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I hope everyone who receives this email will pass it along to their family members and friends.

You just might save someone's life. 

One never knows when we’ll see someone collapse suddenly. This is an easier and better method of CPR.

This is the best demonstration and explanation I have seen.   It is done by the doctors who invented the procedure at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center. 


How can you tell if you have cancer?

They say that:

1 out of 2 women will get cancer.

1 out of 3 men will get cancer.


Easiest Way NOT to get cancer. Use the Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar every year, very low cost, very easy to do. Also daily iodine use.

This is also the Best Way  to catch cancer at the earliest stage, before you even know you have it.

Don't wait for some Doctor to tell you that you have cancer. Then you are in    "panic" mode,     blindly       doing what ever super harmful treatment the Dr. tells you, at super high cost, with very low success rate of all.

**********Take positive action today.***********

How can you tell if you have cancer?

Dr. Reams, a medical Doctor and a biochemist, said that most dead cancer cells come out in the urine. If you pee in a clear cup and then hold it up and try to see through it and it is very clear, day after day, then you probably do not have cancer or it is very small.

But if it is very cloudy and you can not see through it,  2 main reasons, maybe you ate animal fat and the fat made your urine cloudy or  it may be large amount of dead cancer cell in the urine.

So stop eating any animal fat foods (including meat, cheese,  milk, ice cream etc) and mostly eat healthy veggies for a few days to see if your  urine clears up.

Then the urine should clear up. If it does not , you may have a lot of dead cancer cells in the urine. If this is the case, don't panic or anything, I would not see a doctor either, because if you wear Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar for 3-4 hours a day and eat healthy veggies for  21 days, then your urine will be all cleared up and your pain should stop and  on the 21day your immune system release 2 chemicals that goes out and kills most of the remaining cancer cells. 

Avoid medical Doctors treatment because everything they do to treat cancer is very harmful to you. Second you do not need them. They have the wrong concept in getting rid of cancer that does not work and their treatment even causes cancer and make it worse and sometimes, kills you. The cancer does not kill you, but their treatment kills you. That is how bad it real is.

Dr. Lorraine Day got cancer and refused the medical system treatments of cancer,  because she said, it is very harmful to the Body and their treatments causes cancer and does more harm and no good. She said that Doctors have 2 sets of medical books, one for Doctors, and one for patients, to hide the truth from the patients.  Many doctors will not take the USA medical treatments  for cancer themselves,  because they know it does not work and they know it is very harmful to the Body.

Biopsy are bad per Dr. Lorraine Day, because if you have cancer and do a biopsy or surgery  it will spread live cancer cells into the blood to spread all over the Body.

Radiation, Everyone knows Radiation is very harmful to you. It burns and kills the flesh both healthy cells and bad cells. Very harmful to you. Don't need it.

Chemotherapeutic is a very bad poison, very harmful to your Body, and harmful to your immune system, liver, and many other organs which is needed to fight the cancer.


According to peer-reviewed research, conventional chemotherapy contributes only 2.1% to five year cancer survival in the USA. (Morgan, Ward and Barton. Clinical Oncology, 2004. 16:549-560)


You need to make your immune system and Liver and your whole Body stronger to fight off  the cancer,  not weaker, which chemo does. Chemo makes you very weak and your hair falls out and shuts down your immune system, harms your liver also. You need the opposite, you need to become stronger,  NOT weaker.

Many people have died from chemo alone, the cancer did not kill them, but the Chemo did.

Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar has NO negative side effects that are harmful to your Body. But it will get rid of any bad mic-robotics in your blood in 21 days, by making them sterile and they die off naturally on their own.  It greatly build up your immune system and made your blood very pure. On the 21st day your immune system will put 2 chemicals into your blood system and it will go out and kill most all  remaining cancer cells you may have.

 It Does no harm to healthy cells. Most times in 3-6 months the hard lump will go back to being normally soft again. NO chemo, NO surgery, NO radiation, NO pain, NO hair fall out, Low cost, easiest, fastest, cheapest, don't even need to take off any days of work. Can do at home. No medical tests needed.

Also Iodine from is very good in fighting cancer and other germs. Most all successful cancer cure programs use iodine.

Also colloid Silver very good for you. It kills cancer cells and does no harm to your Body or healthy cells. Study Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar Youtube videos and web pages on my web site and on the web. See videos below.

Also study Dr. Max Gerson videos and web pages, here and the web, because he's been curing cancer for 80 years and knows  which foods to avoid and which foods to eat.

Some times if you eat an animal product and the urine is clear before you eat it and it is very cloudy after you eat it, it maybe because the animal had lot of fat or the animal may have had cancer and the animal's dead cancer cells are coming out your urine. Normally if the meat is cooked at high heat that should kill any living cancer cell in the animal's meat.

It would be a good ideal to monitor your urine cloudiness to see if it is cloudy day after day and for what reason it is cloudy. Ideally you always want clear urine so you see through it.

Dr. Gerson learned over 80 years what foods promote cancer growth and which foods do not. Also, which foods combat cancer and help your Body defeat the cancer.

Also study Dr. Carey Reams web pages, He is the only Doctor i heard of that had
100% cure rate for Leukemia. Also he claims of curing 10,000 cancer patients. He invented the Maximum energy formula so you can maintain maximum energy to kill off cancer cells.

But to me, most successful, and  the easiest and fastest and cheapest  and most convenient  cancer cures programs is the Dr. Bob Beck Silver pulsar program. 21 day cancer cure program, it real works, very high success rate.

To me the worst and least successful and most costly and most harmful and most inconvenient and most painful cancer treatment programs is the USA Medical system harmful cancer treatments that has tortured and butchered and killed millions of people. Taking their treatments you will wish you were dead.

They make a lot of money in their cancer treatment, they are NOT looking for a easy cancer cure,  but how they can make more money.

Warning: Per Dr. Lorraine Day, Don't get a biopsy to see if you have cancer. Because if you do have cancer, it will spread the living cancer cells all over your Body by putting living cancer cells into your blood system and then spread it all over your Body.


Warning: Per Dr. Loraine Day   Also Chemo and Radiation causes cancer per Doctor's Medical  Books,medial  books  that they do NOT show you. Doctors have 2 sets of medical Books, one set they show you and the other set for the doctors only.

According to peer-reviewed research, conventional chemotherapy contributes only 2.1% to five year cancer survival in the USA. (Morgan, Ward and Barton. Clinical Oncology, 2004. 16:549-560)


Why would any one in their right mind take chemo. It is suicide to take chemo.

USA medical system cure rate is 2.1% !!!! Total failure.



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