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Crude liver injection Vitamin B12

Keep the alcohol, cotton, syringe, and extra

needles together on a tray in a clean place, where children

cannot reach it. Either keep it on a high shelf

with a clean cloth over it, or in a clean drawer which

rodents cannot penetrate.

Keep the open liver and B12 ampules (bottles) in

new baggies in refrigerator. Also store unopened liver

bottles in refrigerator.

1. Remove covers: Remove protective metal covers

from rubber stopper on either, or both, the crude

liver bottle and the vitamin B12 bottle.

2. Wipe bottle tops: Wipe the top of both bottles

clean with alcohol.

3. Keep needle and syringe sterile: Make sure

the needle and syringe are kept sterile. This is very


4. 3cc air into liver ampule: Draw 3cc of air

into the empty syringe. Turn the crude liver bottle

upside down and push needle up through center of

stopper. Push 3cc of air into crude liver bottle. This

will pressurize the ampule and permit easy withdrawal

of fluid. Remove needle from crude liver bottle.

5. 1/10cc fluid from B12 ampule: Turn B12 bottle

upside down and push syringe needle through stopper.

Pull out 1/10cc (just a few drops, to the first small

line on the barrel of the syringe). Withdraw needle

from B12.

6. 3cc from liver ampule: Reinsert syringe

needle into inverted crude liver bottle and pull out

3cc of liver extract (pull plunger to first line below

3cc marking to allow for B12).

7. Change needles: Remove and discard needle.

It is no longer sharp enough for use in injecting yourself.

Screw a new needle into syringe.

8. Prepare syringe for injection: Gently tap the

side of the syringe to gather bubbles to the top of the

syringe. When bubbles are gathered, press plunger

until a tiny bit of fluid spurts from the needle. Syringe

is now ready to be used. (Put needle cover on


9. Clean injection area: Clean the general injection

area well with alcohol and cotton.

10. Locate the specific injection area: How to

locate the injection area: Find your waist, put your

finger on your waist at the side seam, go down three

finger widths, and straight back 3 finger widths, experiment

by pressing in with a fingernail to find an

area about the size of a nickel which has few nerve

endings, and doesn’t hurt—that’s where the needle

goes. (Each time you give an injection, alternate


11. Spread skin, inject slowly: Spread skin and

push needle in. Push plunger down slowly.

12. Pull, alcohol, cotton: Pull needle out and rub

area with alcohol for 30 seconds. If bleeding occurs,

press cotton to wound. It will stop bleeding very


13. Dispose of needles: Break needle and disassemble

syringe. Keep broken needles in a small cardboard

box. Tape box shut when full and discard.

14. Store alcohol, cotton, syringe, and needles:

As mentioned earlier, keep these (along with unopened

B12 ampules) in a clean, safe place.

15. Clean and store ampules: Clean open liver

and B12 bottles with alcohol and store in refrigerator.

Protect with fresh baggie after each use. Store unopened

liver extract bottles in refrigerator.




3 - Schedules and Supplies: Other Points


Fundamentals of Nursing - p 1328




AFTER SURGERY?—The removal of the tumor

takes away a lot of poisons, and the patient

may feel better for a time. But his habits have not

changed, his body has not been cleansed, and he

has been weakened by a deep wound. Here is Dr.

Gerson’s comment:

“[Following surgery] Some patients have only

temporary damage of the liver and the liver is then

able to restore itself. But that is not in a majority of

the cases. Sometimes if you remove, say a breast

cancer, the removal of these toxins and poisons

which the cancer itself generates is sufficient in

some cases to relieve the temporary damage from

the liver. Then the liver can recover. But these are

exceptions. And it is not basic. Also some of these

patients get recurrences later. Many of my patients,

after an initial operation, had stayed well for three

or sometimes even five years. Then the cancer recurred.

They were inoperable and orthodox medicine

was helpless. [Then they came to me for

help.]”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 417.

Charlotte Gerson acknowledges that individuals

who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation

are so poisoned and weakened thereby that the

Gerson therapy is less likely to succeed.


Gerson answers this question:

“Q. How can we prevent cancer? A. Cancer must

be prevented by preventing damage to the liver. The

basic measure of prevention is not to eat the damaged,

dead, poisoned food which we bring into our

bodies. Every day, day by day, we poison our bodies.

The older people still have a better liver and

resistance from the [better] food they had when they

were young. The younger people get worse and the

babies, now the second generation on canned baby

foods, are still worse. They get leukemias. First of

all, eat as much as you can of raw food, keep the

potassium level up, and take some iodine.”—Max

Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 418-419.


Putting it all together


We have seen all the different parts; now it is

time to see how it all comes together.


who plan to go to the Gerson Institute for their initial

therapy, it is best to have someone do the following

before completing your stay and returning


1 - Locate sources for organic produce, including

organic coffee, and purchase some.

3 - Set up the juicer.

4 - Reorganize the kitchen (see Kitchen Supplies

section, below).

5 - Remove all aluminum pots and pans. Get all

aerosol sprays, air fresheners, perfumed items, insecticides,

paint fumes, and similar materials out

of the house.

6 - With the exception of the juicer and cutting

boards, clear the kitchen counters. There will need

to be room to work.

7 - Make sure the knives are sharp, for much

cutting will have to be done.

8 - Locate a source for distilled water and purchase

some. Better yet, purchase a home distiller.

(See later section, Improving Your Water Supply.)

9 - The bedroom and bathroom may need to be

arranged, to accommodate the enema taking. If

movement is impaired, a bench may be necessary.


sample daily enema schedule:



5:00 ———— Wake-up

5:30 Wake-up Castor oil by mouth

6:00 Coffee enema Coffee enema

8:00 Breakfast Breakfast

10:00 Coffee enema ————

10:30 ———— Castor oil enema


1:00 Lunch Lunch

2:00 Coffee enema Coffee enema


6:00 Coffee enema Coffee enema

7:00 Dinner Dinner

10:00 Coffee enema Coffee enema

DAILY SCHEDULE—On the previous page you

will find two daily schedules. The top one is a

sample for a typical patient. However, you might not

be the average. Below it is a blank schedule, which

you can make photocopies of for personal use.

Here is a more detailed schedule for carrying

out the Gerson therapy at home:


7:00 Awake.

7:15 Eat a little fruit. Take coffee enema.

7:45 1 - Start oatmeal and coffee concentrate.

2 - Make citrus juice (with Lugol’s and


3 - Sort medications for the day.

8:00 Eat breakfast.

8:30 1 - Wash vegetables and fruits to be used

for the day’s juices and meals.

2 - Strain the coffee.

3 - Start the Hippocrates’ soup.

9:00 Drink green juice (with potassium).

Put veggies in oven, at 150o F., for lunch.

3 - Schedules and Supplies: Schedules

36 Summary of the Gerson Therapy

Be sure to use a tightly covered casserole.

9:30 Drink carrot-apple juice (with Lugol’s and


10:00 Drink carrot-apple juice (with Lugol’s and


11:00 Carrot juice (with 2 liver tablets)

11:15 Coffee enema


12:00 1 - Green juice (with potassium)

2 - Prepare lunch.


vegetables (check oven)

Hippocrates’ soup

1:00 Eat lunch.

Carrot-apple juice (with Lugol’s and potassium)

2:00 Green juice (with potassium)

3:00 Carrot juice (with 2 liver tablets)

3:15 Coffee enema

4:00 Carrot juice (with 2 liver tablets)

5:00 Green juice (with potassium)

Prepare dinner: salad

Prepare carrot-apple juice, etc.

6:00 Carrot-apple juice (with Lugol’s and potassium)

7:00 Coffee enema

8:00 Carrot-apple juice (with Lugol’s and potassium)

Put together a fruit plate to nibble on

through the night

10:00 Eat some fruit. Coffee enema


3:00 If it seems best to do so: Eat some fruit.

Coffee enema

The above schedule is keyed to a regular day on

full therapy, which includes 13 8-oz. cups of juice

and 5 coffee enemas.

However, remember the woman Dr. Gerson

mentioned, who was so far gone that he feared to

begin treatment,—but she pulled through because

she kept taking the coffee enemas every hour or

two (instead of only 5 a day), and castor oil enemas

twice a day (instead of once every two days). —She

kept her liver and bowels so cleaned out that very

advanced cancer was not able to take her life (A

Cancer Therapy, p. 416). Hers was an extreme case,

yet she conquered because she was extremely concerned

to live.

Whoever is doing the kitchen work should allow

about 10-15 minutes to prepare a juice and to

clean up the juicer. Therefore, begin making juices

about 15 minutes before the hour.

In the above list, medications are listed in parentheses

after juices. Those medications may be

added, if it is thought best to do so. Never exceed

total medication totals prescribed by your Gerson



KITCHEN SUPPLIES—In their continuing work

to help people recover from cancer, the Gerson Institute

kindly provides a checklist of kitchen items

which will be found useful in caring for a person on

the Gerson program. (As with everything else, the

most complete collection of such data will be found

in books available from the Gerson Institute, especially

their Gerson Primer.)

Most of the following items may be purchased

locally at a general department store, health-food

store or hardware store.


Juicer (press type)

water distiller

Liquid warmer: low temperature burner plate

a second refrigerator (optional)

Yogurt maker (optional)

Orange juicer reamer type

Blender (with some recipes, this can be used

instead of the rotary food mill)


Stainless steel pots and pans with tight fitting lids

l qt. saucepan

2 qt. saucepan

3 qt. saucepan

4 qt. saucepan

8 qt. saucepan

Pyrex or Corningware baking dishes (with


Note: Teflon and other inert nonstick surfaces

are allowed. But do not use damaged pans. (Teflon

is rather easily torn away, revealing the poisonous

aluminum underneath.)

Of course, wherever it might come in contact

with food, absolutely no aluminum is to be used.

But aluminum-clad stainless steel pots are acceptable.

Kitchen Utensils

Vegetable brushes: for scrubbing and cleaning


Plastic cutting boards (assortment of sizes)

Rotary food mill: for milling special soup (can

use blender)

Sixty-minute timer: for juices

Wire bristled brushes: for cleaning juicer parts

Glass measuring cups: 1 Cup and 4 Cup

Oven thermometer: for checking oven temperature

Funnels: for filling jars and bottles


Strainers: for coffee, tea

Colander: (a perforated bowl) for straining

coarse vegetables

Mixing bowls: a set of convenient sizes

Grater: to grate food fine to coarse

Knives: various sizes including 2-3 paring


Measuring spoons: for measuring small


Metal spatula

Potato masher: made of solid wood or heavy

wire for mashing foods

Soup ladle: for serving soups

Apple corer: to remove apple cores

Garlic press: for crushing garlic

Thermoses: for soup, juices, tea

Kitchen scale: 10 or 25 lbs.

Glass storage jars: dry coffee, potassium solution,


Jar for coffee concentrate (with 1 cup calibration


Pill container: with 6 sections

Condiments and Staples

Herbs and spices

allspice tarragon rosemary

fennel bay leaves sorrel

saffron marjoram dill

anise thyme sage

mace coriander summer savory

Drip ground organic coffee


Oatmeal (old-fashioned)

Pure maple syrup

Crude, raw brown sugar (organic dried cane


Dried fruits (soak first)

Flaxseed oil (in black bottles)

Red wine vinegar [lemon juice is better]

Unsulphured blackstrap molasses




Paper Goods

Paper Towels

Muslin or cheesecloth

Toilet paper

Juicing cloths

Waxed paper

Bathroom Supplies

Enema Bucket

Castile soap

Castor oil

Ox-bile powder

Paper towels

Wooden spoon

Enamel pitcher

Toilet paper

Toothpaste (a natural brand, such as:

Chloresium, Tom’s, Shaklee, Waleda)

Shampoo (natural shampoo, no coloring or

proteins added, such as: Nature’s Gate,

Tom’s, Shaklee, Dr. Bronner’s)

Grocery List for a Week

Carrots, 50 lbs.

Tomatoes, 20 lbs.

Potatoes, 25-50 lbs.

Onions, 20/week (purchase 25 lb. sack)

Leeks, 2 bunches

Beets, 5 branch tops for juice and bottoms for


Green Peppers, 8 weekly

Celery, 2-3 bunches

Celery Root, 2 roots (if available)

Romaine, 20, good size

Chard, 4 bunches

Endive, 3 heads

Lettuce, 15 heads (red leaf, green leaf, oakleaf,

butter leaf, etc.)

Watercress, 2 bunches

Escarole, 2 heads

Parsley, 1 bunch

Parsley Root, 1 bunch (if available)

Apples, 40 lbs. (pippins or granny smith apples)

Oranges, 10-15 lbs.

Garlic, 1 bulb

Coffee, 3-5 lbs.

Distilled water, 15 gallons

Note: Regarding the possibility of improving your

household water supply, see the section, “Improving

Your Water Supply,” below.

THREE-MONTHS’ SUPPLY—The Gerson Institute

asks its patients to order a three-month supply

of therapy-related materials, prior to leaving the


Here is this list. You may find it helpful. (Immediately

following it, will be found a mail-order blank

for many of these items.) First is listed the item,

then the quantity needed for a three-months’ supply,

and then a brief description.

Syringes - 90 / 3cc with 22 or 23 gauge needle x 1"

Needles - 90 / 25 gauge x 1"

Crude Liver - 27 / 10 cc bottles or injection

Vit. B12 - 1 / 30 cc bottle for injection

Thyroid - 1 / ½ grain (32.4 mg.), 1,000 count tabs

Lugol’s - 1 / bottle of ½ strength of Lugol’s solution

Penicillin - 1 / bottle of 100 tablets

Potassium compound - 12 / bottles, 100 grams


Potassium Gluconate - 1 / bottle

Acidol - 5 / bottles of 100 caps each

Niacin - 1 / bottle of 1,000 tabs, 50 mg. each

Pancreatin - 1 / bottle of 1,000 tabs, 325 mg. each

Liver Caps - 1 / bottle of 1,000 caps, 500 mg. each

Ox Bile - 1 / bottle

3 - Schedules and Supplies: Supplies

38 Summary of the Gerson Therapy

Ion Min - 1 / bottle Ion Min Clay powder

Enema Buckets - 2 / extra enema buckets

Castor Oil - 1 / pint

Castile Soap - 1 / bar of soap

Flaxseed Oil - 8 / bottles

Foley Food Mill - 1 / two quart size

Not required, but recommended:

Vida bread (an organic product)

Pancreatin-extra strength, 1,200 mg.

Wobe enzymes

Nelaton enema catheter

Hydrogen peroxide, 30%

Organic coffee - 1 kilo bag

Charcoal tablets

Water distiller

Home ozone generator

Electric hot plate

Radiant heat plate

MAIL-ORDER FORM—On the next page, you

will find a Supply Order Sheet. Make xerox copies

of it, and use them to order supplies. These order

sheets are made available by the Gerson Institute,

and Stat, S.A. is the firm to which they refer their



summary of Gerson supply sources. Former Gerson

hospital patients may obtain some of these items at

lower prices, if they so notify the vender.

Gerson Institute, Gerson Books and Videos,

etc.: Gerson Institute 888-4-GERSON (888-

443-7766) / 619-267-1150 / P.O. Box 430,

Bonita, CA 91908. Ask for information on

attending the Institute, and a list of their

books and videos.

Gerson Rx prescriptions and supplies: STAT,

S.A., Apartado Postal 2392, Tijuana BCN,

Mexico Ph: 011-526-680-1103

Gerson supplies: Baja Hosp. Services, P.O. Box

3535, Chula Vista, CA 91911 Ph: 619-425-

1557. Here are examples of what is meant by

“supplies”: Lugol’s [iodine] solution, potassium

compound, potassium gluconate, acidol

[HCl], niacin, flaxseed oil, castile soap, enema

buckets, food mill, etc. Some of these supplies

(such as Lugol’s) would be difficult to obtain


Organic foods: Gerson emphasizes eating, if at

all possible, organically grown fruits and

vegetables. In order to learn whether this is

feasible in your area, and if you can afford

them, you may wish to contact OFPANA, Box

1078, Greenfield, MA, 10301; Ph: (413) 774-

7511. Or you can order a U.S. directory of

sources: The book is called Organic

Wholesaler’s Directory and Yearbook, community

Alliance with Family Farmers, Box 464,

Davis, CA 95617; Ph: 916-756-8518. c. $35,

plus $5 shipping. California residents, add

$2.53 tax.

Flaxseed oil: If you cannot obtain it at your

health-food store, here are addresses for

ordering it direct (it might even be fresher

ordered direct): Omega Nutrition, 5373 Guide

Meridian, Bldg. B, Bellingham, WA 98226 Ph:

800-661-3529. Keeps unopened in freezer up

to 6 months, and in refrigerator 3 months.

After opening, keep it no longer than three

weeks. / One of the best flaxseed manufacturers

is Barlean’s high lignan Flax Oil, 4936

Lake Terrell Rd., Ferndale, WA 98248

Juicer (triturator and press): Gerson says

centrifugal juices are all right for most diseases;

but, for cancer and bone-deformity

conditions, a pulp grinder and press are


If you have the money ($2,000), the Norwalk

Juicer and electric hydraulic press is the best:

Norwalk Juicer, c/o Richard Boger, (800) 405-

8423, in U.S., or (619) 755-8423 outside U.S.

However, you can purchase a rebuilt one

under warranty from Norwalk for about

$1,500. Norwalk Mfg Co., P.O. Box 829,

Lowell, Arkansas 72745 / 800-643-8645.

If you want a used, later model Norwalk Juicer,

call Richard Boger at 519-755-8423. Also

phone 619-585-7600 and ask for their used

Norwalk Juicer list. At the present time, they

run about $1,500; saving you over $500.

Rebuilt juicers can also be purchased for

about $1,500 from the Norwalk factory. Unlike

used Norwalk juicers from other sources,

these carry a warranty. Norwalk Mfg Co., P.O.

Box 829, Lowell, Arkansas 72745 / 800-643-

8645. When purchasing a used model, make

sure you obtain the latest model.

Lower-cost non-Norwalk juicers have a separate

grinder and manual press (which requires

much work!): K&K Grinder and Press, c/o Al

Hasser, 14410 Big Canyon Rd, Middletown,

CA 95461 Ph: (707) 928-5970. Shredder,

$750, and press, $275. You can substitute the

Champion juicer as a lower-cost shredder:

Lodi Health Foods, 521 S. Central Ave., Lodi,

CA 95240 Ph: (209) 334-3868. $189 plus


Ozone generators: To purify the air, give off

ozone and negative ions. Mountain Fresh

Services, P.O. Box 1915, Bonita, CA 91908 Ph:

40 Summary of the Gerson Therapy

(619) 656-9077 Fax: (619) 656-6627. These

are useful, but the dial should be set so that

you do not detect the odor of ozone. It is said

to be harmful to your brain, if you can smell it.

LOCATING ORGANIC FOOD—There is an inherent

problem in consuming larger quantities of

fresh fruits and vegetables: the amount of residual

pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers

which may have been absorbed by the plant.

“Here is a record of the average quantity of intake

of some [Gerson] patients in the course of one

year; a very great part of which is converted into


“1800 pounds of carrots, 1300 pounds of apples,

145 heads of red cabbage, 400 heads of lettuce,

125 pounds of green peppers, etc.”—Max Gerson,

A Cancer Therapy, p. 143.

Fortunately, there are organizations which specialize

in telling you where you can obtain organically

grown produce:

1 - Check the local yellow pages for “Health-

Food” stores and co-ops. Call and inquire whether

they supply organically grown produce. If not, they

may know where you can go.

2 - Contact OFPANA (Organic Food Produce

Association of North America), Box 1078,

Greenfield, MA 10301 / 413-774-7511. (1) Ask for

names, addresses, and phone numbers of organic

organizations in your area (OCIA, CCOF, TILTH, etc.)

(2) Ask about distributors, growers, and possible


3 - Order a copy of the Organic Wholesaler’s

Directory and Yearbook, from Community Alliance

with Family Farmers, Box 464, Davis, CA 95617 /

916-756-8518. The book is about $35, plus $5 p&h.

California residents add $2.53 tax. It has the most

exhaustive list available of organic wholesalers, arranged

by state. Contacting those wholesalers, they

can tell you who their retailers are.

4 - It is possible to order organic foods through

the mail. If you are able to do this, you would want

to obtain Americans for Safe Food, from Center for

Science in the Public Interest, 1875 Connecticut

Ave., NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20036 / 202-

332-9110. Send them a self-addressed, stamped

envelope and ask for their organic mail order list.

On it you will find organic food suppliers willing to

mail you organic produce.

5 - Organic coffee is also important, since regular

coffee can contain pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Listed below are three sources of pure organic coffee.

(If you have been a Gerson patient, that is, having

been to their hospital, you should identify yourself

as a “Gerson patient” when ordering organic

coffee, for a price break.)

Cafe Marino, Baja Hospital Service, Box 3535,

Chula Vista, CA 91911 / 619-425-1557

Cafe Altura, Terra Nova, Box 5145, Ojai, CA 93023

/ 415-883-8378

Harbor House Coffee, P.O. Box 1879, Clearlake

Oaks, CA 95423 / 707-998-4654 or 800-541-4699

It is wise to demand proof of organic certification.

If the produce is not clearly marked with a

printed label, it is probably not organic. Demand

proof! On the bottom of this page are the identifying

logos of five organic certification organizations.

LAB TESTS—We have repeatedly mentioned

that it would be wise to order the Gerson Primer. A

number of medical laboratory tests are discussed

on pp. 48-66 of that book.


on regional water supplies, various forms

of water purification may be purchased or leased at


considerable savings over purchased bottled water.

Various combinations of distillation, carbon filtration,

and reverse osmosis should be considered.

Lead, radon, nitrate, fluorides, and chlorine are

all significant water contaminants.

Labs which can test your water: The following

three laboratories are approved by Consumer Union

(which publishes Consumer Reports), and can test

your drinking water by mail. However, the tests are

expensive and can cost up to $200.

National Testing Laboratories, 6151 Wilson Mills

Rd., Cleveland, OH 44143 / 800-458-3330

Water Testing Laboratories, 4600 Kutztown Rd.,

Temple, PA 19560 / 800-433-6595

Water Test, 33 S. Commercial St., Manchester,

NH 03101 / 800-426-8378

Water cleansing devices: Here is some data on

these home water purification methods. According

to Consumer Reports, of the three methods, no one

approach to the problem will remove all the contaminants

from your water:

There are (1) distillers, (2) reverse osmosis

units, and (3) carbon filtration units.

Distillers and reverse osmosis units are better

at removing organic hazards (plant and animal contaminants)

than do reverse osmosis units. But distillers

miss the volatile ones, such as benzene, carbon

tetrachloride and tricholorotheylene. The best

way to solve this problem is to couple either a distiller

or a reverse osmosis unit, with a carbon filtration

unit. In this way, the water is first run

through a distiller or reverse osmosis unit, and

then through a carbon filtration unit.

Carbon filtration is the only way to remove chlorine,

benzene, carbon tetrachloride, trichloroethylene,

and radon from your water. But they cannot

removed inorganic health hazards.

Either distillers or reverse osmosis units will

remove arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, fluoride,

lead, nitrate, and selenium.

Here are other facts to keep in mind:

Distillers generally draw 1,500 watts, and cost

about $1.50 in electricity per five gallons. For Gerson

patients, the cost can be about $30 per month.

Reverse osmosis units waste about 80% of the

water! It runs down the drain. If you have a well,

that could be a serious problem. When it is time to

replace the membrane (usually once a year), the cost

runs between $40 to $240.

Carbon filters must be frequently replaced.

Know in advance how much the replacement filters

will cost. Some companies charge $5 for each replacement

filter, while others demand up to $100.

It is also possible to purchase bottled water, or

rent equipment. In keeping down yearly costs, sometimes

renting is the best route to go. Check your

Yellow Pages.


to obtain a copy of the Gerson Primer, and make

use of the 35 pages of recipes near the back of the


IN CONCLUSION—It would be best if, accompanied

by a helper, you could go to the Gerson Institute

for several weeks, before continuing on with

the program at home.



Milder measures for non-malignancy

In order to round out this presentation, it would

be well to briefly mention how the Gerson therapy

is modified in working with non-malignant conditions.

Cancer is so devastating to the body, that it

requires special care. But a number of other conditions

can be alleviated with a somewhat milder

Gerson therapy.

However, it should be kept in mind that, for

all physical problems the Gerson therapy deals

with, the strictest program will always accomplish

the best results, and more quickly.

“With the ‘strictest cancer diet,’ other chronic

diseases respond more rapidly than with the less

intensive treatment.”—Charlotte Gerson, Appendix

1, A Cancer Therapy, p. 398.


GERSON THERAPY HELP?—It is remarkable how

many conditions can be helped by the Gerson

method. Consider this:

“Initial evidence of the healing process brought

about by the Gerson therapy takes various forms.

For instance, edemas go down with astonishing rapidity;

skin afflictions recede and heal quickly; in

areas of old scars, adhesions, lumps, or bone deformations,

‘healing’ often begins as a hyperemia,

i.e., the body produces dilated blood vessels with

redness and tenderness in the affected area. The

newly oxygenated blood, now freshly supplied with

enzymes and other healing substances, is brought

into the damaged or sick areas.”—Charlotte

Gerson, Appendix 1, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 394-


By 1932, Max Gerson was able to list over 30

different diseases that his less-intensive therapy was

alleviating! (In the following quotation, italics are


“ ‘My results with the Gerson Therapy [that] have

been very satisfactory is arthritis deformans. X-ray

examination shows that the structure of the dis-

4 - Non-Cancer Disorders

42 Summary of the Gerson Therapy

eased bones changes with the use of the Gerson

diet. The compacta becomes denser and more

sharply outlined. Subjectively, the patients’ symptoms

improve, their motility and ability to work

returns. In these cases, it is particularly important

to restrict protein intake.

“ ‘Epilepsy reacts very favorably. Previously in

1900 the two French scientists, Toulouse and

Richet, used the saltless diet in cases of epilepsy

with good results. With the addition of phosphorus-

enriched cod-liver oil and strictly limited protein

intake, healing was speeded visibly. Mental disease

was helped. Neurasthenia was greatly improved.

Even in cases of neurasthenia with male

impotence, potency returned. On the other hand,

patients with unusually strong libido returned to a

more normal condition.

“ ‘In the tremendously extensive area of skin diseases,

the saltless therapy is extremely valuable -

i.e., in acne, eczema, urticaria, prurigo, pemphigus,

etc., as already stressed by Luithlen. However,

the use of the Gerson therapy in lupus vulgaris and

psoriasis is a first and is extremely effective, even

in severe cases with already partial sclerodermy. It

is particularly interesting to note the scar-dissolving

effect of the treatment in old scars and adhesions

as well as in cases of Keloid acne.

“ ‘Multiple sclerosis responds well. The ulcerations

or scar tissue are absorbed and healed.

However, where there is destruction of nerve tissue,

obviously this cannot be restored. ‘Many other

chronic diseases respond extremely well to the

Gerson therapy even though in many cases their

origin is obscure or unknown. Exophthalmic goiter

(Grave’s disease) responds well. However patients

must be given proteins after about four weeks

or weakness and loss of weight may result.

“ ‘Dysmenorrhea, vaginal discharge, atypical

menstrual periods (of 21 days or 5 to 6 weeks) return

gradually to normal cycles of 28 days.

“ ‘The use of the therapy in kidney disorders

should be obvious. It is also important to note that

diseases of the respiratory organs, such as asthma,

respond very well. Bronchiectasis, also chronic

cases, react well without exception.

“ ‘One important field of application of the

therapy is in heart and circulatory diseases where

the results are excellent, also in arteriosclerosis and

connected kidney diseases. In these cases, it is important

to limit protein intake.

“ ‘It is interesting to note here that in almost all

cases of serious migraine the presence of paradentosis

was noted. This always disappeared together

with the migraine. I found later that the presence

of paradentosis was often true in cases of severe

arthritis deformans, too.’ ”—Max Gerson, A Cancer

Therapy, pp. 395-397.



is important to keep in mind that some diseases

require the intensive Gerson therapy used for cancer!

“An intensive Gerson Therapy is indicated in

cases of serious degeneration or intoxication (including

previous long term [medicinal or street]

drug usage) . . (1) Intoxication during pregnancy,

(2) tuberculosis, (3) osteoarthritis, (4) mental disease

and bodily asthenias, (5) spastic conditions,

especially angina pectoris, (6) asthma, (7) malignancies,

(8) spinal cord degenerative changes.”—

Charlotte Gerson, Appendix 1, A Cancer Therapy,

p. 401.


Here, very briefly, is an overview of how to

treat non-cancerous diseases.

Medicinal drugs: Other drugs, currently being

taken, will have to be discontinued.

“With the start of the Gerson therapy, all of the

usual drugs have to be discontinued. This includes

not only the highly toxic pain killers often administered

to terminal cancer patients but also chemotherapeutic

agents, cytotoxins, blood thinners

vasodilators, cortisone, antihistamines and others

too numerous to mention. These drugs are materials

foreign to the body. They place an additional

burden on the liver which must eliminate foreign

materials. Also these drugs contribute nothing positive

toward rebuilding the diseased organs. The purpose

of the therapy is to reduce and eliminate the

load of toxic materials which have accumulated.

Obviously one must not add to this load.”—Max

Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 396-397.

Relieving pain: The Gerson enemas—given as

often as every 2 hours,—do an outstanding job of

pain reduction. However, the “pain triad,” mentioned

earlier [one tablet of aspirin (5 gr.), one Vitamin C

(100 mg.) and one Niacin (50 mg.) up to four times

in the course of the first 24 hours], is used to help

initially reduce pain. But soon the cleansing effect

of the enemas takes effect and the pain is reduced.

Spasms and edema are eliminated through large

doses of potassium given right away at the start of

the detoxification.

Diabetes: Insulin intake should be continued.

Careful monitoring of blood and urine will reveal

when the pancreas begins functioning normally

again. The insulin dosage can often be cut in half

with the first 10 days of therapy, and generally eliminated

entirely within a month.

“Dietary adjustments made for diabetic patients

were to reduce the number of baked potatoes given

from two to one a day, to use grapefruit juice for

breakfast instead of orange juice, and to give more

green juice than apple and carrot juice.”—Charlotte

Gerson, Appendix 1, A Cancer Therapy, p.



Circulatory conditions: It is important that a

total of 3 tbsp. of flaxseed oil be included in the

diet. (This is the amount in the regular cancer

therapy.) In combination with the rest of the therapy,

this will eliminate the danger of clotting—even

though regular medications (blood thinners and

capillary dilators) have been discontinued. Gerson

used flaxseed oil to reduce the high cholesterol level

in cancer and arteriosclerosis patients. In cancer

patients it also speeded up the reduction and absorption

of the tumors.

Multiple sclerosis: Egg yolks are used early in

the treatment; whereas, in cancer therapy, they

should not given for over a year.

Arthritis: Protein must be kept to a minimum

for a lengthy period of time.

Goiter: Protein must be added after only 3-4


Muscular dystrophy: It is important that sufficient

amounts of iodine and thyroid be given, to reestablish

the iodine metabolism by the thyroid.


Charlotte Gerson advises that it is best to go

on the strict, cancer-reduction program, not a milder

version. We will quote her statement once more:

“With the ‘strictest cancer diet,’ other chronic

diseases respond more rapidly than with the less

intensive treatment.”—Charlotte Gerson, Appendix

1, A Cancer Therapy, p. 398.

THE MILDER THERAPY—Here are several aspects

of this milder program:

Permitted and forbidden foods remain the same,

except that fresh berries can be used. The number

of juices and enemas can be reduced, and the patient

can return to work sooner.

“1. [Foods:] Forbidden foods and stimulants cannot

be introduced into the diet with the exception

of some fresh berries and safflower oil. [Our note:

It is better if only flax oil is used.]

“2. [Enemas:] Detoxification must be carried on

regularly, although 2 to 3 coffee enemas a day are


“3. [Juices:] The amount of fresh juices can be

reduced to 4 or 5 glasses a day plus one glass of

citrus juice (always freshly prepared just before

drinking). Also, carrot and apple juice may be

mixed in the course of preparation with the green

leaf juice, and a centrifugal juicer type may be used.

In order to speed up healing, more juices and presstype

juicers are recommended.

“4. [Soup and vegetables:] The special soup and

menus should be adhered to. After initial improvement,

usually the patient can go back to work and

adjust his lunch to include soup (brought from

home in a vacuum bottle), fresh juice a baked potato,

fresh mixed salad, and fruit. Much fresh fruit

should be eaten during the day.”—Charlotte

Gerson, Appendix 1, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 398-


Toxic substances forbidden: It is extremely important

that all types of poisonous substances, in

food, air, and water supplies be avoided. This includes

fluorides in both drinking water and toothpaste.

Other toxic substances such as insect sprays,

paint sprays, underarm deodorants, and toxic or

pore clogging grooming substances must be


Centrifugal juicer permitted: A centrifugal type

juicer may be used, instead of the press type. Juice

may be made of a combination of carrots, apples,

green leaves, etc.,—instead of the carrot-and-apple

juice and green-leaf juices made separately.

Remain on strict medications: The medications

on pp 400-401 of A Cancer Therapy have been

omitted from the latest editions of this publication,

so it would be best to adhere to those in the stricter

version of the therapy.

Here are two other statements gleaned from Max

Gerson’s comments on treating non-malignant conditions:

“Would not detoxification be advisable in the majority

of illnesses? Is this not comparable to what

is called “a cleansing program?” A. We have to

detoxify the body in all degenerative diseases, in

acute diseases too. But not to the extent as is required

in cancer. Even most of the arthritis cases

are not so toxic. I found that almost all of the arthritis

cases have a weak liver or damaged liver.

This is also true of coronary disease.”—Max

Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 415.

“Can fibroid tumors be dissolved in the same

manner? A. Fibroid tumors are mostly benign. Benign

tumors take 10 to 20 times as much time to

absorb as malignant tumors. This goes for adhesions

and scars. Fibroid and benign tumors are

dissolved only very slowly because they are not abnormal.

It is difficult for the parenteral system to

bring its digestive powers to bear on these benign

tumors. But when they turn malignant, then they

are quickly dissolved.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer

Therapy, p. 413.

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