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Dr. Cary Reams


DIABETIC     *The glucose tolerance test at its best is only 50% accurate.

Convention at Louisville, Kentucky, "insulin has been a complete failure,

time to study the effects of diet upon diabetic condition."            * Hyper-glysemia, high blood sugar. Hypo-glysemia, low blood sugar.   * The lower the reserve energy the greater difference it makes between your glucose and your total carbohydrate. Rulethe urinary sugar will equal the blood sugar aver­age over any 24 hour period. Your system patterns itself to throw out more sugar at times than it does others.         * Diabetis, high blood sugar, is made by eating too much starches, too many fruits after 2 o’clock in the day. Eat your fruits early in the day when you need the energy, that is, if you work through the day. Eat a good breakfast, and the big meal through the middle of the day, and a very light supper, * Sugar over 5.50 no white potatoes, whole milk, spaghetti, macaroni. Limit bread to two slices a day. * We would not be diabetic when given the proper amount of food. I do not believe in hereditary diseases, I do believe in hereditary weaknesses. Child that's diabetic, get to retreat. * Do not touch patients that are on insulin, let them alone. Lowering the insulin is a tricky thing to do. If skin is dry, and parched, too much insulin. If wet, clammy, sweaty, not enough insulin. If too much, muscles pickled with it. They can tell by dryness of mouth, dry tongue.       * The more fat, the more insulin, sugar, devinate, they’ve got stored up.**They are drinking a lot of water, but

they are not drinking it systematically. They've lost their rhythm. This is one reason a diabetic becomes a diabetic. Doesn't wash the cells out, just passes on out through the kidneys. * The most common cause of enlarged eyeball. * Chlorophyll will do more to control sugar than any other natural substanceknown.


DEHYDRATE * Fruit that is high in mineral content will dehydrate but not

rot.       If we have enough mineral content in our system we will not start to

rot or age. That’s what disease is, premature aging.       If it were not for the protein in the honey you could not dehydrate it.         * When a person is dehydrated they are lacking in water, and they have too much carbon. When they have too much water, they are lacking in carbon.    * Cells in the lungs that do not retain enough moisture and are dehydrated are emphysema cells. * Varicose veinsare caused by the increased electrolysis is too great until it is excessively dehydrating the wall, causing thecopper to be given out and dehydration, oxidation is taking place there, crystallization.   * The same thing happens to people who take insulin.

CRYSTALLIZATION * Salt causes varicose veins because the increased electroly­sis is too great until it is excessively dehydrating the wall, causing the copper to be given out and dehydration, oxidation is taking place there, crystallizat­ion.  The same thing happens to people on insulin.

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