Health Dr Cary Reams Maximum Energy Formula

EQUATION * The perfect equation:   1.5 6:40 over 6.40 6-7 C   .04 M 3 over 3. Sugar, pH, saline, albumin, and urea. That is the perfect equation. It doesn’t matter whether they are an infant baby, or an octogenarian. *In 1931, that’s when this equation came into existence.           * I started working on what a perfect equation should read like. And this is a part of the equation that I came up with. I had a lot more to the first equation than this one.         I have dropped off a lot of the parts of it because it was repetitious. * (too much or not enough).         There is a happy medium, the perfect equation, * This is the frequency, perfect equation of a human being, a perfect human being. Any change in one number in the equation, even a decimal, means a change in the meaning of all the numbers in the equation. * Keep in mind, the test re­sults



46 .


 the perfect equation, the differential, the cause, the symptoms you can see, what to do about it, what should be done, things to carry in your mind the moment you see an equation. * No picture: 1.8  5.40 over 6.10  3 C  4M  2 over 4.   * Time, date, age, and all, has nothing to do with the perfect equation. 1.5 tells you the exact amount of oxygen to the brain. No loss of energy, regardless of work that day, to replace all that you burntup that one day, It shows that your body is functioning perfect, if rest of numbers are perfect, energy production is at a maximum, and vitamin. C above 4,500 mil, per gram of blood. No parasites. Tells you the frequency. Thisis how the body should throw off if it’s operating perfectly. Denotes the amount of potential energy available per pound of weight. Second number tells you you’re getting the exact amount of mineral from the food you eat, the mineral content of your body, both numbers (pH). The next number (saline) your electrolytes areperfect, so your mineral content is being taken out of the foods, therefore you’re getting the correct amount of energy on the freq­uency. First 3 things denotes that your digestion is perfect, the electrical energy is not too high or too low in the liver, therefore the cells are being made as fast as they need to be exchanged.        These 3 factors puts you together. Other 2 takes us apart. A normal loss, how fast the cells should be exchanged all the time. * There is no other reason for that to be the perfect equation except the micronage.


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