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Herbal Treatment for a Ganglion Cyst


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Found predominantly in the joints and tendons of the wrists and hands, ganglion cysts are non-cancerous lumps filled with fluids. The causes of ganglion cysts are unknown, but they might be attributed to prior injuries to the areas in which they are found. Ganglion cysts can be painful or not. They are generally painful when the cyst sits on a nerve or irritates a nerve ending.

Characteristics of Ganglion Cysts

The Mayo Clinic describes ganglion cysts as round, firm, fluid-filled raised lumps near your wrist or finger joints. They vary in size depending on activity level; they become larger when you use the affected joint and grow smaller when you're at rest. They're typically painless, although in some cases the cysts may put pressure on the nerves near the joint, which can cause pain.

Medical Options

You can wait to see if the cyst dissipates on its own, or try other conventional treatments such as placing ice on the cyst, aspiration and surgical removal. Another treatment is called bible therapy or hitting the cyst with a heavy book to make the cyst burst. Obvious pitfalls to this treatment include hurting yourself if you hit a nerve by mistake.

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Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

Photo Caption Turmeric Photo Credit Turmeric in Blue Bowl: 3 image by Leena Damle from

Advance Health website cites curcumin, a property of turmeric, as having anti-inflammatory capacities that might be beneficial for treating cysts. Combining turmeric with bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, can reduce inflammation, according to Yogawiz.

Herbal Remedies World's website says taking 400 to 600 milligrams of turmeric extract per day could be beneficial as an anti-inflammatory within two months, according to the Herbal Remedies World website.

Herbal Remedies World also cites ginger -- taken in doses of 500 to 1,000 milligrams per day -- one to two times daily as a beneficial anti-inflammatory. the website recommends taking ginger with food.

Used as a topical cream or lotion, arnica has anti-inflammatory properties and is also useful for bruises and sprains.

Ganglion Cyst Remedies


Last Modified on Feb 14, 2014

What are Ganglion Cysts?

Ganglion cysts are lumps that form along the joints of wrists and hands, and sometimes on ankles and feet. They are round in shape, filled with thick fluid, and can range from pea-sized to nearly an inch in diameter. Depending on size and location, symptoms of ganglion cysts can be ignored unless painful or swelling in size due to use of the joint or tendon. It's unclear as to why ganglion cysts form, but it's thought they appear when tissue around the join or tendon gets out of place, as the interior of the cyst is filled the jelly-like fluid found inside joints and around tendons.

Often ganglion cysts can dissipate on their own, doctors can drain them with syringes, and rarely is surgical removal the best option. Ganglion cysts most often occur in women between 20 and 30, but risk is increased in people with joint and tendon injuries or arthritis.

Home Remedies for Ganglion Cysts

This Earth Clinic page is for the posting of home and natural cures for ganglion cysts. Our most popular treatments for ganglion cysts are been venom, coconut kefir, and the book method. The book method involves taking a very heavy book and smashing the cyst yourself; feel free to read user testimonials to learn more. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat your ganglion cysts. If you know of a remedy that's not yet listed here, feel free to share it with us.

[YEA]  02/14/2014: Jennifer from Warwickshire: "Dorsal ganglion cyst on wrist: Yes indeed, a pinch of Epsom Salts in water or juice twice a day for around a week reduced the very large, hard ganglion I have had for nearly a year to a small smooth bump which is hardly noticeable. I shall continue and see if there is a total reduction, but already I am surprised and delighted."

[YEA]  09/14/2013: Amanda from England: "I just wanted to let people know that having watched my wrist ganglion grow for over 6 months to the size of a walnut, I found this site and saw several remedies suggested for ganglions. I went for the easiest option - I rubbed Frankincense essential oil on it morrning and night and was gobsmacked when I realised, it wasn't my imagination but that the thing was shrinking. It took 6 weeks in all, and I am now able to practice my yoga again. Thank you all for your amazing input into this site. It is sorely needed."

[YEA]  01/01/2013: Ky Mama from Clinton, Ky: "My 16 year old son had a ganglion cyst on his wrist that was painful. He put frankincense essential oil on it (undiluted) and overnight his pain had improved. Because he was no longer bothered by it, he didn't keep at it, so it is still there, but reduced in size. Another time it bothered him again and the same remedy worked for him. Frankincense essential oil is expensive, but useful for many things and worth having a bottle around. And it is cheaper than the doctor for sure!"

01/03/2013: Fora from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi: I just wanted to let you know how I got rid of my ganglion on my wrist. First I had surgery. This grew back. I decided to try strong protolytic enzymes. These enzymes eat dead tissue. I took a handfull 3x per day and it was gone in about 4-5 days (long time ago I cannot remember). This however, taught me a lesson on protolytic enzymes!! Doctor Gonzages is treating cancer with them in NYC!"

Massage, Ice

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[YEA]  06/02/2013: Richard from New York: "Had a ganglion cyst on my knuckle on my thumb for quite a while. It did not hurt but was getting larger.

I massaged it with pressure using my other thumb for about 15 minutes to a half hour when I felt the cyst break. The size was reduced by more than 3/4 but there was still something there. I gave it several days to see if it would go away on its own but there was no change. So I once again massaged the remaining portion with pressure and the remaining portion of the cyst broke and it is gone."

[YEA]  05/20/2013: Smanga from Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa: "I had a ganglion cyst and I massagd it 4 times an hour until it decreasd in size. Then after I put ice cubes on my wrist to ease the swelling and avoided using my right hand for 2 days, then after 2 days I massaged the last remaining liquid out of it. Then it was gone just in 3 days."

Oil Pulling

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[YEA]  05/08/2010: Swanny from Swansea, West Glamorgan, United Kingdom: "Oil pulling with virgin coconut oil cured my ganglion cyst - I was oil pulling to help my receding gumline...the ganglion cyst (which I have had for many years and was very unsightly) was a complete and unexpected bonus."

EC: More about oil pulling here:

Pierce With a Needle

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[YEA]  03/29/2012: Ursa from Philadelphia, Pa, Usa: "I had a ganglion cyst that refused to yield to smashing (book method), oil pulling, salt soaks, or grape seed supplements. It was hurting my wrist more and more each day and becoming more grotesque to the point I was dreading having to give up long sleeves.

Finally, I ordered an 18 gauge sterile piercing needle. I had to steel my nerve for this but it was actually not very difficult once I set my mind to it. I pierced it from the side to avoid accidentally puncturing anything important in my wrist in case I overshot the cyst. Well, the needle was only about halfway in and already thick liquid began to come out. I removed the needle and "milked" the cyst gently. I was not uncomfortable at all. A lot of thick, gel-like fluid came out. When it was over, my wrist looked normal again and more importantly, felt so much better!

I soaked it in saltwater for about 25 minutes before bandaging it for safety and I'm typing now in complete comfort. I would try the other methods again first if it came back or I got another one but I'm glad I had this option when all else failed."

01/26/2013: Bizzyditchaz from Spokane, Wa replies: "Holy Cow do you have a calm stomach to do that! I have a cyst right now on the base of my thumb about the size of a quarter and seems to be getting larger, AND I am starting to feel it. Sore. Needle aspirations freak me out because I had one in my breast once and it was unreal painful. So yeah, I am pretty gun shy to have it done again."
11/13/2013: Bruce31s from New Orleans, La replies: "Fyi, this is the one of the techniques doctors use to remove/drain the cyst from the affected area. If you don't have the stomach to do it yourself, ask your bdoctor to do it. they have the necessary equpiment to do this."


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[YEA]  09/13/2011: Toourlady89 from Hayward, Ca, Usa: "Years ago, my daughter had a ganglion cyst in her right wrist that was in the way and painful when she writes. A surgeon advised surgery to drain it but he said it could recur. Instead, at a friend's suggestion, I started her on grape seed extract (Tru OPCs ) other name is Proanthocyanidin.. Dose suggestion is 1 mg per kg weight once a day before meals or divide the dose and take it twice a day.. The cyst cleared in about 6 weeks.. Or longer, there is no definite time... Another friend had a big one in his right foot and has been unable to wear shoes for months.. It also cleared after taking Tru OPCs and never re appeared.. We used Nature's way Tru Opcs but they are also available at Costco as grape seed extract..."

09/14/2011: Bucci from Ithaca, Ny, Usa replies: "Hi, just wanted to share that I had big ganglion cysts on wrist and it went down the day after going back on my heparin shots. Meaning I think the reason I got it in first place was thick blood but not sure. Do you know what the cause of your cyst was? And if it took 6 weeks for the grapeseed to work, are you sure it was that?"
09/14/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Cayenne pepper is excellent for thinning the blood. You can add some boiling water to it to make a tea or just add it to your foods."

Remedies Needed

04/08/2012: Pg from Toronto, Ontario: "Hello there, I had an Ultrasound done on my ankle a couple months ago and the doc let me know that there is a ganglion cyst in the outer part of my ankle. It's not painful when I walk, but everytime I try to jump (because I play basketball), I can feel something like a little tweak in my ankle and I lose almost all strength from that joint/area.

The doctor has let me know that I have 2 options, needle or surgery to have it removed. I do not want to do the needle and there is a high chance of reoccurence.

I am looking for some natural remedies to help get rid of this cyst. If anybody has any suggestions on what they think might help with my situation, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, everyone! PG"

04/08/2012: Gardener from Small Town, Nh, Usa replies: "Deat Pg in Toronto, food grade diatomaceous earth (DE), also known as shell flour, will effectively help remove your ganglion cyst. DE is high in silica and has some clay in it, which is known to absorb and remove toxins from the body. DEis inexpensive and can be ordered from several companies online. You may find DE at a feed store; just make sure it is labeled ____, which is approved by the FDA (don't know what the equivalent agency in Canada is) as food grade. I believe you'll be surprised how fast your cyst improves and diminishes."
04/17/2012: Pg from Toronto replies: "Hello Gardener, thank you very much for your suggestion. Prior to your post, I had never heard of Diatomaceous Earth before. I have done some research and read many testimonials about how well this products works.

I just picked up some Perma-Guard (food grade DE) from Toronto at Grassroots.

I just had my first tablespoon mixed with water a few minutes ago. I will keep eating this DE and I will reply back to this thread and let you know how well it works for this cyst!

Thanks again for your quick response! :D PG"

12/04/2012: Linda from Willis, Texas replies: "PG from Toronto: How is your cyst now? I have one im my wrist as well...."

Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, Borax

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[YEA]  01/07/2010: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines: "Hi Everyone...I had a significant ganglion lump appear on my right wrist joint earlier last year(2009). A ganglion lump is defined as:

"A ganglion is a small, usually hard bump above a tendon or in the capsule that encloses a joint. A ganglion is also called a synovial hernia or synovial cyst."

"Most ganglions develop on the hand or wrist. This condition is common in people who bowl or who play handball, raquetball, squash, or tennis. Runners and athletes who jump, ski, or play contact sports often develop foot ganglions."

I started to take 1/4 tspn sea salt 1/8 tspn Epsom salts in a full glass of water twice a day as well as spraying my body after showering with an 8 oz spray bottle containing water 3 tspns Epsom Salts 1/2 tspn borax and the ganglion lump simply disappeared quickly within a week. I was little amazed, since my ganglion lump had been with me for well over a year.

I also have small calcium bumps or lumps on the back of my neck which also greatly reduced in size because of this protocol. I'm guessing here but I think this was perhaps due to the magnesium (from Epsom Salts) leeching out the calcium and restoring some electrolytic balance in that area of my body."

02/22/2010: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "Just an update on my first post above. I was taking the sea salt and magnesium sulphate as above, but the ganglion only went down so far and then didn't change. 

So I reverted to taking just the Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) crystals orally on its own in a larger dose - 1/4 tspn Epsom Salts in a half glass of water, 3 times a day. 

The ganglion on my wrist has disappeared completely and this only took 3 weeks."
02/02/2012: Kantuckee from Green Road, Kentucky, Usa replies: "I couldn't function without Earthclinic!! I developed a cyst a few weeks ago that has been annoying and painfully growing on my wrist. I checked and found your comments. I have experience with sea salts, epsom salts and borax. I feel transdermal is the better method of application so I made a small solution of magnesium oil and borax.

I have applied it for 4 days, in the evenings only, and have reduced the cyst by half so far with no pain now. Only the memory keeps me applying it every evening. I am not sure how long to keep using it but since it will not hurt me will continue until I am very sure it is gone.

Thanks so much for the solution!!"

11/13/2013: Bruce31s from New Orleans, La replies: "Transdermal? What's that?"
11/13/2013: Bruce31s from New Orleans, La replies: "What kind of water did you use to apply with dsmo? I have what appears to be a ganglion cyst. first noticed it in May 2013 during lunch. At that time it was at the top of the thumb joint. Noticed it last night that it has expanded, it has expanded past the bottom thumb joint."

The Book Method

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[YEA]  04/07/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, SC: "I had what an orthopedic surgeon described as a ganglion cyst on the outside of my left ankle. It had stayed there for a number of years growing more and more every year until it was bothering me when I walked. The surgeon told me he could lance it but it would grow back. He told me the cause: the foot is like a building, he explained. If a part of it shifts incorrectly then the whole will not drain liquids as it should. As such, the cyst accumulates liquid and continually grows. Well, I went home and thought about that for a while. If my left foot structure had shifted then why wasn't it hurting somehow. So I began pressing the foot, using my thumb to see if some "issue" existed that I knew not of. The cyst was on the outside of the left ankle but I was pressing my forefinger and thumb all around the inside of the top of the foot... Deeply pressing, to find something wrong. After all, if the foot structure was "out" as the surgeon had told me then something would be "disjointed. " It took me only five minutes to find the spot. How could I have not felt that pain before is beyond me. Between the big toe and the second toe, about an inch up the top of the I pressed deeply with my finger, a terrific pain and soreness was instantly evident. "What is THAT?" I thought. I gently used pressure... five seconds and letting up (with my thumb and forefinger). After twenty minutes I let the foot rest.

The next morning to my amazement the size of the cyst had diminished by about one third in size! That night I repeated the pressure method where the pain was centered... Between the big tow and second toe... but up the foot...deep into the foot. The next day the cyst was half the size as before I'd started. The third day, an amazing thing happened. As I did my usual "press" with my foot crossed over my right knee, and using my right hand with thumb below the big toe and forefinger pressing on top between the big toe and second toe, suddenly, the structure "clicked" as if clicking back in place! I gently massaged the left foot. No pain or soreness at all. The next morning the entire cyst was GONE. From then on, I occasionally repeat the technique...pushing between the toes and gently separating the big toe deep and high in the foot from the second toe. And on occasion, it will "click" back. That was eight years ago. The cyst has never come back. I just wonder if many of the cysts that arise are structurally instigated cysts that can be "manipulated" such that the structure, whether it be hand or foot etc using a method I describe herein might reset the structure allowing proper drainage. Also, it could be that some "cysts" described in this section are not caused by the "structure" problem the orthopedic surgeon explained to me.

Once I had a growth on my hand coming out of the inside of the palm, between the little finger and fourth finger. That one, unlike the one on my foot was hard.The ganglion cyst on my foot was soft. The one on my hand I do not believe could be described as a ganglion cyst. I used DMSO, the solvent and anti oxidant, applied with a white paper towel and left as a poultice for thirty minutes. Two applications were sufficient to make the cyst disappear. Dilute the DMSO with an equal amount of purified water or the DMSO will "pucker" the skin. The pucker will go away' in a few hours but it will scare you. To make sure the cyst was not caused by an infection I'd use as the "dilution" not just any water, but colloidal silver. The silver will kill any infection. That hard cyst on my hand came back in the exact place six months later and the second time I did use the DMSO plus the colloidal silver as a "dilution" and again used a white pater towel with about twenty drops of DMSO and twenty drops of colloidal silver. That was ten years ago. That hand cyst has never returned. The DMSO is good for stiff hands (arthritic hands and fingers, by the way). Just a cap full rubbed into the hands like a lotion making sure joints of both hands are covered... all joints and poof...hands as good as new. Every year or so I feel that stiffness and I pull out my DMSO."

04/10/2013: Bev from Long Beach, Ca replies: "I have a new lump in the palm of my left hand. It's about the size of a pea. Could you tell me where my pressure point would be to see if I can get rid of this thing? No idea what it is. Thank you."
09/14/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Bev, please forgive me for taking so long to respond but I missed your question in the "recent posts" which I sometimes can't get to on a regular basis.

On finding the pressure point, use your thumb between the fingers on palm side and work up them quarter inch at a time. Also try this: sitting on your couch take your hand and flare out the thumb using different angles to press against the cushion... you are stretching the muscles to see if anthing moves.

You are looking for a sore point; I call it the "ouch" point. That is what you massage and in time the lossened up structure may shift. If that is the source of the problem the cyst will recede by the next day.

Keep repeating until the cyst is gone and the "structure" is back to normal. I've noticed hand issues are common with folks who do a lot of gardening/ boxing on a heavy bag without wraps/ tennis/ golf etc. I think I read there are over fifty bones in the hand so anything out can cause a problem. Remember what I said about the cyst I had between my fingers: Consider using DMSO as an anti inflamatory if the "hand/ pressure point" method doesn't work."

The Book Method

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[YEA]  02/19/2010: Tyler from Toronto, On, Canada: "I have grown up with a ganglion cyst on my left wrist. It remained small for years but recently I have noticed that it has grown and I found that I was unable to flex my wrist like I used to. When I tried I could feel strain in that joint. I had made a visit to my doctor when I first noticed it - it looked like my arm bone was jutting out of my wrist when I flexed it forward. He inspected it. Holding my wrist and probing the site with his thumbs he asked me if I had ever heard of Bible therapy. I thought about it - no. I responded, "Should I have?" No sooner did the words escape my mouth that a sharp and sudden pain flared up on my arm - the jerk tried squishing it with his thumbs!! "OUCH!" He stepped back and fingered his way along the nearby bookshelf only to withdraw one of his hardcover medical textbooks. He went on to explain what he meant by Bible therapy while approaching me again - book in hand. I told him his idea was barbaric and stupid and I left. 

Years later my attention has been brought back to my wrist. In an attempt to find a solution myself I remember quickly browsing to see what remedies existed - none of them looked appealing. You essentially had the option of having it drained, surgically removed, or worse - smashed with a heavy object - just what the doc advised! The sources seemed to suggest that after having it drained the ganglion is likely to reappear - not to mention the huge needle! Surgery was to leave you with this huge scar because in order for the surgeon to access the area they need to pull back all the tissue from your wrist and then stitch it back! I decided to wait it out.. 

The wait wasn't doing anything. I woke up this morning determined to get rid of this thing. I couldn't stand looking at it! I was morbidly curious about the experience others had had smashing their wrists with a book - it seemed like the most convenient option - why not? I Googled videos and watched.. one after another. It seemed like most of the pain was spent in anticipation for having a part of you voluntarily and forcibly smacked. All of the victims looked okay afterwards - could this be the miracle treatment? I swallowed the last of my coffee and walked to the bookshelf. As I had forgotten my textbooks at school I had to settle for the Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. It was smaller in than what I had seen people using.. but if my understanding of physics was correct I just needed to apply more force. And there I was. Book in one hand, ganglion on the other. There was nobody to assist, not drink to be drank, not a pillow to cry on. SMACK! ..and that was it. Gone. Harry Potter had saved the day. The pressure was gone and I swear I could feel the fluid depart into my bloodstream. But oddly the ganglion isn't what hurt the minute that followed. It felt like I had just been hit on the wrist with a book! I worked to try and drain the remaining fluid from the cyst by working my fingers over the site and moving my wrist about. 

And there it is. I type to you now, a ganglion-free man!"

02/20/2010: Tricia from Ireland replies: "Many years ago Mom & Dad would each slip a disc a couple of times a year and their doctor used the bible treatment sucessfully. At one time it happened simultaneously and they were going to the doc together for a change. I did the driving as they were in too much pain.

Mum was complaining about how bad the pain was when getting hit by the "Bible" and maybe she'd try and ride it out without treatment. Dad looked at her in genuine astonishment and asked her "how come the anaestethic didn't work for her." She exploded cos he never used any kind of pain relief on her. The doc told us that women were better able to tolerate pain than men so he didn't waste good anaestethic on them. Bye bye Doc."

[YEA]  01/16/2012: Clintd from Paris, Tn replies: "After months of having this cyst and debating over what to do, totally discounting the book method, I finally decided to use the book. It worked."
[YEA]  07/24/2012: Debbie from Doha, Qatar replies: "The book method worked for me today. I had a ganglion cyst come up suddenly while on a diving vacation last week. I went to the internet and watched a few videos and had my husband watch as well. He smacked it for me and just like in the video... Gone instantly. No pain really.... And my wrist is cyst free :)"
09/01/2012: Janet from Columbus, Ms replies: "Binding method- I had a ganglion cyst on the base of my fingernail bed, under the skin area that caused my nail to grow out crooked. I tried puncturing with a needle but it kept returning. I wrapped my finger with a band aide then took a strong tape and bound it tight. Kept it bound for a few days and it forced all the liquid out of the cyst. It has never come back and a new nail came in perfectly. I wonder if that would work for a cyst on the wrist too?"
[YEA]  01/10/2013: Bc from Newtown, Pa replies: "Yes it works... many video examples and tried myself."

Home Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts


Sebaceous cysts usually grow slowly and are benign in growth under the skin surface. The formation of the cyst is tumor like. Main content of the cyst is sebum i.e. protein and skin oil usually found on the back or scalp or scrotum or ear. Size of the sebaceous cyst can range from a size of pea to that of a golf ball. Sebaceous cyst is usually soft, firm and painless. Included here are whiteheads. They can become infected and form an abscess.

Preventing Sebaceous Cysts

  • Things which should be completely avoided are high protein food, fatty food, chocolates, cheese, butter and all dairy products.

  • One should also avoid use of tobacco, alcohol or coffee.
  • For healthier skin eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Eating red meat and dairy products puts the wrong oils (saturated fats) into your body. The result can lead to formation of sebaceous cysts, clogged pores and more blemishes.
  • Skin care should be done by regular cleaning. Some times cosmetics we use are the real culprits and may aggravate the problem which may have not existed on normal skin.
  • You should wash your skin two times in a day with soap.
    Soap has a property of removing excess oil from the skin. To remove left over cleanser and dirt from skin, apply a gentle, astringent herb, such as yarrow, sage or peppermint.
  • Smoking should be completely stopped as broadens the edge of the skin pores and thus the elasticity and tone of the surface of the skin is lost.

Natural Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts:

  • Apply goldenseal or tea tree oil to eliminate infection. Apply herb tea of witch hazel or white oak bark to absorb the oil in the cyst.
  • Small incision is made at the site of the cyst usually on the lower side and the material is sucked out and it is thoroughly flushed with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).
  • Eating one teaspoon of granulated lecithin each day will help emulsify (break apart and eliminate) the saturated fat in your body including sebaceous cyst.
  • Take 1-3 teaspoon of flaxseed oil every day. It is rich in the right kind of oil needed by your body.


  1. Bely

    I want to know that if I undergo the treatment of granular lecithin and flax-seed oil, how long will it take to dissolve a fatty cyst on my kidney? Will there be any problem?

  2. PUP

    Applying aloe vera to the cyst a few times a day can help to remove the cyst from the skin.
    In some cases if it does not work, then surgical removal should be an option kept in mind.
    Aloe vera is used as a natural antibiotic in treating cuts, bruises, and wounds.

Natural Cures for Sebaceous Cysts

diagram of a sebaceous cyst

Natural Healing Specialist
Reviewed by Terri Forehand RN

Natural cures for sebaceous cysts include homeopathic remedies, vitamins, herbs and hot compresses. Sebaceous cysts are cysts or lumps that form under the skin. Although they are generally benign and often go away on their own, they can prove annoying and unsightly and, in some cases, become infected so it's important to treat them to avoid complications.

Natural Cures

Natural remedies for sebaceous cysts provide gentle, inexpensive healing options, often helping you avoid an uncomfortable medical procedure. Although these remedies are usually considered safe alternative treatments, they can cause side effects so you should consult your doctor or a naturopath before trying.

  • Moist heat: According to PubMed Health, moist heat such as an unplugged moist heating pad (never use a plugged in heating pad with moisture) or warm cloth compress can be applied to sebaceous cysts to help encourage draining and healing. Avoid using a piping hot heating pad as this can sometimes cause an infection by encouraging bacteria inside the cysts to multiply -- gentle, medium heat for short periods is best. If the cyst doesn't respond to using moist heat, you should consult a doctor.
  • Tea Tree Oil: The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)suggests that tea tree oil has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Since many sebaceous cysts become infected with bacteria, applying tea tree oil to the cyst may help prevent infection and promote healing.
  • Aloe Vera: Some naturopaths recommend the gel of this plant as a cure for sebaceous cysts because it's believed to fight bacteria and relieve pain. Medline Plus states that some studies show aloe vera gel to kill bacteria and increase the rate of wound healing.
  • Immunity Boosting Nutrients: A strong immune system helps the body heal sebaceous cysts on its own. Eating antioxidant rich fruits, whole grains, and vegetables -- including berries, citrus fruits, and dark leafy greens -- and taking herbal supplements such as red clover, and burdock root, may help boost immunity and remove toxins from the body.
  • Stay Clean: To help avoid infection, wash the affected area daily with antibacterial soap.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Prevention

Following healthy lifestyle guidelines helps keep your body in optimum health to reduce your risk of developing a sebaceous cyst:

  • Get Adequate Rest: Too little sleep weakens the immune system and can lead to many problems. Be sure you are getting adequate rest.
  • Avoid Refined Sugar: The Cleveland Clinic states that the average American eats 22.2 teaspoons of sugar each day. Too much sugar can suppress immune system function and lead to inflammation and disease. To reduce the amount of excess sugar in your diet, avoid sodas, sweetened fruit juices, and processed baked goods, cereals, and snack foods.
  • Reduce Stress: Some natural healers believe stress increases the chance of sebaceous cysts. In fact, the Mayo Clinic states that too much stress alters how the immune system responds and puts you at risk for illness. Learning positive ways to deal with stress may be helpful with this condition as well as many others.

When to See a Doctor

Sebaceous cysts that don't go away on their own may require a doctor's intervention. Consult your physician if any of the following apply:

  • The cyst grows large.
  • The cyst becomes heavy.
  • The cyst is painful.
  • The cyst shows signs of infection such as inflammation and redness, or it becomes hot to the touch.

Infected, large, or painful cysts may require removal by a doctor. This is usually a simple procedure done in the doctor's office with a local anesthetic and usually takes no more time than a typical doctor's appointment. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following steps may be taken when removing a sebaceous cyst:

  1. First, the cyst is incised or excised. Incising the cyst involves a physician making a small cut in the cyst, and excising a cyst involves the surgical removal of the complete cyst or cyst wall.
  2. Next, the doctor will express the contents of the cyst to drain it and the area is cleaned.
  3. In some cases, sutures are required, especially if total excision is performed. Sutures are usually removed within one to two weeks.
  4. Depending on the location and type of cyst you have, a doctor may choose to vaporize it with a laser. This procedure causes minimal scarring.

Rarely do sebaceous cysts or the removal of cysts cause complications. Never attempt to open, squeeze or drain the cyst on your own since this can lead to infection and should only be done in a doctor's office.

Try Natural Remedies First

Fortunately, sebaceous cysts are more annoying than dangerous, and trying natural remedies and lifestyle changes is often all it takes to relieve symptoms. However, keep in mind that a natural cure for sebaceous cysts may not work all the time -- some cysts don't respond to natural cures and require conventional treatment.

If you have a sebaceous cyst and it's not causing you pain or discomfort, try using moist heat, herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, and/or lifestyle changes before resorting to surgical procedures to see if they resolve your problem.

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1.       The magic of Lime Powder



Garlic is used as a home remedy for cysts and it is also an antiseptic offered by nature. Make a thick garlic paste and apply it on the cyst and immediately wrap it with gauze. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off.


You need to make a dense turmeric paste and apply over the cyst and coat the affected area with gauze.  You can notice a miraculous diminish in size and there are chances that your cyst shall be totally removed in some days. You can also take turmeric capsules to fasten the healing process .


Helps with pain but cannot heal a cyst totally.


Cyst may be formed due to deficiency in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids


Improper PH level of your skin might result in cyst formation.

Use apple cider vinegar as it balances the PH levels of your shin. You will be healed rapidly and it ensures that you shall not be affected by cyst ever in the future.

Leaving the potato slices on the cyst overnight is also a home remedy to cure cysts. Applying it will help your cyst to shrink bring some relief.


Home Remedies for Cyst:

Lime Powder:

Making a form of a chalk from lime powder and water can help to act as a home remedy for a cyst.

Lime powder is a food and very concentrated citric acid you can get in a grocery store. I can buy it here in the same area as they have either artificial sugar or in the area where the lime and lemon juice is located.

This powerful combination with lime powder at the root of it can help to break up the cyst in a very natural way.

It can sting a bit as it really goes to work quickly and efficiently, so using rosewater to soothe the burn can provide additional help.

Soap and Water:

Though it may sound rather simplistic in its application, using soap and water can work quite well as a home remedy for a cyst.

Be careful to rub the area very gently so that the cyst doesn’t break up and redistribute its contents.

By carefully washing the area with some soap, you can help to naturally break it up and prevent it from spreading.


Making a paste out of turmeric is an excellent home remedy for cysts.

In this instance, the turmeric has a natural healing agent that can help to naturally break up the cyst and get the area back to normal.

This paste should be made and applied carefully and gently, but will go to work quickly and help to remove it in the best manner.

  1. Treating Ganglion Pain

  2. From

    • Homeopathic treatments are a great way to relieve symptoms and naturally heal the body. This form of treatment is beneficial for ganglion pain because treatments can be targeted to your particular symptoms. When choosing homeopathic treatments you should always consult with your doctor for the recommended dosages.

      If you experience pain or a pulling sensation in the forearm, wrist and fingers you should take carbo veg. This treatment can also provide relief for tension in the hand joints and cramping in the hand muscles.

      Causticum is a great remedy for people who experience pains in their arms during the night, or a pulling sensation in the hands or arms. Shooting pain in the finger or elbow, tearing in the wrist joints, trembling of the hands, spasmodic weakness or tension in the posterior finger joints can all be treated with causticum.

      Phos is a remedy that can be used to treat burning pains in the palm of the hands, arms, or numbness in these areas. This treatment can is also effective if you experience trembling in the arms and hands or severe pain and tension in the joints and fingers.

      If you experience paralytic stiffness in your wrist, tingling, numbness in your hands, or spasmodic contraction in your fingers ruta may relieve those symptoms.

      Silicea is an excellent treatment for ganglion pain in the wrist. This remedy can be used to relieve symptoms of burning, sticking pain, tearing and numbness in the fingers. These pains may worsen at night or certain affected areas may become numb at night. Silicea is an effective treatment when there is a paralytic weakness of the forearm, jerking or throbbing muscles, or pain in the joints when pressed or when writing.

      Sulphur may relieve symptoms of stiffness or a sprained pain that becomes worse in the morning. It also works to relieve paralytic weakness of the hands and arms as well as pain in the joints and fingers, or swelling of the thumbs and hands. Sulphur can be used to treat contraction of tendons of the fingers and hands, as well as cramps and jerking in the fingers.

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Epidermoid Cysts


  • Dr. Jack Lesher, M.D., of the Medical College of Georgia, advises that the best approach to caring for epidermoid cysts is to leave them alone. These cysts, however, do sometimes become inflamed. Protecting yours from bumps with gauze may prevent that.

    Provide relief for inflamed or oozing cysts with a compress. Apply a warm wet washcloth to your cysts a few times each day to stimulate blood flow and flush out the inflammatory substances. Hot water may rupture the cysts.(Reference 2)

    Dr. Joseph Bark, M.D., a Lexington, Ky., dermatologist, warns that rupturing a cyst puts you at risk of infection. Never self-treat your cysts by squeezing them. Doing so may push their fluids further into your tissues, generating an immune system release of inflammatory substances to fend off the hostile invasion.

    Clean an accidentally ruptured cyst with warm water and antibacterial soap, apply hydrogen peroxide, and bandage it until you see your doctor. (Reference 2)

Breast Cysts

  • Evening Primrose

    The Mayo Clinic's Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., says that some women claim to have found relief by reducing their caffeine intake. Eliminate coffee, chocolate, cola, and caffeinated energy drinks to determine if this strategy will work for you. (Reference 2)

    The same applies to salt. Salt intake can cause fluid retention. Limiting the amount of salt in your food may provide relief from painful fluid-filled cysts. (Reference 2)

    The Queen's Hospital, based in the UK, says taking enough evening primrose oil to supply 320mg of gamma linolenic acid daily may prevent breast cysts from developing. Get capsules at a health food store or pharmacy. Consult with your doctor before starting this treatment. (Reference 3)

    Treat yourself to the best supportive bra you can find. Relieving pressure on your breast tissue may be enough to alleviate pain from breast cysts. (Reference 2)

FunctionalOvarian Cysts

  • Ovarian cyst

    While functional ovarian cysts usually disappear on their own, recommended home remedies for treating the pelvic pain associated with them include applying heat to the pelvis to relieve muscular tension. Drinking chamomile tea can also relax those muscles.

    Two more simple remedies, according to Blue Shield of California, are to urinate as soon as you need to, and to eat enough fiber to prevent constipation. The key is to avoid anything which increases pelvic pressure. (Resource 1)

    See your gynecologist any time you have unusual pelvic pain. Don't assume the problem is functional ovarian cysts

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To Purchase Red Desert Clay~ 

   “…I was so relieved… in less than two weeks I could see the ganglion cyst on my wrist getting smaller….”


What is a Ganglion Cyst?

  • Ganglion cyst is a term used to describe a mass or swelling that forms on or around joints or tendons, in the wrists, ankle, top of the foot, near the toes sometimes knees or elbows but they can be found on the spine as well as other parts of the body.
  • Although benign, they typically look like tumors which are filled with a clear fluid, and as they get larger in size they put pressure on the nerves, joint or surrounding tissue which can become irritated and painful.  They can be small or large, soft or hard. 

When on the foot these cysts can interfere with wearing shoes, as well as making walking painful.

Additional photos of ganglion cysts on the foot and knee.



Why Do Ganglion Cysts Appear? What causes them? 
There is no clear cut answer as to what causes them or why they form. The general assumption is that they are caused by injury or the over use of a joint such as might be the case with athletes, gymnasts, tennis or golf pro’s, yoga instructors, even typists and pianists to name a few; but not everyone who overuses a joint ends up with a ganglion cyst.

My theory includes that wherever the injury or stressed spot is, toxins start collecting, building up in that area sometimes crystallizing and becoming hard - forming lumps. 

What Are the Treatment Options? 
Occasionally ganglion cysts go away on their own.  However aspiration and surgery are the standard treatments.  With aspiration a needle is usually injected into the cyst to drain the fluid and sometimes includes injecting a steroid compound (anti-inflammatory). If the cyst is deep or tangled around nerves and tendons surgery can be tricky trying to remove the entire root without damaging surrounding tissue.  This is often the time people find our website looking for alternative solutions or after experiencing their cyst returning after surgery or aspiration.

“….Maryanne, I am an RN and I recently used your Red Desert®clay to dissolve a ganglion cyst on the inner aspect of my left wrist. I was amazed when two weeks to the day after starting the clay my cyst was completely gone! The cyst had gotten larger over several months and was getting very uncomfortable. Since I am not a proponent of unnecessary surgery, I looked up other treatments for ganglion cysts and found your website. I am sold. I would recommend the clay to anyone who has a ganglion cyst as an inexpensive, painless alternative to surgery. 
Thank you for your product!  God Bless and Have A Great Day!...”  Marilyn in Shelton, CT

Dissolving the Cyst ~ How Long Does it Take? 
“….Dear Maryanne -I was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst last June. I started eating the Red Desert Clay clay consistently every day. The cyst totally disappeared within 2 months. Thank You!!!!  Surgery was not an option!  I continue to eat the clay as it has improved my energy levels!...”  Jo-Ann A. - Henrietta, NY

Obviously you will want to have your ganglion cyst diagnosed and then decide with your doctor what is the best option for you.  We could fill pages and pages and pages of testimonials from customers whose ganglion cysts disappeared eating the Red Desert® Clay when taking one tsp of clay powder twice a day or 5 or 6 clay tablets twice a day 

We make no guarantee that your cyst will dissolve as we are sharing information received from our customers; however, the general response within 2 weeks of eating Red Desert® clay is that these cysts either start to get smaller or begin to break down which continues until they are gone – generally 6 to 8 weeks plus or minus.  There is the occasional customer who has said their ganglion cyst dissolved slower than that and those who have had much quicker results.  Two people told me they took 1 tsp of clay three times per day for the first month and then a reduced serving after that. 

Important Notes:

  • We recommend that once a cyst has been eliminated to continue with the clay for another 4 weeks or so to help remove any roots that might be deeply imbedded.
  • If you are not having results, this is usually due to taking a smaller dosage than suggested. 
  • Constipation:  If you have any issues with constipation, or slow bowels, always add in magnesium powder to keep the bowels flowing and the toxins moving out. Natural Calm magnesium is available on our shopping cart. Take 1 to 3 teaspoons in the evening dissolved in a few ounces of hot water; then add cool water and drink.
  • We never guarantee your ganglion cyst will dissolve, but we are super hopeful that it will, since it has been successful for so many.
  • Remember this clay goes everywhere in the body detoxifying and removing many, many pathogens AND strengthens bones.  More info Red Desert Clay.


How Does the Red Desert® Clay Remove Toxins? 
Red Desert® clay is a calcium montmorillonite clay highly charged by Mother Nature containing particles so tiny - that most are between two and three microns in size and when eaten - these tiny particles are able to move into the bloodstream, effectively scavenging out, attaching and binding to toxins throughout the body, taking them to the bowels for elimination. When I say 2 to 3 microns in size, keep in mind a hair on your head is approximately 50 to 75 microns in diameter.

If a ganglion cyst or any cyst or tumor consists of a buildup of toxins, this clay will often do the job of removing them. 

Not all calcium monmorillonites are the same.  What makes this premium calcium montmorillonite clay unique is the specific combination of minerals, small particle size and the abundance of negatively charged ions (each particle has its own ionic field of energy) created from the hydrothermal activity of the dry arid desert where they are mined.  When clay minerals are in this environment, they lose a water molecule, which renders them electrically negative.  Very powerful for binding to radiation, heavy metals, mercury and many other pathogens. 

Red Desert® Clay is alkalizing for the body and leaves behind essential minerals, as well as moving calcium into the bones. The toxins it binds to is quite helpful, since we live in a world where the toxic load from food, air and water alone is more than our bodies were designed to eliminate on their own. 

For the complete article:  Red Desert® Edible Clay. 

To Purchase Clay

We first heard about the success of dissolving ganglion cysts from Ran Knishinsky who wroteThe Clay Cure.  He wrote ~

Why I Started Eating Clay by Ran Knishinsky 
“ I was first introduced to clay eating after a strange growth popped up on the back of my wrist. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought so I ignored the problem, thinking it would go away, but the opposite happened – the lump grew large in size. When it became a real interference, I had no choice but to get the bump checked out. My doctor diagnosed it as a “ganglion cyst,” a cystic tumor usually connected with a joint or tendon.”

… as the story goes, Ran’s doctor told him surgery and smashing the cyst with a Bible were the only options. Ran read his medical books, and ended up at the health food store where he chatted with the store owner. The store owner explained that the cyst was due to the buildup of poisons that had crystallized in the joint area. He recommended eating very special clay earth minerals.

…”I was not adverse to the idea of eating clay. I used to do it as a kid, sometimes eating charcoal or chalk. I had also heard of people eating clay for medical purposes….

…NO sooner had I begun eating the clay day in and day out than within a period of two months, the growth shrank till it was completely gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I showed my family the results – what was now a normal-looking wrist. My father attributed the disappearance of the cyst to coincidence. My mother claimed it was bound to shrink on its own anyway. Nobody cared to know the truth – it seemed too simple…..” 

~ A few Customer Comments ~

***Hello - I want to let you know how I have responded to the use of your Red Desert clay. I came across your site last year when googling for information about wrist ganglions. I've had a ganglion for several years after a cup fell out of a cupboard onto my wrist. It was becoming very unsightly and increasingly uncomfortable, as well as making my wrist swell around it.

I looked for Red Desert calcium montmorillonite clay in the UK, and found a stockist in Glasgow. I gave the clay a trial run, and was pleased to see a reduction in the size within a week. There was slow steady improvement for several weeks, then it seemed to stop, and eventually I gave myself a break from the clay. I was hectically busy at work, and it was too easy to forget to take it daily. People had stopped noticing the ganglion, and the discomfort had greatly decreased, so I felt that I could live with the state of my wrist as it was.

After a few months, I reconsidered this decision, and thought that as my ganglion had reduced by more than half its original size, I should try using the clay again. And this time, the improvement was frankly astonishing. Within a couple of weeks, it had disappeared completely, the surrounding swelling had cleared up, and my wrist looks perfectly normal for the first time in years. As you can imagine, I am relieved and delighted by this. Thank you for the invaluable information provided on your website. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial for your clay. Rachel Grant (Mrs), Newcastle upon Tyne, England

***Dear Maryanne, I just wanted to share the good news. It's only been just under three weeks that I've been taking your Red Desert Calcium Montmorillonite clay and my wrist has improved dramatically. I have almost full range motion in my wrist and the pain is down to minimal. Your clayhas saved me from the risks of surgery and spending thousands of dollars. I'll be doing pushups and playing my guitar again very soon! I couldn't be happier! Dave S. - Naples Florida 

***Dear Maryanne, I had a diagnosed ganglion cyst for abount 6 months. I had two cortisone shots which only gave the cyst temporary relief. 

God lead me to your site and I read the background information about Red Desert clay and how  it removes toxins from your body. God is in the business of miracles! Two days after taking this clay the pain and inflammation had disappeared and the cyst is gradually disappearing. Thank you, Ruthe D. Colorado Springs,CO

***Maryanne, I have talked to you in the past and I just wanted to let you know I have just finished an entire bottle of 250 tablets of your Red Desert Clay Detox formula. The good news is that the ganglion cyst I had on the bottom of my right foot has completely disappeared. This product is absolutely fantastic! Chuck H. Southfield MI.

Sebaceous Cyst - I bought the Premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clay in early March. Shortly after receiving it I was scheduled to see my Podiatrist for an ingrown toenail. At the appointment, I had shown her a lump on the inside of my right ankle. She determined that it was a sebaceous cyst (the size of half a golf ball!) She had told me that she could excise it surgically on another visit, and that in time, it could present problems by pressing on nerves, and creating numbness. I had been taking the Premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clay for about a week prior to the first appointment. 2 weeks later on a follow up visit for evaluating the removed ingrown toenail, I had discovered that the cyst was gone! So in just 3 weeks of using this wonderful natural product, I am not worrying about having to have the ankle surgery! Thank you Maryanne for your website, and your wonderful product! Cathy D. Franktown, CO

Stenosis / Cyst - ….. If you recall, I had symptoms very similar to yours and was looking for any kind of relief. My back pain and sciatica seemed to get worse and worse each day until I was at my wits end. Just days before I was to go in for major back surgery, I found this site online. I had discovered that my stenosis was caused by a cyst, and was searching around on the web for a cure. I ordered the Red Desert calcium montmorillonite clay that day. In 4 to 5 weeks my sciatica was completely gone. I have since resumed all physical activities including weight lifting, walking, swimming, yoga, and palates. Barry H. - California



Frequently Asked Questions:

We are unable to answer all the personal phone calls and emails asking the same questions about ganglion cysts.  It would be most helpful if you would please read the following frequently asked questions.

1) Remember: A physical exam is the first thing to do for evaluation and to diagnose a ganglion cyst. 

2) Recap - How Much Red Desert Clay Do I Need to Take? 
Many customers have phoned us reporting great results saying the dosage that worked for them is 1 tsp of clay powder, 2 times per day in warm water (some people use 1.5 tsp 2x a day) - or 5 to 6 tablets two times per day. If you are super senstive to detox, you may want to start with less and in a few days increase to the higher amounts. Most tell us their ganglion cyst dissolved within two months.

This clay effectively removes many toxins - including heavy metals, radiation and other pathogens as well as strengthens bones.

We do not have clinical data explaining exactly why Red Desert® clay has been so successful in eliminating ganglion cysts.  We are sharing the information we have received from customers for the past 7 years, so you can make an informed decision in regards to what you want to do.  We receive consistent and regular customer feedback with success stories, (some of them posted above).  We have received one phone call from a customer whose cyst did not dissolve quickly, although she contacted us 5 months later to say: It's gone. One Australian customer in 2012 said here cyst did not dissolve.

3) Is there a refund / guarantee if my cyst does not dissolve? 
The clay is beautiful for all that it does for the body - and we are always hopeful that you will have the same results as many others - and be able to avoid surgery.  We are unable to refund open containers and there is no guarantee your ganglion cyst will dissolve. Please read our return policy.

4) Constipation / Sluggish bowels - If this is you, it is highly suggested to add the magnesium powder to your regime (you can find this on our shopping cart).  Magnesium deficiency is super common for many, often because we are not eating enough raw green leafy vegetables or fibrous foods.  Adding in one to three teaspoons magnesium powder in the evening can make a huge difference relaxing bowels and moving toxins out smoothly.  You can take magnesium more than once a day if needed.  

5) How Long Will it Take for My Cyst to Dissolve? 
This is individual. Most report to us their ganglion cyst dissolved in a few weeks to two months taking it daily but for some it may take longer; however we do not guarantee anyone's cyst will dissolve. 

When this very specific Red Desert® Premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clayis eaten daily many find their ganglion cyst dissolves naturally, effectively and safely. 

6) Can Red Desert Clay be Used for Other Purposes if I don’t have a ganglion cyst? 
Absolutely. I personally have been eating this clay every day for over 8 years to provide minerals to my cells as well as to move the calcium into my bones and to remove toxins taken in from daily living. It has also replaced my toothpaste, eliminating dental pockets (which come about from unfriendly bacteria).

Dental use:  The clay can be used for brushing teeth after flossing to remove unfriendly bacteria around the gum-line and is fantastic for periodontal issues and shrinking up pockets, reducing periodontal treatments outside of regularly cleaning!

Spider Bites or snake bites and these types of things will respond to clay packs of mud placed over the injury.

Facial:  You can also take a few teaspoons of the clay and make some thick mud, spread it on your face for a strong facial. Leave it on until it dries, then rinse off in the shower.

Other benefits - READ 
Premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clay - Complete Article>>

To Purchase Clay 

Contact Us>>

I-AM Perfectly Healthy is not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your holistic physician, MD, ND…or a holistic veterinarian for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems. This information is provided for education purposes only - and for the sharing of life experience.

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A ganglion is a tumor or cyst that forms on top of a joint. It also forms on the part that covers tendons and it looks like a sac filled with liquid. The sac is filled with a clear, thick, and sticky fluid substance. The ganglion might be firm or spongy depending on its size. Ganglion might cause the formation of a large cyst and it might also cause a group of smaller cysts. The condition is more common in women and in about 70% of the times occurs between the ages of 20 and 40. Ganglion cysts rarely occur to children under the age of 10.


The cause of ganglion cysts is unknown. One theory suggests that the cysts can have trauma-related causes.


Ganglion cysts can be diagnosed by physical examination by a doctor. Imaging may be used if malignancy is suspected.


The condition causes a lump to appear on the skin, usually the back of the hands. The diameter of the cyst varies from one person to another. The cyst might develop gradually or suddenly and it might come and go. Cysts usually have mild levels of pain. The pain is chronic (long-term) in most cases of ganglion. If a ganglion cyst has connections to tendons, the affected finger might feel weak.


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