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Dr. Burzynski 27%- 50% cure rate of Brain Cancer in Children. compare to Chemo's  0% cure rate.  ****MUST SEE VIDEO**** His 40 year unfair attacks by the FDA -- must see to believe--

Drug Companies & FDA do NOT want a cure for Cancer because  they would lose too much money.They control the  FDA & they fight anyone who has or is looking for a cure.

Everyone must see these Videos to see and prove the massive corruption and attacks on Dr. Burzynski !!

These first 2 videos are on Huluplus TV: Must see both videos and the follow up videos on Youtube.

Burzynski: Cancer is a serious business Part 1   (on youtube and Hulu plus)

Burzynski: Cancer is a serious business Part 2  ( on Hulu plus)

2013, March 10 • Q&A • Burzynski Movie (Part II): Cancer Is Serious

FABIO | Burzynski: Part 2 Q&A | Apr. 27, 2013 Cancer Is Serious B

Need to see both video and pass them on to everyone you know.

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  1. Dr Burzynski movie - Fight to cure cancer the FDA don't want to be cured

    Have you ever thought that FDA is to make you stay ill and sustain your disease? You would think that once the cure for cancer is ...

  1. In the compelling follow-up to the internationally award-winning documentary,Burzynski, the Movie; Burzynski: Cancer is Serious ...
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