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  1. Dr. Carey Reams Biochemistry RBTI lessons day 1 morning, part 1

    FYI I don't recommend people to write the saliva pH over the urine pH. I don't recommend this as it gets confusing when ...
  2. Questions & Answers 227 - Cardiac Neurosis, Mucus, Carey Reams, Stress

    Questions & Answers 227 05:03 - Johny - I have been watching your youtube videos in hope to find an answer to my Cardiac ...
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  3. Dr. Carey Reams Biochemistry RBTI lesson day 1, part 3 Lesson as thought by Steve day during week at Home for Health lifestyle center aka Reams Retreat.
  4. The "Wild" claims of RBTI

    How RBTI differs from the legal drug culture.

    30 basic rules that help one comprehend the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.
  6. Intro to RBTI tools Carey Reams Brief intro to the tools needed to do the Reams' urine and saliva analysis. They can be purchased ...
  7. Lighthouse

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  8. Cancer? Have you been warned about the lethal dangers of drinking soda, bottled water or city water?

    Cancer ? Looking for an answer to cancer? If you haven't been warned about the lethal dangers of : Sodas, Bottled Water, ...

    A short video showing how to measure urine pH for RBTI purposes.
  10. Nutrition for Dry Eyes, UV and Eye Disease - "Ask The Doctor" with Dr. Michael Lange May 9, 2012

    Michael Lange OD discusses Sunglasses as prevention of eye disease, UV damage, HIV light, danger of cheap sunglasses, ...
  11. RBTI Lemonade for more. Challen Waychoff describes the importance of the lemonade used in RBTI, and also ...
  12. robertmorsend

    Natural Health Talk.
  13. Steve Day

  14. Colitis Diet for more. Ulcerative colitis overcome with a change in diet as advised by RBTI practitioner Challen ...
  15. Health Practitioners TV - Back pain, allergies

    Melanie Moss from Into Harmony Health Services speaks about her back pain and over coming cancer and how she is now ...
  16. RBTI Testing Instructions for more. How to run the "numbers" on an RBTI test including the refractometer reading, salt level, ...
  17. RBTI Testing Preview - How to test for sugar.flv

    RBTI - How to test for sugar using a refractometer.
  18. Balance Blood Sugar Naturally for more. Challen Waychoff describes the natural fluctuations that occur in the sugar levels in the urine ...
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