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Hello Suzy_Mc,

In my work as a nutritionist over the past several years, I had the opportunity to work with many women who desired to treat a diagnosed ovarian cyst with natural remedies. The most consistently good results were obtained with women taking a combination of Proteolytic Enzymes and Evening Primrose Oil.

Proteolytic Enzymes break down proteins that are damaged, attached to a dead organism, or do not belong in the body.  That's a very simplified way of looking at it, but it'll suffice for now. If you want to research it a bit, which I would encourage you to do, it's an interesting subject and it will help you understand how they may help.

A cyst is basically composed of damaged proteins. By consuming proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach, the proteases to into your bloodstream and digest non-healthy proteins. At this point, they follow the same intelligence that your immune system follows. That is to say, they'll go where they are needed most.

Evening Primrose Oil helps to balance hormones. Since cyst formation is strongly related to this, balancing them is in your best interests. I've seen women take high quality Evening Primrose Oil and achieve impressive results with overall health, especially as pertains to glandular support.

The combination of the two achieves impressive results, usually after about 3-4 months. As with all natural healing, it's a process. It takes a while for cysts to form, it takes time to re-balance as well.

There are two specific Proteolytic Enzyme formulas that I like. The first is Zymactive Double Strength by the Canadian company Natural Factors. The second is Virastop 2X by Enzymedica. Here's a couple links to check out:

For Evening Primrose Oil, go with any quality brand. Some of my favorites are Blue Bonnet, Nature's Plus, Natural Factors, and Barleans. All excellent brands from which I've seen good results.

Take the Proteolytic Enzymes at max. recommended dose or as suggested by a trusted natural health practitioner. The Evening Primrose Oil is most effective if you take 3-4 softgels (at 1000 mg. each) daily.

At the same time, I would highly suggest looking at your diet. The cyst happened for a reason and it would be a good idea to figure out what you may be doing or not doing that could have contributed to it. As a starter, look at sources of xeno-estrogens in your diet. These include inorganic milk and milk products, inorganic eggs, and foods that are high in chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Your best bet is to go organic whenever possible. Inorganic dairy products in particular are typically high in estrogen like compounds that throw your own hormones out of balance.

Educate yourself on this subject and you'll be empowered to make conscious decisions regarding your health. There is a lot of quality information in books and on the internet.

I wish you the best in resolving this issue with ease and comfort. The best way to be happy is to be healthy.


Pictures of Ganglion Cysts

Media file 1: A traumatic ganglion cyst. This person came to the emergency department with a painful bump after the wrist was hit by a car door.
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Media file 2: The jellylike fluid taken from the cyst in image 1. Its presence confirms the diagnosis of a ganglion cyst.
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Media file 3: An ultrasound image shows the ganglion cyst (area between markers) from image 1.
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Media file 4: A ganglion cyst that has been operated on in the past. This ganglion returned because this person plays the cymbals in her school band.
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Home Remedy For Ganglion Cyst On Wrist

(Dec 5, 2007)


Ganglion cysts are small bumps of soft tissue that form beneath the skin and are mostly found on the wrist and near the joints. They are like a small tumour but are considered to be harmless. They have a thick colourless jelly like fluid in them and these cysts may or may not be painful. They are also commonly known as bible bumps or bible cysts. Since these are not contagious these do not spread easily and are not at all dangerous. Most of the time ganglion cysts maybe there under the skin for a long time and may not be visible for a long time. They are known to be present and yet not make their presence know to the person.

Most people are unaware of what causes ganglion cysts as the reasons too are not very evident. Arthritis is assumed to be one such cause wherein inflammation of the joint can lead to formation of ganglion cysts.

Another cause maybe due to the occupational factor, that is sometimes due to overuse of the hand, the fingers or the wrist. As the pressure on these parts of the body increases there is a chance of the ganglion cysts also developing.

Sometimes injuries or cuts can also lead to formation of ganglion cysts on the hands.

Trauma has also been identified as a reason for cysts forming.

Sometimes ganglion cyst in wrist cause a lot of immobility and discomfort even though this is not painful, it can hinder the work that you would want to do freely and restrict your movements because for the presence of ganglion cysts. These bible cysts are mostly common in women and people within the age group of 20-50 years of age.

It is very rare that it could occur in children less than 10 years of age. Some of the most common areas where cysts develop are on the base of the fingers; right where the fingers connect with the palm.

Or just on the fingertip just below the cuticle, outside the knees on the base of your ankle top of the foot, ganglion cyst toe is another common syndrome.

Most of the time just one cyst develops but some time multiple cysts may form. These may be connected with each other inside the skin through the tissue but they may show as many small cysts.

But these kinds of cysts are not harmful and most of the times are not possible. The most likely signs of the cyst are that they appear as small bumps and at some point of time even change sizes. The usual size is about 1-3 centimetres.

They may enlarge and contract and thus change shape. It is usually soft and since it is filled with jelly inside it might not be very firm but they will not move about.

You may sometimes experience some amount of swelling in the places where the ganglion cysts are present. This swelling may increase and subside throughout the time that the cysts have developed, but over time the swelling will stop.

Sometimes these cysts may also be painful. However the intensity of the pain would depend upon the type of cysts and also its size.

Ganglion cyst remedies can be varied as sometimes these cysts may disappear as easily as they come.

It can also be surgically removed by using local anaesthesia. But surgical removal is not a guarantee that it would not reoccur.

Taking an X-ray will not be much of help as it will not be able to achieve anything when undergoing bible cyst treatment.

Ganglion cyst home remedies or ganglion cyst natural treatment mainly involves the use of herb astringent.

You can use this herb as a compress. Hazel or white oak bark tea can be used to cover the ganglion cyst so that the compress will be able to penetrate through and through. This kind of ganglion cyst home remedy will help to shrink the cyst and reduce it in size. It also helps if the cysts are small because as they shrink further one would be able to get rid of it.

Echinacea contains properdine which helps to strengthen the immune system and it would eventually help to get rid of cysts.

Liquorice has been known to have an anti bacterial property that will help to naturally remove the fluid and prevent it from re occurring.

In case you are in pain you could always use a anti inflammatory medication to ease the pain. Do not try to pull this cyst out or cut them off with scissors or a scalpel.

Apart from this you should also make sure that you get a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables so that you will be able to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals so that along with increasing your immunity you will be able to strengthen your body to help to reduce the size of the cysts.

Vegetables and fruits will also help to avoid constipation, as constipation will not help to shrink the cysts. You could try to eat nuts and dry fruits and an ample amount of protein that will help to increase immunity of the body.

Making sure that your health is in the best condition with the right kind of a diet, ample amount of rest and some physical activity and exercise will help to strengthen your body and help it to heal faster and better.

In case you have been complaining of pain in the areas that have been affected by the cyst you can also you a warm compress to ease the pain.  In spite of all these home remedies for ganglion cysts, you should also make sure that you contact your doctor so that you will be able to give you a professional opinion on how to go about eliminating the cysts.

Your doctor makes use a syringe to draw out the fluid from the cyst. You can also go for an ultrasound that would be able to help to judge the size and level of fluid in the cyst and find out if it has become solid or not. An MRI or magnetic resonance imaging can be used to see the area that has been affected.

answered by G M on Nov 19, 2010, 1:45:51

A ganglion cyst is a small and usually harmless, otherwise asymptomatic swelling that develops on the wrist. Sometimes, ganglion cysts can develop on the feet or ankles too, but the wrist is a much more common location. These cysts are essentially benign, soft tissue tumors, and do not need to be treated in a majority of cases. Sometimes however, a cyst may affect the person’s movement, and in a few cases it may also cause pain, weakness, or odd sensations such as a tingling in the area. In such cases, treatment is usually advised. A few people are also so bothered by the very appearance of the cyst that they choose to get it treated in spite of the absence of any symptoms other than the swelling itself.

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any reliable home remedies to get rid of ganglion cysts. One traditional remedy is “Bible therapy”, which essentially involves thumping the affected part of your wrist against a bible or some other thick, heavy book. However, not only does this treatment not work, it can also be harmful, as it presents are risk of injury. Other traditional remedies that some people may recommend include applying heat and bursting the cyst with a needle – do not try either of these, as the heat application is useless, and bursting a cyst yourself is extremely risky.

If you want, you can simply wait for a while, and see if the cyst disappears on its own. This sometimes happens, and it might help if you give the affected limb a rest in the meanwhile. Stress and movement seem to aggravate ganglion cysts, and some people even recommend using a wrist splint for a week in order to get the required rest. This is the only safe home remedy, and although it is not always effective, you can certainly try it if you wish.

In most cases however, medical treatment is needed in order to get rid of a ganglion cyst. One option is to have the cyst drained – your doctor will apply a local anesthetic, and then drain the cyst with a syringe and sterilized needle. The cyst often recurs a couple of times, but since this is a quick, minor procedure, it can be repeated too. Actual surgery is used only in cases where draining the cyst is useless or impossible, or if the cyst is extremely painful. This is a slightly more painful and complex procedure, and your doctor will help you take a call on it.

answered by G M on Mar 26, 2010, 5:15:17

Ganglion cysts are cysts filled with fluid that can appear on the wrist, foot, shoulder or hand. Typically they appear more often in women and are not usually a cause for worry. What exactly causes them is not clear, but injury and trauma are often implicated. They can be painful sometimes and we will look at some natural remedies for the pain and inflammation presently.

Normally these cysts go away without any intervention, so a wait and watch approach may be best. If they don't recede naturally in a while,

try the book bashing technique. This will need you to brace yourself, take a thick book or some other heavy object and bash the cyst. This will break the cyst walls and the fluid will ooze out. This method is supposed to prevent recurrence.

You can apply ice to the area to reduce pain and swelling or wear a splint which will force the area to remain immobile for a few days and thus shrink the cyst.

Other things to try include an enzyme called bromelain and a turmeric extract called curcumin. In combination these are known to reduce inflammation and have lesser side effects.

There are remedies in homoeopathy as well to reduce the size of the cyst and drain the fluid and acupuncture can help you deal with the pain if it gets too severe. If all else fails surgery may be the only option but is only needed in a very small portion of cases.

answered by S E on Feb 25, 2008, 5:51:11

Ganglion cyst and its removal by yourself non-surgically.

Uploaded on Feb 4, 2011

Chris shows how you can eliminate an undesirable ganglion cyst from your hand using nothing more than a weighty book by yourself.

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