Health Diabetes Reams Notes for Diabetics

SUGAR * The first number represents the percentage of sugar. * The lower the reserve energy the greater the difference it makes between your glucose and your total carbohydrate. The urinary sugar will equal the blood sugar av­erage, over any 24 hour period.

      * These tests tell you whether there’s too  sugar or not enough.  

* The higher the sugar content of any vegetable or fruit, the higher the mineral content.

* 0 - 0.9dangerously low blood sugar LBS.    

1.0 - 5.49 low blood sugar LOBS. 

5.50 - 6.99 tendency to high blood sug­ar HBST.

 7.0 - 13.0 high blood sugar HBS.

Most people die at 11, and pract­ically all die at 13, if it stay there long enough.

High blood sugar and dang­erously low blood sugar have the same symptoms.        It prevents oxygen going to the brain, because there’s too much sugar in the blood, and oxygen can’t get to the brain.   That’s what happens when a blackout takes place.

HBS generally have severe headaches, over a long period of time, before blacking out or going into a coma. HBS and high blood pressure can fool you. More dangerous with both. There are certain sugars that cause the pancreas to fail more than others, eith­er on the high or low side. 

Control high or low blood sugar by the use of green drink, chlorophyll.  

* anytime the sugar drops quickly, people generally have headaches. * If the blood sugar’s too low, give them some kind of a carbohy­drate, a different kind each day. You will be able to zero in on what carbohydrate, which is causing the pancreas to flush.

*Low blood sugar causes motion sickness.* It’s the worst malady that I know of.            It isn’t really dangerous but surely miserable.

* Discourage travel if the blood sugar is lees than 1.0. It is my opinion that 50% of the automobile accidents are brought about by low blood sugar. 

* A dangerously high urea, and a low blood sugar, you have to use a different sweetener each day in the lemonade, to keep the sugar from dropp­ing too low as you bring the urea down.

Lower the blood sugar low enough the fetus will naturally abort by itself.     A fetus requires 3 to 500% more oxygen to exist, and if you lower the blood sugar low enough, down below 1, until the moth­er’s almost in a state of coma, in just a few hours the fetus will lose the life and go out, abort naturally. (see PREGNANCY, also see UTERUS .

* Between 5.50 and down to 2.0 is called the zone of misery. * If you find the sugar sky high, but the rest of the numbers in place, the body has turned loose the stored up sugar that’s in the muscle or in the fat, it’s released it.

* So many people are allergic to white potatoes, especially those that have high blood sugar.

The starches turn to sugar.        

This nerve starts to fry like a thread, the message not going through. You cannot control the sugar, at first.

*Oils turn to sugar in the system. whole milk is a No-No when you have high sugar.   

* C6 H22012 which is sugar.

When you put a person on a fast, for days, you must test every day for sugar and urea.

* MS patient on B17 , it shot her sugar sky high, given IV.           I took the B 17 and ran a Brix test on it, and it was 28.  So I put her on tablets, and she’s doing real well. 

* When the sugar rises and the salt rises, the person is not drinking enough water systematically.

 * On insulin forcing the sugar down, but it is not getting the person well.          

* When the sugar is between 1 and 2 then the liver is not over taxed in handling carbons that it doesn’t need.           

* You cannot put this person on straight water, his pancreas is manufacturing too much insulin, he is hypoglycemic, low blood sugar. 

* In produce, calcium and potassium will be in direct proportion to the sugar content.

* If a person has a high sugar reading, take them off of all white potatoes, all whole milk, spaghetti, macaroni, chocolate.

* In dealing with foods, the simplest way to know what the energy is, is the sugar test.

* It is sugar in*foods that turns to energy quicker than anything else.      

* The union between carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, makes sugar.    

What does the sugar in the blood determine? How much oxygen the blood can contain. Sugar in the blood is a carrier for oxygen, and vice versa.

* Sugar is a good electrolyte, also, in the system. The best thing to get the sugar up is green chlorophyll, carrot juice. 

* What combination of numbers denotes that she has a headache? Fluctuating sugar.            * I’ve never seen both sugar and salt dump the same day. Either dumps one or the other. It generally dumps the sugar before it dumps the salt.   

* C6 H22 011 or 12.   The first thing that comes off of this sugar molecule is alcohol. Alcohol is C2 H5 OH.  The next thing that comes off is insulin C4 H16 010       .

* If we had enough time and research we could make a synthetic sugar without sugar cane. . I have the equation to do that, and know how to do it in a laboratory.  

* If there is a potassium deficiency and an oxygen deficiency, you die around 11 Brix, but if there is plenty of potassium and just high sugar, then it’s about 13, in ratio.

GREEN DRINK * The finest way to control high or low blood sugar is by the use of green drink. If you give green drink, especially the pure, raw extract, chlorophyll, that has high blood sugar, it is going to inebriate him almost instantaneously, intoxicated, because nature starts to change that sugar into alcohol. A sign that you’re getting the desired results.

Put them to bed and tell them to expect their head to go spinning around and around.           You use green drink whenever you have pancreas malfunctioning.         

It’s a good thing to use anytime, but when they have a high sugar or low, the pancreas is malfunct­ioning.

* Spinach is excellent. Green beans is excellent. Any ordinary green grass, oat grass, wheat grass, white Dutch clover is the strangest one that I know,  but it is rough.   *C6 H22 012 + N02 green drink, protein, it’s green drink,      

 It has chlorophyll and this prevents the sugar from accumulat­ing in your system, it prevents the pancreas from manufacturing too much or not enough insulin.

You make this from comfrey, lettuce, green beans, dandelion leaves, etc.       * When the blood does not carry enough oxygen then they are forgetful. Give them green drink. If sugar drops below 1 use honey and also green drink.


PANCREAS * Pancreas gets out of kilter and it manufactures too much alcohol, body too hot. Inside of pancreas are Islets of Lange Hans, that manufacture alcohol without fermentation. They can actually add to or subtract to the number of electrons in orbit, and therefore change the chemistry of substances you eat, from one thing to another. Built-in whisky still, that determines the heat of our bodies, without this alcohol we’d die in just a few hours.

Caffeine will keep the pancreas from flushingMotion sickness, or sick stom­ach, the first beginning of feeling to the pancreas flushing. Pancreas flushing and low blood sugar is the cause of motion sickness. 

Sugar at 1.5 then the pancreas will manufacture the .exact amount of insulin to take care of anything we eat. ,

* The 2nd thing that the pancreas manufactures from glycogen is in­sulin.  Pancreas functioning normally will handle all amounts of sweets, star­ches, breads, everything that will turn, to sugar in your system.     Not function­ing normally, the least bit of insulin not used because there is not enough carbohydrate to burn it up, it will Immediately start bringing down the vit­amin A in your system. * If the body’s too cold and they’re freezing to death, give them little bit of Zest Tonic. It is the nearest thing that’s ever been made that’s exactly what the panaceas manufactures . If you can’t get that, a good grade of gin.

* Drinking water, this is washing it out, not correcting the condition, but makes it possible for the pancreas to rest, and begin to restore its energy. You use green drink and green salads to rebuild the pancreas.

Pancreas starts to correct itself, may have diarrhea. The pancreas manufactures alcohol from the glycogen made in the liverand that’s what controls the body temperature. People too cold, not manufactur­ing enough alcohol, too hot, too much.        Can manufacture so much as to be highly inebrated.       I know one fellow that manufactures two kinds of alcohol, it really knocked him out.  * Alcohol manufactured by the pancreas, needed for the digestion of foods. * Vagus nerve goes to the vital organs, pancreas, and etc.

* There are certain sugars that causes the pancreas to fail, more than others, either on the high side or the low side.

Night sweats, when the body chemistry begins to function normally, and the pancreas begins to get well. You sweat out some of the poisons. When organs start to function again, over-function, and under-function, over react and under react.          

 * Person on insulin, ordinate, or devinate, when blood sugar begins to lower, the pancreas makes more insulin, and they have too much insulin stored in their bodies, and it’s very difficult to repattern this, to wash it out at equal levels, and lower the insulin intake at the same time.

Causes of drowsiness, pancreas is manufacturing too much alcohol.

Colored people, so relaxed, because the pancreas manufactures more alcohol, because their skin is dark and it picks up more heat.     

* Liver makes glycogen, goes to pancreas, the pancreas makes thyroxin. * Pancreas not manufacturing quite enough alcohol, cold hands and feet, and generally troubled with gas.          

High or low blood sugar, use green drink. * Hot flashes, use Maxwell House coffee, a cup or two a day will bring their temperature to normal, because caffeine is the enemy of alcohol.

* Nerve is starting to fray, cannot control sugar.    

* Low blood sugar, too much insulin.    

* 1. Brix and other numbers out , you’d know it is a problem with the pancreas. The liver not manufacturing enough substance for the pan­creas to perform normally. * If the feet are extremely hot and sweaty, then use coffee because the pancreas is producing too much alcohol.

* Chlorophyll a wonderful thing to help the liver to make enough glycogen for the pan­crease to perform. Green drinks.

* If they have real cancer of the pancreas you can pick that up in the tests. * Sometimes one sweetener will cause the pancreas to produce a lot more insulin. The more you take the more it produce.

* The reaction between the burning alcohol and the ammonia, ammoniacal nitrogen, that bottom number, is what controls your temperature.     

* The pancreas is the second organ in importance, manufacturing this energy. * Two causes of cirrhosis of the liver. Either drink too much alcohol, or the alcohol that’s produced by your own pancreas. 

The pancreas starts manufacturing the least bit too much insulin then goes the vitamin AInsulin as an enzyme being produced by the pancreas as an amino acid.  Stage 3 in cell structure, heat produced by the alcohol from the pancreas.

* Islets of Lange Hans, they look like the skin of a porcupine, with its quills, and they are in clusters, or islets, or groups. Glycogen from the liver, passes over these needle points, forms alcohol by taking it apart, de­ionization.  * We should manufacture more carbohydrates in the day than we do at night. Occasionally find a person that does it opposite, because the pan­creas manufactures too much alcohol at night.


GLUCOSE * An allopath does not measure the total sugar, just measures glucose. Glucose is only one kind of carbohydrate, only one kind of sugar. The glucose tolerance test, at its best is only 50%accurate.         * When a doctor gives you a glucose tolerance test they are measuring glucose only. just glucose. Noth­ing else. Glucose is only one kind of sugar.*What does glucose do in the pancreas?          It makes insulin.            It’s one of the products for making insulin. They only talk about glucose in the blood, but also there’s other carbohydrates in the blood that carries oxygen, besides glucose.


GLYCOGEN * The pancreas manufactures alcohol from the glycogen made in the liver, and that’s what controls our body temperature. * The liver makes a material called glycogen, goes over to the pancreas, the pancreas manufactures thyroxin. * High or low sugar, chlorophyll is a wonderful thing to help the liver make enough glycogen for the pancreas to perform. * The glycogen goes over to the pancreas, and itmanufactures alcohol out of it. The alcohol keeps us from being too hot all the time.           It’s the ammonia. When you get too hot, that ammonia, ammonia cal nitrogen, that bottom number, is what controls our  temperature.


INSULIN        * If they are on insulin, find out how much and for how long. In­sulin, itself, is a salt, and it is one of the most dangerous of all salts. It will crystallize the arteries and veins, faster than other salt that there is known.   And when the arteries and veins begin to crystallize, the per­son is in serious, serious trouble. At retreat, we have to send them to hospital for re-adjustment on their insulin intake. A person on insulin, Orin, or devinate, whenever their blood sugar begins to lower, the pancreas begins to function, the pancreas makes more insulin, and the blood sugar is lowering and they have too much insulin in their bodies and it’s very diff­icult to repattern this, to wash it out at equal levels, and lower the in­sulin intake at the same time.

The symptoms of not enough insulin are clamminess, sweatiness, moist palms, moisture on their necks, moisture on their limbs.

Give high amounts of distilled water. Person in a coma, that is lack of insulin. * Do not take a person off of insulin. Give them a diet so they





can take themselves off. * Vitamin C is not available without insulin, and insulin is an energy of vitamin C.    

You have low blood sugar because the pancreas is manufacturing too much insulin, 

* 2.20 sugar, could be a case of high blood sugar, providing they were on devinate, orinate, or insulin. Insulin is a salt.       It’s a very constant salt.            It’s a very dangerous salt. It crystallizes the arteries and veins in your system. Finally crack open like dried lips, and start hemorrhaging, very difficult to stop. * The dan­ger in insulin is that you get the system to where it Don’t need the amount it’s already got there, muscles already pickled with it, they’ve got too much insulin, skin is dryDon’t treat persons with it, unless they know how to regulate it. Most of those drink too much water to start with and you’ve got to start with the lemon and the liver and the systematic drinking of water. *

On 20 units of insulin, for two years, and that’s forcing the sugar down but it’s not getting the person well. * Be careful because the body stores up insulin just like it stores up salt in the muscle, and this thing drops, then you’ve got a person that has too much insulin when they’re not even taking it anymore, then they’ll go into insulin shock.

Symptoms of insulin sh­ock, dry skin, very dry, dry mouth, dry lips, put a little sugar on the tongue. * On this test you can’t tell whether it’s the pancreas manufacturing too little insulin, or if they have cancer of the pancreas. If it’s just the liv­er not manufacturing enough glycogen for the pancreas to manufacture insulin, then you can’t tell whether they are taking insulin or whether it’s a supply of insulin manufactured by yourself.

 * It’s easy to get them off the devin­ate or oritate, than it is the insulin, itself. The insulin has a tendency to accumulate in the muscle or fat in the system, like salt, in fact insulin is a salt in its primary state of extraction it is a salt. It therefore has tendency where a person has a too high salt, already, to aggravate the con­dition of hardening of the arteries, veins, and etc.     

      * How long have they been on it. Insulin is a salt, it gets stored up in the muscles, the fat, the tissues. Anytime you lower the insulin, danger of coma, because this stored up insulin will become available because of the enzymes the liver man­ufactures. 

Put teaspoon of white sugar in their mouth. If the sugar level is too low, it will raise it, if too high it won’t make that much difference. 

Give colonic, get water down them. Get them to hospital for re-adjustment of their insulin. Saline solution if too much, but if sugar is too low, give sucrose.    

       Chlorophyll will prevent the sugar from accumulating in your sy­stem, prevent the pancreas from manufacturing too much or not enough insulin. 

* Sugar at 0.s Put him on lemon and water. Test 2, 3, or 4 times a day, to see that the sweetener he is using is not causing the pancreas to produce more insulin. Sometimes if he begins to get light headed or dizzy, take him off of everything a few hours and tell him to eat some food, different kinds of food.

Chew some raisins, slowly. Try honey, try blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, or sorghum, or date sugar. Find something that won’t cause the pancreas to flush. * Going to break down into carbohydrate energy, it’s going to trigger off the pancreas that manufactures insulin, counteract the sugar, part of it preventing the blood from carrying the right amount of oxygen to the brain.

* If low blood sugar, it could trigger off the pancreas to manufacture an over abundance of insulin and cause you to have low blood sugar.     (too much heat, too much alcohol)

What is it in all foods that turns to energy quicker than anything else? Sugar .  Exception, body chemistry not producing enough insulin. Change the body chemistry. Withdrawal, one body chemistry to another.

* Insulin as an enzyme being produced by the pancreas.          It is an amino acid. * Insulin manufactured by the pancreas. * Chlorophyll used by the body, a regulator for the manufacture of insulin. * The first th­ing that comes off of this sugar molecule is alcohol, nature following the line of least resistance. Next thing that comes off is insulin. Still following the line of least resistance.        

If you’ve got too much insulin the malady is low blood sugar. If you’ve got too little, high blood sugar.




PH pH is a symbol meaning activity. * The little p and the capital H means the activity of the hydrogen ion. It is a measure of resistance, only. Resistance between either anions and anions, cations and cations, or anions and cations. The top number is the pH of the urine, the resistance in the urine. The bottom number is the pH of the liver bile. And it is one of the finest guides that we have to determine what the pH substance is. Whenever the liver for any reason causes the gall bladder to become stretched and that ferments, it will lower the pH of the liver bile more than the saliva. Not much, just a fraction.        It’s very important to keep the liver bile and the*e saliva equal.

* pH, the lower it goes, the faster it goes. The higher it goes the slower it goes. The lower it goes the greater the resistance. The higher it goes the less resistance.

If you’ve got a high pH, Don’t take vitamin D or anything that’s got vitamin D in it.          * You can still have a low pH and also have a ball or two of the undigested foods that’s still in your colon and can’t come out, that serves as incubators for the anaerobic bacteria, and you may have chronic dysentery.            

pH of 3.80seriously dead. Life ceases to exist about 4.20.  

 4.20 to5.80 highly acid system. things you could do to force pH up, but it won’t count.   It’s got to come up naturally. Got to supply the calcium that the liver is deficient in.

pH of 6.80 to 7.20 food is digesting too slowly. Need calcium lactate. * If they have a high pH grapefruit or orange juice is excellent (with Zest Tonic) After meals, and sip very slowly.           

* The primary place to look for adefic­iency is in your calcium group. And this can be determined by your pH reading.

pH low, less than a 6, calcium oxide is deficient. When the pH is too low  the body cannot assimilate enough oxygen from the 1          s to make vitamin C in sufficient amounts to keep your body disease resistant.         

  * When that pH lowers it’s increases the speed of resistance so greatly until these electrons   Yes*'Escape from your body like flushing a covy of quails or birds.    Our body does not retain it, they get away.

* The pH of the urine over 24 hour. period will equal the pH of the blood over the same 24 hour period. * Low pH on both sides, you can just almost smell the stool, a bad odor to itNo shine to the hair you know the person’s got worms.

* High pH, both urine and sal­iva, and the saliva that surrounds the food, alkaline, goes into the stomach alkaline to an alkaline, about equal caliber, digestion very slow. Handle the calcium on the 2 pm reading each day. Jumping around because the energy level is too low. 

* Different kind of calcium effects the pH, the amount of energy we get out of our food. * Body too acid, got to raise the pH so it can accept vitamin C. 

A pH of 7 that will not go down after colonics, 2 or 3thousand units of vitamin C a day. Still Don’t drop, give vinegar and honey if sugar is low enough. Heinz sweet pickle juice, 2  or 3 tablespoons on their salad twice a day. That will bring it down.

* Foods that will bring pH upfresh corn, skim milk, eggs, shell and all.    Corn meal, green beans, carrot juice excellent.          Soy beans, soymel        Lime water, vitamain* D.          

* pH the measure of resistance. Once you know the resistance, you’re in line to calculate the energy. It is the measure of energy being released. Take the right calcium according to your pH.   The saliva would denote a def­iciency of calcium, the top number denotes it first. Over supply and under supply, 

* Lose of iron in the liver, pH *high or low may denote deficiency.

* pH 7.40 because not enough oxygen (sugar at 5.9) result weak bile.  High pH and diarrhea, parasites.

* Colon clean, perfect pH.

* If the gastric juice is not strong enough to take the gelatin out of fiber, the pH is going to go up.  Low pH is caused when it’s lasted so long until the foods cannot go through and the cells are starving to death.

* It’s the pH that governs whether they’ regaining or losing energy.

* On critically ill, check the pH every day.         pH going the wrong way, nothing else that diet can d*'o.

* If it goes into the stomach at the ideal pH, it converts the elements t*o the frequency of the body. *The liver slows it down to fit the frequency at the ideal pH.        Low pH too fast, body can’t pick it up . A high ph slows it down too far.           * Some calciums, on the acid side the body can utilize very e*easily. Can’t use certain others because their frequencies are difficult to convert, can’t slow them down. * Blood doesn’t have a frequency. It’s the p'*H factor of the blood. Suppose that you transfer type A blood to a person t*hat has type B blood. Air would form in the blood, it stops the heart.           It’s

the difference in pH that makes your blood type.           It does change, sometimes b*t it’s rather rare. It changes very slowly. The higher the pH the greater t'*e viscosity. The lower the pH the less the viscosity, the thinner the blood. *The RH factor is the pH factor.


POTATOE      * *Don’t serve potatoes, it’s the poorest food on earth.     In fact they are so poor in mineral value, and so poor in everything else, if it wasn’t for the gravy or the butter, or sour cream, orsomething that you put on, you wouldn’t even eat them,  * White potatoes will turn to sugar quicker in the body, than anything else I know. It will cause a person to have high blood sugar, but it won’t raise a person with low blood sugar, most of the time. They can fill up on potatoes and still the sugar remains too low.

RHYTHM  * You should have your meals on time, yes.           Get your body back in rhythm.  You breathe in rhythm.            Your heart beats in rhythm, and you move in rhythm, you walk in rhythm, and please get your body back in rhythm.            * If you have had a real heart attack, a real one, the heart rhythm will never be the same again, until the heart repairs itself. It will skip and the rhythm will  be out ,but once it c come s back, grows back and restore a itself , it will


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be perfect again in rhythm. * Also try to get your body in rhythm, complete­ly, all the way through. Have a specific time to take a bath, every day. Have a specific time for a bowel movement every day. Have a specific time for your meals each day.            It makes a world of difference because your syst­em is ready for it.         If you keep on getting your body out of rhythm you will throw it into utter confusion, and that can cause gas. * It’s better to eat three meals a day. Rhythm.            There’s something wrong if you’re not eating meals properly, because your body’s out of rhythm somehow. * They are drink­ing a lot of water, but they are not drinking it systematically. They’ve loss their rhythm. This is one reason a diabetic becomes diabetic, they’ve lost their body rhythm.       It’s the rhythm. That’s a very, very important rea­son why we drink it on the hour and half hour, is to get the body back in rhy­thm. * Back in the back of your head, there’s what’s called the local ner­ve part of the brain. Locomotion.     The automatic part of the brain which con­trols the breathing, the rhythm of the body, the lungs, and the heart beat, and etc. * The lemonade on the hour and the water on the half hour. Why? To establish the body rhythm.    It’s very important to get the body back in rhythm. Bath at the same time of day, meals at about the same time of every day, bowel movements about the same time of day. These main primary factors are very, very important in establishing health and strength, because it gets the body pattern back in rhythm.            * Taking water systematically, stop the headaches, the body out of rhythm.


BLACKOUTS -High or low blood sugar, pancreas malfunctioning.

Headaches - severe, HBS.    Sugar dropping quickly, LBS.

INSULIN - not enough, clamminess, sweatiness, moist palms, neck or limbs.

Too much insulin, dryness of skin, lips, etc.

NUMBNESS - need B 6 to keep the nerves from short circuiting, causing numbness.

URINE - the thicker, more color, odor, the sicker the person.

Should be almost transparent, in perfect health.

Burning, sign pH very acid. As a temporary measure, 1/teaspoon of soda in 1/2 cup water.    Lime water, vit. D, Cal II to raise pH.


These tests tell you whether there’s too much nitrogen, or urea, or not enough. * Urea is two kinds of nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen is the top number, ammonia cal nitrogen is the bottom number. To get the total urea you add the 2 together.            urea is a result of undigested protein. The basic subst­ance that makes a protein, a protein, is nitrogen. And it’s either nitrogen oxide, or nitrogen sulphate.        Nitrogen oxide is nitrate nitrogen, and nitrogen sulphate is ammonia cal nitrogen. * The reason they’ retired is that the prot­eins are not digesting but turning to urea causing the heart to beat too hard each time, day and night, and they are tired all the time, first test 16 or above.* urea gets to 30, andit's only a matter of time until the heart gets so tired it just stops *Children that are breast fed, just as high ureaas those that are not, because the mother’s urea is too high. Crib deaths * High protein diet to cater to a low or hi blood sugar and suppose your urea is not digesting normally, you are asking for a pectoris heart attack. *What will lower the urea? Dolomite. The magnesium releases nitrogen.

comes from two different sources in our system. One of them is salt. The other kind of urea is the salt that is found in the carcinoma cell, or the cancer cell, and that form is not dangerous. High urea in the salt form causes the heart to beat too hard each time. On diet, the protein salt begins to go down, and the carcinoma salts begin to rise, you may or may not have a change in your total urea reading.          They should stay high for quite a few months, until nature gets finished changing the old cells for new cells, In children a high urea as well as a high cholesterol, can cause pains in the stomach of a child, but it doesn’t in adults.           * Adults with a danger­ously high urea and a low blood sugar, you cannot start them on just water, or lemonade, you have to use a different sweetener each day in the lemonade in order to keep the sugar from dropping too low as you bring the urea down.

Two kinds of heart attacks.      one is high urea, and the other is high salt, Can have both at the same time.   *          Atmospheric conditions, pressure and humidity, effect these tests. You will learn how to handle each of those, by the circles in this urea test. Some will be brown instead of blue.       Some

will have little daggers on the sides of them. Don’t ever shake it. Hold your pipette straight up and down. A urea of 25 and a saline of 30 makes this in*the danger heart attack zone. * The cause of high urea, lack of calcium’sin the diet, lack of oxygen coming in from the lungs to the liver, or brain, tumor, or damage to the vagus nerve.        Lack of variety in their food and diet. Suppose they went into withdrawal quickly, and they had a high urea, it could cause a heart attack.      Only water the first day, until the urea is down.        Urea 24 heart beating too hard, tired all the time.           Urea 27, tension, in fatal heart attack zone.         *         Dolomite is only a catalyst in order to make protein available to you, or to release the excessive urea. Dolomite, a catalyst that undermines the urea, prevents it from *tacking up in your blood. Heart beating softer, you know the dolomite is working. Urea over 4, you are dealing with a brain tumor.     The messages are not going through.            You know this condition has lasted quite a while. 3 day fast, test every day for sugar and urea.   *            Now, what happens to these old cells, they are caught up in the blood stream. As this nerve builds in there, so does the blood with the nerve, the capillaries go in there, andpick up those dead cells, and they take it out through the urine, and that’s why the urea goes up and up and up, and lets us know that those dead cells are being replaced.   *          While you are reducing that urea, and gettingthis down or up (Brix), they must do absolutely nothing.         Slow down.      Do nothing.            *          If that urea does not move, there’s damage either to the central nerve, vagus nerve, the message is not getting through from the brain, it’s being short c-circuited out.     If a person is just working too hard,

these other numbers will change.           * If you had a high urea arid practically

no dead cells, you’d be very, very sick. * If the urea is too high after the fast, it is not advisable to take the highprotein powders. *       The base substance of urea, the foundation substance is sodium, in terrific highamount.  A sodium compound. It comes from sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, carbon chloride. * For urea, just water is the finest thing in the world, distilled water.     That will bring it down quicker than anything. * vitamin E does wonders for the heart, providing you can lower the urea.      Lots of times if you take vitamin E the body manufactures urea, * Get away. from the high proteins if their urea is high. * After the fast, when urea gets above 24 , take in more water, don’t take any Rick. Drink water like it’s going out of style until you get it down.           * Reacting the test, it’s better to kind of use that as a guide to get the idea of the rings, then go by the rings. You can tell by the thickness of the rings how high the urea is. You go by the color, but you also go by the rings, too.





URINE * The part that’s giving off the energy is the place that is going

to show up.      How does that show up in the urine? The only way carcinoma cells can get out of the body, that is through the muscle, is through the blood st­ream, kidneys, urinary tract. And that’s where you’regoing to find them and you’re going to find the energy that is lost, in the urine. And once you know what kind of energy it is, there’s no problem to pin point it, and you know this when you compare this with perfect. * I have analyzed the urine of many dead babies, _*found them on 30. Cardiac arrest. * Urine sample, test must be done in two hours, at the most.. It cannot be mailed through the mail. You lose the picture after about 2 hours, the picture fades out, you Don’t have the picture any longer. The bacteria and the temperature of the urine when it gets out and strikes the air, changes, and it’s worthless. * Old cells donot go out through the intestinal tract, they go out through the urine. When you sh­ine a light on the urine that’s what you see. They go out through the kidney. * Certain drugs that will get a foul odor to your urine, or people that use a lot of garlic. * The system throws off the dead cells through the urinary tract. * Old sample, there’s bacteria in the urine, and they change the *entire chemistry of the urine. * The greater the difference between the urine and the saliva pH, the faster food digests, and the quicker you become Hungary again, the quicker your stomach is going to be empty. * Every normal human being in perfect health, per hundred pounds of weight, should throw out approximately 400,000 cells per quart of urine, if they drink the correct amount of water according to their weight, systematically. * These are goals to work toward, to keep the body chemistry perfect enough so the urine stays*almost transparent. The thicker, and off color, and the more odor it has, the more ill a*anyone is.     Urine with strong odor of ammonia, has a very high urea, and it foams when you are making the test.            * The principle is exactly the same only the saliva shows you what is happening, and the urine shows you what has happened. ,

* The lower the energy the greater the differential between the blood and the urine, that should be the same. Because the urine, over a 24hour period is the constant amount of carbohydrate in the blood. * She lacks oxygen, and her calcium is passing out into the urine.       * When you have wide space, an acid urine, and alkaline saliva, what do you expect the person to complain of?         Gas.     * The dirtiness of the blood, went into the urine, and you got rid of it, if your kidneys are working. * Blood cells wear out and are thrown out, but they are broken down.     Otherwise there would be blood in the urine all the time from warn out red blood cells.       Not drinking quite enough water, there'll be a brownness in the urine, an amber color, it’s the broken down blood cell. Urine should be transparent unless you've taken something with color in it, green drink, and etc. The lower the energy the more effect the food has upon the color of the urine and the stool. * 0ld cells, go out through the urine with a high amount of salt.



* If this liver is functioning, then you give niacin and rebuild this nerve so the pancreas can function. B3 will help, and do a great job in rebuilding any of the nerve tissue. 

But B6 is the substance that keeps them from short circuiting each other out. When they short circuit each other out there’s numbness.

NIACIN * If the liver’s functioning, then you give niacin and rebuild this nerve so the pancreas can function. Niacin, B3 , will help, and do a great job in rebuilding any of the nerve tissue.  * MS all of them have a niacin deficiency, B3 deficiency. * I start with 100 units between meals, and as longas they get a flush I do not increase it, but whenever they go through two or three days without a flush, then I double it to 200, and then I keep increasing it so that they. continually get a flush. *-* A person with extremely low calcium, and extremely nervous and high neurosis, do not use B3 .        Not thatB3 would do any damage, but the point is they are so nervous when they begin to get any reactionthey go into hysteria. B3 didn’t do it, they just lost their nerve. I’ve used 2000 milligrams many times, as much as every two hours. I’ve used up to or thousand a day many times. * Keep adding it until

they get a flush. If they won’t get flush, increase it until they get to 100. After you get to 100 increase it by 100. I've given to 5,000 units day, and after that I have not gotten any better results. After they’ve been on it a few months, give them lower, and lower it down. Do not take them off of it too quickly, lower it slowly until it gets back to normal. Niacin will marvelously rebuild nerves.  (see Vitamin B3 )      (see Schizophrenia)

ONION * Body cannot assimilate vitamin C in synthetic form, because it’s too acid, and will aggravate the condition. Can take stewed onions, richest source of vitamin C in the world, Onion tops in the blender. Cook. a whole pound

of onions and eat all the stew at one time. Can’t get enough raw. Cook 20-25 minutes, simmer, add some mushroom soup, does not lose the vitamin C. Steam­ed in own juice. * The richest source of vitamin C is onion tops, made in * the blender. * Man needed vitamin C badly and couldn’t take it in vitamin C form, so we fed him onion soup twice a week to get his vitamin. C. Almost a neutral.



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