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"The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come"

Great RBTI site

1. Promotions

An expert on the issue of protein consumption and acidification of the body

Anionic Water, Lemon is the only anionic food, distilled water is cation free

Another lemon drink protocol from

Bio-Ionic Chemical Analysis

BioMedX pH Correcting, using Reams-like analyzing

Blowing The Lid Off Distilled Water Myths (safe afterall?)

Dr. Gary Martin took up where Dr. Carey Rooms left off

How to test your urine and saliva pH correctly

How we become acid

Interesting info on blood pH

Introduction to the New Biology

Monomorphism as promoted by Pasteur

Pleomorphism as promoted by Bechamp, Enderlein, Rife, Reich, etc

Price Pottenger - Acid Alkaline Balance and your Health

Price-Pottenger: Aicd-Base Balance of Diets which produce immunity

Prill Beads (Pearls) to revitalize and filter water

Real-Time Functional Medicine and The Terrain

Reams Biological Ionization Testing Seminar at CNHP

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization

REAMS Testing - Biological Ionization, Health by the Numbers

Summary: What is pleomorphism

The Founding Fathers - Reams Dream

The History of the New biology (Why pleomorphism is unknown)

The real cause of degenerative disease

The symptoms of being acid

Treatment of an acidified body through diet and supplements

Treatment of ulcers: Helicobacter is the *result* of an ulcer

Vibrational medicine, rife microscope and electro-acupuncture

Water, H2O2, OH-, H3O2, anionic, cationic, hyper oxygenated water

What is life - Enderlein's protits

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Reams Biological Theory of Ionization



Balancing upH level


Typical case of how precisely RBTI can determine one's health


RBTI Books


Waar in Nederland RBTI apparatuur bestellen


Waar RBTI supplementen bestellen ?


Where to get the RBTI devices for a low price ?


My adventures with the RBTI


Two cases of psoriasis with virtually identical RBTI figures


Overview of different biological terrain analysis methods


Urine pH plotted in a graph throughout the day


Where to get the RBTI instruments and supplies


Analyzing my RBTI figures further and explaining more of the RBTI


Health and Disease, my latest thoughts


1 Month RBTI - A review


Another RBTI diagnosis


An illustrated introduction to the RBTI testing


A very short summary in Dutch on my current situation according to RBTI


A more detailed analysis of my health according to the RBTI


Another Reams profile I tested on Mr. X (anonymous)


My first analysis of my RBTI figures (correct or not ?)


Reams Biological Theory of Ionization
List of RBTI Profiles

> B.C, age 58 - pH charts

> E.A.E., age 63 - pH charts

> E.B.A., age 31 - pH charts

> E.B.R., age 34 - pH charts

> E.F., age 64 - pH charts

> E.M., age 63 - pH charts

> E.U.A., age 60 - pH charts

> E.U.E., age 65 - pH charts

> E.U.H., age 63 - pH charts

> E.U.H.V., age 55 - pH charts

> E.U.P., age 58 - pH charts

> E.U.P.B., age 61 - pH charts

> Ed, age 35 - pH charts

> I.C., age 34 - pH charts

> J.B., age 53 - pH charts

> M. (psoriasis), age 35 - pH charts

> M.H., age 26 - pH charts

> M.S., age 53 - pH charts

> N.G., age 37 - pH charts

> R.S. - Psoriasis, age 54 - pH charts

> T.f.B., age 33 - pH charts

Overview of Reams Biological Theory of Ionization websites

As an exception I also show the commercial websites, because there are only few companies that can help you with RBTI supplies.

Advanced Ideals Institute
For Your

Advanced and Comprehensive Information,
Instruction, Guidance, Training & Certification


Reams Biological Ionization Principles & Techniques
As Applied to:

Advanced Biological Agriculture & Food Quality

Website by Dr. Beddoe

AG Labs
AG Labs does soil testing using RBTI.

Biological Immunity Research Institute
This is Dr. Martin's website. He developed the Biological Immunity Analysis, which is based on the RBTI, but adds several features.
Brix is '' a hydrometer scale for sugar solutions so graduated that its readings at a specified temperature represent percentages by weight of sugar in the solution -- called also Brix ''

This website has a large database of Brix values for different natural foods. Using the Brix meter, which is included in the RBTI testing equipment, one can determine the fruit or vegetable quality with a very easy test.

Christian Health Education Ministries
''Committed to the development of the whole person,
mentally, physically and spiritually''

They give RBTI courses on video and audio tapes. They also give real-life seminars.

Daily Manufacturing
Daily Manufacturing sells all the supplies that are used with the RBTI.

Founding Fathers - Reams' dream
Dr. Carey Reams

Online RBTI Chart and Analysis Program
Enter the RBTI figures in the form and the program will show you:
* The Range Zone Chart
* The lemon-water protocol for that specific weight and salt levels
* The calciums you should use to bring improve the pH's
* How to improve carbohydrate regulation

The program/script will be updated every once in a while with extra features.

Phase Software
Sells RBTI Software, the RBTI books and supplies
Alas, offline since 2010 ... version is linked below

Pike Agri
Sells the RBTI books and supplies. Focuses on the soil part of RBTI.

Pilot Health (pH) Systems
Multi-Dimensional--Integrative Healing of the
Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Being

Incorporates Dr. Reams's findings. Also relates to Einstein's E=MC-square, etc.

Promise Outreach
Promise Outreach is run by Michael & Su who are involved over 3 decades in individually balancing chemistries using the Reams program as originally taught by Dr. Manthei and Doc Reams as well as the Digestive Health System using professionally matched enzymes. This is a highly accurate and successful ministry using Biblical Roots of disease with the imbalances and involves teaching and in some cases Retreats. Su also evaluates medical history and consults with staff MD's.

QuackWatch has some ''nice'' and ''objective'' information on the RBTI. Ofcourse we all ''know'' it's utter nonsense. Interestingly, this article is what sparked my interest in RBTI and I now know it has nothing to do with ''utter nonsense''. It has more to do with the fear from the pharmaceutical companies, as RBTI is a very powerful way to meassure health and improve health without using expensive medication.

RBTI basic info
A site that provides basic information about how to do a RBTI test, but also goes over each number and explains what that number means and how it is related to the other numbers. The idea behind the site is that everyone can contribute in any way they mean. Because of that it offers a realistic view on the opportunities and challenges provided by RBTI. also offers a way to log the test results online and a simple explanation of what the logged numbers mean. That way it may help you on your way to a better health.

RBTI Testing procedures
RBTI Testing procedure, illustrated with many photo's

RBTI Yahoo Discussion Group
Dr. Carey Reams devised a formula that speaks to HEALTH as opposed to sickness. He found that when certain factors of a person's urine and saliva were within certain parameters, illness was impossible. The 7 factors are urine pH, urine brix, urine conductivity, urine nitrate, urine ammonia, urine turbidity (albumin), and saliva pH. Interestingly, much of his pioneering work has been validated by, of all people, aquarium keepers and reef specialists. While the urine/saliva tests have been widely used around the world by a select few for several generations, the modern trend toward ever more accurate and yet less expensive test instruments has fueled a renewed interest in a wider audience who have discovered ''modern'' medicine is failing them.
Ultimately, we must accept that improved nutrition is the keystone to improved health. RBTI evaluation can point the way. This group is intended to function in parallel with the agricultural & nutrition newsgroup

Reams Retreat
This site is about a retreat in the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. We specialize in helping people with their outlook and health. We follow the basic rules as thought by Dr. Carey Reams which will lead us to health by using good foods, pure water, and if need be some food supplements, like specific forms of calcium. We do not cure disease, we are not doctors nor do we claim to be. We do not specialize in disease, we specialize in health. We have a simple series of tests which can be repeated and checked guiding you back on the road of health. The results will amaze you, no matter how your health is at this point.

Several short articles on RBTI
Below is a list of sites which offer short articles on RBTI:

HealingTools website information on RBTI:

Inner Focus sells the The RBTI Diet & Guidebook

The powers of the lemon:

Several more articles on RBTI and comparable Biological Terrain Analysis / Management methods:


The Reams Diet
Website by Michael Sigurd Olszta - Consultant & Instructor
Be sure to check out his impressive testimonial page!

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