * This is the stage in which the liver was flush­ed. They have gone through withdrawal. * How would you solve this problem? Colonics water, help the liver, restore ability to manufacture enzymes.

How the digestive system will have to perform in order to make energy patterns on a particular frequency, it’s the conversion of the liver making those patterns. * We live from the energy from the food we eat, and it’s manufactured in the liver, on that frequency. * Practically all diseases start with the vital organs, and the primary one is the liver. * Our liver manufactures chelated enzymes, or else it wouldn’t fit our frequency, couldn’t build us.            * And this liver of ours is made on our frequency, so therefore all the enzymes it manufactures are manufactured on our frequency. * Water, oxygen, calcium, 3 primary factors that the liver uses to start the process of * about 6 billion enzymes. * our livers are made in order to form that energy from our foods, on the line of least resistance, or frequency, down to the milli-micronage.            It does the first manufacture of energy (frequency energy) that there is in our whole system* And what is it the liver produces in order to make a jig-saw puzzle part to fit any section of our body? That element is nitrogen. * She lacks oxygen and her calcium is passing out into the urine, it’s collecting in the liver, the liver’s got the calcium and can’t use it because it Don’t have enough oxygen. * This synchronization takes place in the liver. The reason the liver is not functioning, you understand this already, because you know the mineral deficiencies, the water, and etc. , to get it back to the place where it can produce. * The liver has to manufacture the very exact enzyme needed by the respective gland, to function normally. * The villi down next to the colon, right at the base of them, is the part that took in the iron and vitamin A, which the liver manufactures with the oxygen, calcium, and etc. It’s a series of process there.  * You can make a quick change in your blood chemistry but it won’t make very much difference in your body chemistry, the muscle chemistry, your brain chemistry, because the change has not taken place in the liver.           * What are the cause of ulcer sores in the mouth?

Liver flushing.   Change in the liver.       It means your body is responding.

Color of various organs, liver more dense than heart.     Liver more than anything because of iron. * Elements from foods, in gas form, carried in the blood stream to the liver.           * Mineral bath, gases of this mineral water, routed through the skin, to blood stream, to liver, that atomic reactor. The






liver takes the anionic substances and produces amino acids, cationic.. * The liver, then, slows down by this resistance factor, these elements to where it can add it in to the amino acid structure. * The liver never finishes completing amino acids. Only starts it. Lays the frame work. The potassium for the brain originates in the liver, and the thyroid puts the finishing touches on it. * The liver, we have the example of an atomic reactor, converting elements to energy and energy to elements. Unification taking place, of these slowed down elements that the body has absorbed.

These are anionic elements but when they go into the atomic reactor of the liv­er one of the miracles of the creation, it comes out as a cationic enzyme amino acid. * So your liver manufactures this nice, smooth, glistening coating

of cholesterol * Which one’s liver is working best to get rid of that salt. * The water and lemon taken periodically, helps the liver. * 60 to 80% of the building of amino acid occurs in the liver. Color of liver, milli micronage, because of more minerals. * Liver can use lemon for a base for