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Doctor Reams came up with the body maximum energy formula with the ideal that if you keep the body at maximum energy then the body will be very strong an be able to fight off any disease. God designed the body to heal itself.

I personally found the Pycnogenol does a great job to keep my pH at the proper level to maintain maximum energy level to match Dr. Reams formula of 6.4 pH.

I'm "A" blood type and take 100mg of Pycnogenol and I need to take 3000 to 5000 mg of vitamin. C along with it. I feel that the Pycongenol uses more of the vitamin C from the Blood and puts it into the body to strengthen the body. The reason I say that is because if I take 100 mg of Pycnogenol without minimum of 2000 mg of C then I may get a cold. If I take 2000 or 3000 mg of C then I do not get a cold. I read somewhere that when you keep Vitamin C at a certain level in the blood, that you will not get a cold.

The Pycnogenol and vitamin C makes my body feel very strong and lots of energy and helps greatly in staying at Dr. Reams max energy formula.

My wife is "O" blood type and feels that "Grape seed extract" does better for her then Pycnogenol.


The curse causeless shall not come Proverbs 26:2 Dr. Carey Reams 1976 Nord Davis, Jr. McCoy’s Health Center, PO Box 65, Duluth, Georgia 30136 Dr. Ream had 10,000 cancer patient and only 6 of them died. He came up with the maximum body energy formula. Maintain maximum energy to over come diseases. 1-800-248-1414 or 1- 404-476-3342 Body Chemistry is very important in a healthy body and to over come diseases, as well as preventing cancers.



Doctor Reams maximum health energy formulas

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization STOP Taking Nutritional Supplements!! STOP taking Nutritional Supplements until you are tested. Because you may be UPSETTING your Body Chemistry by taking the WRONG Calcium's, for example. Many People are taking the

Bio-Ionic Chemical Analysis (uses Dr. Reams formulas

Taught by Dr. Beddoe, an assistant to Dr. Reams, this course will teach how to know and interpret information contained in test results


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Maintain maximum health and prevent diseases and cancers. Even "cure" cancers by building up your immune system.

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