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 Best Answer:  Bob Beck is famous only among alt-med followers who investigate eletro-medicine (a very small, but growing group). Mainstream media has not publicized Beck properly. The subject of electro-medicine is "politically sensitive" or taboo. 

He and his claims are hated by organized medicine because they are all true. Once a patient is cured, they no longer need a doctor. So doctors, hospitals, labs, government cancer labs, lobby groups, and so on all lose money. 

I recently found out by a Google video about the politics of medicine as presented by G. Edward Griffin. 

In the video it is explained how Griffin as a naive member of the public did not initially understand the politics of medical treatment in America and similar jurisdictions until he got involved in trying to help a medical doctor friend of his to use an unapproved drug treatment for cancer in the early 1970s. 

A lot of very bad things have resulted from what happened around the time of 1900 to 1940 that involved the founder of Standard Oil: John D. Rockefeller (JDR). JDR bought controlling interest in a pharmaceutical company prior to WW1 Germany's I.G. Farben. A pharmaceutical cartel was formed. JDR and Carnegie Foundation funded the Flexner Report of 1910. Many medical schools involved in bioelectro-medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, or eastern medicine were closed. The education system was changed with a curricula that did not teach history, literature / journalism or science in an inclusive manner. Tesla electronics was not taught. Non-allopathic medicine was not taught, nor funded. The news media in North America began to omit covering certain important news items that affected the general public's lives. JDR and friends were able to seize control of many aspects of the government to enact laws preventing anything but allopathic medicine from being practiced so that only surgery, or burning, or poison could be used to treat diseases, and the news media did not report on any of numerous questionable goings on of the time that might have exposed such dealings to the general public. JDR could then patent various poisonous concoctions and have physicians prescribe them to treat diseases. Alternatives were left unfunded, unpublished in science journals, and unpublished in mainstream media. 

JDR was also instrumental in the 1913 enactment of the laws surrounding the Federal Reserve banking system in the USA. JDR wanted to expand his financial interests extremely rapidly while driving his competition to the poor house. All common tax payers now are involved in the corrupt economic system that resulted from the 1910 Jekyll Island (hunting trip) meeting of NY and European bankers. Most existing and future money in the USA is borrowed from the Federal Reserve bank, a privately held corporation that charges interest--it does not even print currency. The Fed Reserve system is a private consortium of banks from New York, and Europe. The consumer price index (CPI) charts inflation of paper currency, however the formula has been tweaked many times so that it does not show as much how the necessities of life such as shelter, energy, food, and education costs have been inflated since the 1913 Federal Reserve laws came into being. 

The way in which history is written has been influenced heavily by this rich group of industrialists. Government men in black have killed inventors to suppress inventions that competed with existing paradigms. Some inventions are not awarded patents, but instead are sequestered by the military on the basis of national security. 

The aim is said by many non-mainstream history experts is a one world government or new world order with an 80% reduction in the human population so that common people can be ruled more easily. Various wars since 1900 have been concocted to boost arms sales, infrastructure reparations, control of energy supplies, and so on. Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, the trilateral commission, CIA "Operation Cyclone" are stirring up trouble to create WW3 involving India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq with Al-Qaeda. 

Organized medicine controls what medical and science journal articles are published. These in turn are used to determine what is "truth" and what medicine is to be practiced, or publicized by the mainstream media. 

Honest doctors are not aware of some of this information and do not make an effort to explore alternative medicine treatments of disease since all of it is labeled quackery and nostrums. Doctors often repeat exactly the same phrasings when describing certain cases of successful alternative medicine. For example, patient case medical histories are uncertain for some successful cancer therapies because prior mainstream medical doctors refused to supply the information. As a result, mainstream medical practitioners claim that the patients may not have had cancer at all, or that it was probably treated successfully by mainstream medicine prior to the patient seeking treatment elsewhere. Studies performed have to use double-blind methods, and have a huge array of diagnostic testing done to provide positive proof that a patient had a particular disease prior to starting the study. 

Vaccines are available to treat some viral diseases, but are often risky due to contaminations, side effects, etc. 

"Blood electrification" (BE) is a form of electro-medicine based upon electroporation (EP). 

See also Biocompatible electric current: 

EP has many applications. Pub-Med papers by Dr. James C. Weaver, MIT-Harvard related to EP list some of these. "Very early studies demonstrated non-thermal killing of microorganisms by electric field pulses which are now associated with electroporation"--J.C.Weaver 

Low-power EP can be used to drive ionized medications through the surface of your skin into your body instead of using a needle. The same levels of electrical current (1-7 milliamperes at about 25 to 30 Volts bi-phasic square wave) are typically used in BE. Research via Google "Robert C. Beck" (Dr. Bob Beck). There are Google videos about "Suppressed Medical Discovery" that are Bob Beck's video lecture taken in 1998 or so at the Granada Forum. 
Another Google video of a Bob Beck video lecture from Ventura College California is 

"Pulsed-electric field (PEF) treatment is a nonthermal pasteurization technique which inactivates microorganisms (15, 20) by irreversible structural changes in the membrane, resulting in pore formation and loss of the selective permeability properties of the membrane (6, 13, 17). The extent of the permeability increase depends on the strength and duration of the electric field pulse (2, 6, 11, 19, 20). An imposed electric field causes polarization and subsequently accumulation of free charges at both sides of the cell surface, leading to an increased transmembrane potential difference and a reduction of the membrane thickness which finally results in pore formation (2, 19). Since nisin and PEF both act on the membrane, an additive effect might be expected." --Pulsed-Electric Field Treatment -- Irene E. Pol, Hennie C. Mastwijk, Paul V. Bartels, and Eddy J. Smid --Agrotechnological Research Institute (ATO-DLO), 6708 PD Wageningen, The Netherlands --from American Society for Microbiology 

At age 77, Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc., Physics, died in 2002 as a result of a fall that resulted in a head injury, later resulting in cardiac arrest. 

One of the more recent set of videos (Vintage 2000) can be found via 
A version of the BE device schematic diagram of the circuit used is located 

The electrical current / power used by BE devices is typically less than that used for the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) units. They are typically sold as consumer devices as long as they do not make any medical treatment claims. 

Some archived information salvaged from a deleted Wikipedia article on Bob Beck is here: 

The Beck Protocol consists of 4 treatments: BE, PEMF, drinking ionized colloidal silver water (3-7 ppm) made from 99.99% silver + distilled (de-mineralized) water, and drinking chilled ozonated water. 

The target of the Beck protocol was initially the HIV AIDS virus, but it was said in patents made by Drs. William Lyman and Steven Kaali that "ALL pathogens" could be eliminated from bodily and synthetic fluids so treated. 
Further info: 

Some video sources indicate that cancer cells can hide from white blood cells (T-cells) by having an outer membrane charge that is negative. The EP of BE may be able to unmask these cells by shifting the membrane charge distribution. The T-cells are then free to attack cancer. 

Most cancer patients who tried the Beck Protocol treatments also used herbs, vitamin supplements, and organ cleansing treatments suggested by Hulda Regehr Clark. 

A circuit schematic diagram of an improved Beck BE device with parts price listing: 
PDF file version for better printing ability: 

Electrodes can be held in place by Velcro stretched neoprene straps or suitably adjusted elastic bands (so as not to cut off blood circulation). Recommended electrification treatment duration time per day ranges initially from 10 minutes (for very sick HIV AIDS patients) eventually to 2 hours depending on your initial health. 

I made one of the BE units from the circuit diagram. Then I purchased 3 of the 4 treatment machines (magnetic pulser, and 2 of the BE machines). For the stainless steel electrodes, I used wrist watches with stainless steel wrist bands. The sensation when using it is a bit of mild stinging every time the circuit changes polarity at the 4 Hz frequency. 

When I feel a cold coming on, I connect myself up to the BE machine, and the cold goes away after one treatment of 2 hours or so. This is not good news for any doctors or biologists reading this advice because it will permanently drive away anyone who gets any kind of infection. 

My mom had an infection festering on both sides of her face in her cheeks. Doctors did not know what it was and said that they thought it was an allergy and did not give her a prescription for any medication, so it got worse. I gave my mom my home-built circuit; she connected one electrode to her wrist watch band (stretchy stainless steel via small alligator clip), and the other one (a table spoon attached via small alligator clip) she touched to her cheeks while wearing a light pair of leather gloves (to prevent her hands conducting electrical current when handling the spoon electrode). She touched for a few minutes each contact point both inside her mouth and her face with the spoon and with current set for a very mild sensation. Whatever the infection was, it was gone by the end of her session. I asked her the next day if she had missed a spot or anything that would permit the soreness to return / re-grow, but she said the pain and infections were gone. 

In one of the "The Beck Protocol" videos, one Q & A session person, the man, said that he used the electrodes of his pre-built BE machine to treat either side of his gums inside his mouth with BE to try to eliminate some infected soreness that was developing. He said that within a couple of treatments, the infection was gone. Bad news for his dentist--right? (More negative votes for this article because dentists lose business also!). 

Details of the PEMF (magnetic pulser circuit) can be found here: 
and a more advanced model / specification with circuit diagram can be found here: 

Pulsed magnetic field devices were approved by the US FDA for at least two different applications: 1982 treatment of bone fracture non-unions, and cell proliferation induction (wound healing). The induced electrical currents in bone marrow are said to stimulate adult stem cells. These non-differentiated cells then form blastemas. The PEMF is also said to have a repairing effect on peripheral nerves (see pub-med Spain and Turkey studies involving magnetic treatment of peripheral nerves). Beck claimed that the PEMF induced biocompatible current flow to kill pathogens that could lay dormant in lymph and other organ tissues. 

Ozonated water 

Ozone chemically is O-three-minus, a gas. As such it is an oxidizing agent that has anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. It acts in a way that is similar to peroxide to fight infections. Pharmaceutical companies and their friendly North American medical minions argue against using ozone medically saying that it is a powerful oxidizing agent, however research has shown that natural mitigating factors are found in blood and other tissues that temper ozone's action on the body. If it were that powerful, substances such as ozone and peroxide would burn like acids right through tissues, but do not do so, and instead just kill pathogens and remove discoloration / stains / bad odors. Countries such as Germany, Japan, Cuba, etc, have clinics where pure medical grade ozone gas is injected directly into the blood stream at a careful slow rate. Various of these ozone treatments have been reported to have successfully treat HIV AIDS, and many other conditions. 

Ozone is an oxidizing agent that will combine up with impurities and oxidize them. Ozone therapy is used a large amount in former Soviet Union, Germany, Cuba, Japan, Mexico and similar places where large pharmaceutical companies have been unable to argue with the excellent results in treating diseases like cancer, HIV AIDS, and so on. Ozone primarily acts as a cleansing agent that marshals dead pathogens to the kidneys, etc, to facilitate the body to get them out with the other waste products. Studies not conducted with funding from pharmaceutical companies have found that elements in the blood mitigate the oxidizing effect of ozone on normal tissue while exposing pathogens and cancer cells to the body's immune system. 
Pub-Med study in Russia: 
Pub-Med study in Italy: 

Ozone creation is done via a machine. The machine will typically bubble the generated ozone through an air-stone similar to those bubbler pumps used in fish tanks to oxygenate the water for tropical fish. Cold water holds ozone better. Ozone dissipates within a few minutes from water and so must be generated, then the water quickly used. 

Many places use ozone combined with filtration to perform water purification for their drinking water supply. Typical consumer water ozonators cost between US$130 to US$600. The materials such as the pump materials, tubing or the bubbler stones used in the machines must not react with ozone. Stainless steel, silicone, or certain forms of glass might be used in this regard. Two popular ways of generating ozone are corona-discharge (CD) using just an air supply (consumer grade), and the other is to take pure oxygen and expose it to a bright ultraviolet light (medical grade). The protective ozone layer in the upper layers of earth's atmosphere is supported by oxygen exposure to UV rays from the sun. 

Home made projects published on the internet explain that the experimenter had an electrical engineering background and was able to take a 5 to 15 kilovolt neon sign transformer, rectify the AC current, and expose carefully glass-spaced discharge electrodes to ionize a supply of air, then pump or blow the generated ozone through an output pipe or hose. Such a CD generation of ozone also ionizes other elements of the air supply such as nitrogen, and as such is not worthy as a source of medial grade ozone that can be directly injected into the blood stream. 

Internet sources indicate that ozonating water is more powerful than boiling it when it comes to killing off pathogens. As such users of home consumer water ozonators use the freshly output water to wash meats, vegetables, salad greens, and so on prior to cooking or serving the food for meals. Medical ozone can be used to ozonate olive oil to create a powerful medicinal lotion for cuts. 

It is said (claimed by several alt-med web sites) that a Mexican hospital nominated Robert C. Beck for a Nobel (some spell it Noble) prize for his treatment protocol for its 100% effectiveness against the HIV AIDS virus. Beck himself may have made this Nobel nomination claim during an interview, but I do not have the audio or text for this original source. 

Probably some extra components can be added onto this Beck Protocol to help with overall health such as restricted diets like the Gerson Therapy for Cancer that will have you drinking lots of freshly juiced drinks, and lots of cooked vegetables of a particular variety. 

There is a Google video on Gerson, but it has a static picture of text, and is a recording of a radio interview show about it. The Gerson discussion starts at about 1h:07m through that 3 hour "video." 

G. Edward Griffin has a Google video "A World Without Cancer." It describes how cancer cures have been suppressed. 

"Hoxsey-How Healing Became A Crime" is another Google video about a cancer treatment that was also suppressed. 

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife had a "beam ray" frequency instrument device that could radiate a patient's body with radio frequency (radio waves) energy of between 50 and 500 Watts power. Supposedly it could zap various viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, mould, bacteria, etc to target and irradiate various diseases. Some post-Lyme disease sufferers use a version of the Rife principles to treat themselves (a Doug machine)--They typically use a tuned circuit composed of a very large toroidial, air- or liquid- cooled coil, and a capacitor bank, that is energized by a rock concert 2 kilowatt audio amplifier that has as its input a lab audio function generator that has a frequency counter built-in. Rife frequency charts are consulted and used to target various pathogenic causes of disease. 

Colloidal silver (CS) must use 99.99% or better silver in demineralized, distilled water. Concentrations of silver salts such as silver nitrate if introduced into the bloodstream (via nasal inhalation or injection or eye drops or drinking high concentrations of such mixtures) are known to cause argyria (an incurable skin discoloration condition) and this is why your water must start out as pure as possible (no other minerals, chlorine, iodine, fluoride, etc). If topically applied a 5 to 7 ppm CS shall kill most pathogens on contact. 

Silver was used in photography because silver reacts with light. As such silver oxidizes quite easily. Bottled CS water is typically secured in air-tight glass bottles of a dark color to keep light from ruining the CS solution, however the CS won't keep for very long, and it is better to make it and quickly use it yourself to insure you are getting what you want. 

Once you have a CS maker device, or a water ozonator machine, you can maintain a healthy life style by using the equipment in daily routine. 

Sota Instruments / Russ Torlage had a lab test performed on CS on various bacterial cultures. A copy is published in a couple of places on the internet that shows that at a given concentration, after a certain period of exposure, none of the tested pathogens survived. 

The circuit or equipment once built and at your disposal can be used periodically on an on-going basis to maintain "wellness." So if you start to get a cold--you zap your blood and tissues with BE treatments, et voila the troubles go away very quickly. More negative votes for this suggestion by any doctors out there? 

The thrust of the Beck Protocol for health and wellness is to have these various machines handy, and use them to promote wellness. 

Always consult a qualified physician to treat illness. If physicians fail to cure or treat your illness, then you can broaden your treatment search elsewhere like alternative medicine treatments. 

A scientist would not discount any claims without first experimenting to determine if claims were accurate. I would try it if free or relatively low cost, shown not to be harmful and the instructions were clearly written so that I could follow them. 

But, you can't put all your eggs in one basket either by using exclusively one therapy to treat disease. 

Some scientists have grown to trust medical / science journals for answers to these kind of questions for them instead of doing their own experimentation, but I have found that such published scientific studies are very expensive, must be conducted by well-qualified persons, and are apt to be highly influenced by who is funding the studies as to the direction preferred for the study results. 

For example, one compound, laetrile / amygdalin if studied by a pharmaceutical industry corporation shall be found to be ineffective and toxic / poison (England, USA, Canada, etc), but if studied by places that are not unduly influenced by big pharmaceutical industry corporations like in South Korea, the outcome is the opposite: highly effective against disease, promising, and non-toxic. 

Search for the following search terms: 
laetrile amygdalin "South Korea" 

You should get 3 search results from "South Korea" that all have positive results. If you leave out "South Korea" and permit the other studies to show up, virtually all of the rest of these will have negative results if the funding for the study was done using pharmaceutical industry funding. Does this tell you anything? Does your doctor know about this? Can anyone trust this information source ever again? 

The way that this contradictory evidence is concocted by the pharmaceutical companies is to structure the experiment to fail by arranging this to happen. There are many ways to do this. One is to use other compounds with the laetrile / amygdalin that would prematurely release the cytotoxic (cellular toxic) components of laetrile / amygdalin to poison the patient / experimental animal rather than have the cancer cells locally and gradually / naturally trigger / release them via enzymes characteristic to just cancer cells. Another way is to use too little of the compound or way too much of it. Another way is to compile the results, and summarize it inaccurately. Another way is to falsify or alter results provided to them by the individual researchers who provide the lead investigators with the basic data. 

The base compound of laetrile / amygdalin cannot be patented--just grasses, seeds, free-range meats, etc. As such the pharmaceutical companies want to dissuade anyone from making use of these things in diet. 

Some of the health claims made in the series of Gerson therapy videos are amazing and probably true. I insist that you view the one with Chapter 3 in its title.

Source(s):Pub-med, alternative health web sites, Google Videos, Peer-to-peer networking of medical / documentaries, Wikipedia circa June 2007
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