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  1. Doctor Yourself: An Introduction with Andrew Saul, PhD

    If you are sick of sickness, it may be time to try the Doctor Yourself approach. This introductory video with Andrew W. Saul offers ...
  2. Red Ice Radio - Dr. Andrew Saul - The War on Vitamins & Nutrition

    Dr. Andrew W. Saul has 35 years' experience in natural health education. Saul, formerly Assistant Editor of the Journal of ...
  3. Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof

    Caldwell Esselstyn, MD of the famed Cleveland Clinic gives a FULL 62 minute talk from the 2003 VegSource Healthy Lifestyle ...
  4. Audio Book Review: Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works by Andrew Saul (Author), Patrick C... This is the summary of Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works by Andrew Saul (Author), ...
  5. أنت طبيب نفسك You a doctor yourself

    مقطع مؤثر للشيخ سلطان العويد رحمه الله يتحدث فيه عن مرض القلب.
  6. Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works by Andrew Saul [the power you need to change it]

    Don't bother looking in the history books for what has killed the most Americans. Look instead at your dinner table. We eat too ...
  7. Dr. Kucho - Lies To Yourself

    2007 edit.
  8. Treasure Planet - Brace Yourself, Doctor! (Blu-Ray)

    After everyone is accuainted & the crew is on board, the ship is ready for takeoff! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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  9. "Can You Be Your Own Doctor?" (Chinese language)

    A discussion of the Chinese edition of the Doctor Yourself book. Clip of an interview by TV station from Tim @ Cellfood for Dr. Saul ...
  10. Dr. Kucho! "Lies To Yourself" (Radio Edit)

    Dr. Kucho! "Lies To Yourself" (Radio Edit) Label: Disc Doctor Release Date: 2005 ...
  11. Dr. Lissa Rankin: Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, Talks at Google

    While some mind-body medicine pioneers and New Age teachers talk about how we can heal ourselves, Dr. Lissa Rankin was a ...
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  12. Picture Yourself at Hartford Seminary - Robert Foltz Morrison, Doctor of Ministry Program

    Robert had already been in Christian ministry for 24 years. Why did he join our DMin program? For more info: ...
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  13. Dr. Phil: Protect yourself from BAITERs

    • by CNN
    • 8 months ago
    Dr. Phil, author of "Life Code," shares tips with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about how to get rid of toxic people from your life. For more CNN ...
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  14. Play Doh Cookie Monster Doctor Drill N Fill Playset Do It Yourself Play Dough Dentist Drill and Fill

    Disney Cars Toy Club brings you our DIY Play-Doh Dr. Drill n Fill set by Hasbro. Create your own Playdoh Cookie Monster playset ...
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  15. 6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Depression | Depression, Anxiety, Postpartum | The Mind Doctor

    Visit The Mind Doctor at Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel. You can find out more about The ...
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  16. Introduction to Healing Yourself videos

    Dr. Stenbeck explores the difference between holistic doctors and medical doctors.
  17. The Eleventh Doctor || The Hilarious Matt Smith || Express Yourself (Doctor Who)

    Matt Smith's Doctor was amazing at making you laugh without even needing words. My last tribute video to Eleven was quite sad, ...
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