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Very important !!!!  First thing to do is Alkaline your body. It is very hard for your  pancreas and other organs to operate in high acidic body. Its like they, "shuts down" and nothing you do works.

My blood/sugar was super high, In the very danger zone urine sugar 12.5 Brix, I researched everything i could,  Something  i remember, when my pH was higher   i had more control over my blood/sugar.

So i got my pH roll and checked my urine pH and saliva pH and my urine pH was very acidic below 5.5 pH, so i started taking and eating green alkaline foods (cucumbers, celery, spinach)and chlorophyll and took one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water.

Less than  45 minutes my blood/sugar went from super high dander zone (12.5 urine Brix measure with a Refractometer ) to almost normal (4 urine Brix). This was like a miracle to me because i tried so many things and nothing was working.

Under this high acidic blood, high blood sugar,  nothing help me  lower my blood/sugar accept drinking  1 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. It took it from very danger zone to almost normal in 30 minutes or less. That is a miracle to me.

Tools to use to monitor your blood-sugar:

Sper Scientific Refractometer 0-32% SUGAR/BRIX 300001 w/ Free Shipping ($99)

Reichert 10430 0-30 Brix (Sugar) Hand  Refractometer  (per Dr. Cary Reams)  $33  0-18 Brix   $180-$199  Part # 137530L0

0-15 Brix  $178

0-32 Brix  $23  $33  0-18 Brix

this to meter your urine sugar levels in urine. You do not have to get blood, get urine, it is easy and painless. Urine measures the "average blood sugar. Blood is the instant valve which is always change a lot and bigger swings to give you misleading values. Average values are better to tell what is going on.

Single Roll of pHydrion Paper 067  5.5 - 8.0: (per Dr. Cary Reams)

This measures you Urine and saliva pH. Dr. Cary Ream invented the maximum energy formula to measure sugar, urine pH, and saliva pH to show if you are at max energy levels. This hepls guide you what to eat to bring you to max energy.

1.) So first get your body Alkaline. The fastest short term solution is drink one half to one teaspoon of Baking Soda in a cup of water. Better long term solution is drink Alkaline Water and eat low calorie, raw plant base, alkaline, high chlorophyll foods.

Dr. Robert Young and the pH Miracle for Diabetes

Diabetes and Alkaline Water

What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water

I was just talking to the man running the Alkaline Water/Laundry store and he told me,   he got his diabetic 85 year old mother's insulin couch potato  cut by 75% and the only thing he did was get her to change to drinking Alkaline water. That is a powerful statement. That is like a miracle to me.

Sugar is very, very acidic to the Body. Very acidic body is very sick body and organs do not work good in this high acidic, high blood/sugar  condition.

Buy a roll of pHydrion pH paper to measure your pH. Keep your body alkaline. 

Single Roll of pHydrion Paper 067  5.5 - 8.0: (per Dr. Cary Reams)

This measures your Urine pH and saliva pH. Dr. Cary Ream invented the maximum energy formula to measure sugar 1.5 Brix , urine pH, 6.4 and saliva pH 6.4 to show if you are at max energy levels. This helps guide you what to eat to bring you to max energy.

2.) Second most important thing is chlorophyll. Dr. Cary Reams said that Chlorophyll greatly helps your pancreas work properly. Go "GREEN", green foods high in chlorophyll . (cucumbers, chards Broccoli, celery, spinach, date palm,  Pimentot, alfalfa, , chlorella, spiruline, Brussels spouts, also Chlorophyll supplements  )

3.) Pycnogenol, annedda pycnogenol, tablets, (not capsules) (by  Horphag Research), does great job trying to balance your body chemistry. This may bring you to maximum energy level.   i take 100 to 200 mg daily with extra vit c. To me tablets work better then capsules. 

When i first study Dr. Cary Reams i try hard to get all my numbers to be maximum energy numbers of Dr Reams maximum energy formula, but it was very hard,  mostly failed. But then a person sold me pycnogenol and told me it did many great things to many people. So i tried it and to my surprise, after 3 days,  all my numbers were at dr. Reams maximum energy numbers and i had lot more energy.

Must take every day because it stays in the body for 3 days, it adds up 3 days worth and then you get maximum energy, especially for "A" blood type people. Also take extra vit c (like 3 grams or so) with it.

"O" blood-type do better with :Grape Seed Extract"  "pycnogenol" or Resveratrol. must take daily to see the great results. Bottle instruction Take 50 mg per 100 lb body weight daily/

Source Naturals Pycnogenol 50mg, 120...

Pycnogenol for diabetes control


Type 2 diabetes patients had lower blood sugar and healthier blood vessels after supplementing with French maritime pine tree bark extract Pycnogenol, report scientists in the latest study to investigate a natural product for diabetes management.

Pycnogenol® for Diabetes video, Dr. Fred Pescatore

ED  Erectile Dysfunction

I'm a Believer

By Rob of Naples on May 2, 2013

Size Name: 60 Tablets Verified Purchase

I've taken this product for just a few weeks and can absolutely, positively tell you that it has made a big difference for me. I use it for a reason other than skin care, hormones and the various explanations other reviewers have mentioned. I use it for ED. (Erectile Dysfunction)  There... I said it! I'm nearly 60 and after taking prescription meds for ED for a number of years I did some research to find a way to beat it using natural supplements. What I found was a combination of Pycogenol with L-Arginine and Panax Ginseng seemed to be the best way for me to regain my lost "vitality". Let me tell you: It works. And it has worked for numerous other men who sought to get away from expensive and, I dare say, harmful (congestion and headaches for me) prescriptions. I haven’t experienced a single side effect with these three supplements and the combined price is still much less expensive than prescriptions.

Just Google this solution and you'll find numerous papers on how these supplements work by themselves and find out why they are effective in treating ED for a high percentage of men when used together. By itself Pycogenol probably won't do much for you to treat ED. But taken in unison these supplements have made me (and my wife) true believers. Women, tell your man to look into this if he suffers from ED. Men with ED, this may be a blessing for you too. Think about trying it yourself. Be patient and do what the papers say by giving it one to three months for it to have a positive effect on you.

Personally pay attention to your Blood-type diet. It is important to you personally.

What is bad for you?

Avoid sugar, very Bad for you.

Wheat is very bad for you. It pushes your blood-sugar high and keeps it there for a long time.

Dairy Product, bad for you, cheeses, milk,milk products,   also push your sugar high and keeps it high for a long time.

Both Wheat and dairy products make you gain weight. If you just stop eating Wheat and Dairy and drink hot Cinnamon Tea you will lose weight with out even trying.

Drinking alkaline water and exercise systematically create a system way of life, diabetics are out of rhythm per Dr. Cary Reams, helps get your body back into healthy rhythm.

Avoid sugary Drinks, drink water and freshly squeezed lemon water,  instead.

********  Whats good for you:     ( below becomes  null and void if you eat  wheat and Diary products because they force the blood sugar high and leave it there.) **********

1.) Special items to lower blood sugar

Cinnamon boiled Tea, Berberine, Selenium, Brown seaweed, Chromium,

Pycnogenol, Resveratrol, Grape seed extract, Chlorophyll, Pterocarpus Marsupium (sibinol extract), ,

nopal Cactus, "prickly Pear",

2.) Good herbs and vitamins for Diabetics

Bitter Melon, Rosemary herb, Organ grape, Basil 

herb, cilantro, mint, Oregano herb, lemon balm herb, wheat grass,

Fenugreek herd, R-Alpho-LipoicAcid , vit d3, Banaba leaf, Turmeric, Glucofit, Corosolic acid,

3.) Foods good for Diabetics

Onion, leafy greens, fatty seeds, pumpkin seeds, Avocado, Coconuts,  Coconut oil,

freshly squeezed lemon water, Eggs, virgin olive oil, hemp oil, cucumber ,

celery, broccoli, berries, olives, most veggies, Raw veggies diet cure diabetes,

kale, tomatoes, red beets, cayenne pepper, spinach,

lettuces, Sorrel,cabbage,limes, Buckwheat, lentils, beans

Very important to read Dr.Cary Reams notes for Diabetics web page.

Just a sample of Dr. Cary Reams notes.

Dr.Cary Reams notes, --  DIABETIC --    *The glucose tolerance test at its best is only 50% accurate.

Convention at Louisville, Kentucky, "insulin has been a complete failure,

time to study the effects of diet upon diabetic condition."            * Hyper-glysemia, high blood sugar. Hypo-glysemia, low blood sugar.   * The lower the reserve energy the greater difference it makes between your glucose and your total carbohydrate. Rule: the urinary sugar will equal the blood sugar aver­age over any 24 hour period. Your system patterns itself to throw out more sugar at times than it does others.         * Diabetis, high blood sugar, is made by eating too much starches, too many fruits after 2 o’clock in the day. Eat your fruits early in the day when you need the energy, that is, if you work through the day. Eat a good breakfast, and the big meal through the middle of the day, and a very light supper, * Sugar over 5.50 no white potatoes, whole milk, spaghetti, macaroni. Limit bread to two slices a day. * We would not be diabetic when given the proper amount of food. I do not believe in hereditary diseases, I do believe in hereditary weaknesses. Child that's diabetic, get to retreat. * Do not touch patients that are on insulin, let them alone. Lowering the insulin is a tricky thing to do. If skin is dry, and parched, too much insulin. If wet, clammy, sweaty, not enough insulin. If too much, muscles pickled with it. They can tell by dryness of mouth, dry tongue.       * The more fat, the more insulin, sugar, devinate, they’ve got stored up.**They are drinking a lot of water, but

they are not drinking it systematically. They've lost their rhythm. This is one reason a diabetic becomes a diabetic. Doesn't wash the cells out, just passes on out through the kidneys. * The most common cause of enlarged eyeball. * Chlorophyll will do more to control sugar than any other natural substance known.

Tools to use to monitor your blood-sugar:

Reichert 10430 0-30 Brix Hand  Refractometer  (per Dr. Cary Reams)

this to meter your urine sugar levels in urine. You do not have to get blood, get urine, it is easy and painless. Urine measures the "average blood sugar. Blood is the instant valve which is always change a lot and bigger swings to give you misleading values. Average values are better to tell what is going on.

Single Roll of pHydrion Paper 067  5.5 - 8.0: (per Dr. Cary Reams)

This measures you Urine and saliva pH. Dr. Cary Ream invented the maximum energy formula to measure sugar, urine pH, and saliva pH to show if you are at max energy levels. This hepls guide you what to eat to bring you to max energy.

5 steps to reverse diabetes and insulin resistance

tools to use:

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