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Dr.Lorraine Day Cancer Cure

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5 signs you get cancer

Vitamin C Better than Chemo for Cancer

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

A Cancer Cure 40 years ago



First Do Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar cancer cure Treatment 21 days cure.   On You Tube videos. It really works.

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1. Very good -- Free Online book Iodine Remedies Secrets From The Sea -- prevention and helps stop Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer, cheap and easy. Check it out and pass it on to everyone you know. Also check my web page.

2. Check out "Gerson" they have proof that they have been curing  cancers for over 80 years with no chemo and no harmful drugs at all.

3. Also Dr. Day cured her own cancer by herself.

How to Survive Cancer and the Truth about AIDS w/ Dr. Lorraine Day

Very good -- Free Online book Iodine Remedies Secrets From The Sea

Are there "Cancer Cures"  and "AIDS Cures" today that are cheap and you can do at home?  Is there documented proof of the “cures”? Was there 21 AIDS patients all “cures” from all the negative effects of AIDS and return back to work and are 100% healthy?      

The medical industry can be a big money factory. Most times they diagnose "cancer" they put about $30,000 in their pocket. They mainly only use three methods of treatment: surgery, chemo,and radiation. All treatments are very expensive and very harmful to the body. Sometimes the treatment kills the patient. Their hands are tie, they can't use anything else.

They will bad month everything else no matter what. They give up on people and then those same people seek out alternative methods and many get healed. Some do not. Even some doctors in the medical industry will not waste their time with the cancer treatment they give inside the USA medical industry.

One place I read that the medical industry only has a 17% success rate on internal cancers. They say that a person is in remission only to die a few years later. Many people die and no one says anything.

If they go for Alternative treatment and if one person dies, they want to put it all over the front page of the newspaper and sent the person to jail. Alternative treatments have a much higher rate of success then 17%. The boss is Not the success rate, but Big money is the boss.

Back in 1937 they were curing cancer, read it in the book, "Back to Eden". He has a section on what he did to cure them.

Cancer Cures -- Doctor cure her own self of cancer and exposes the truth.

Many home remedy cures, as well as a stock newsletter also.

The Cancer foundation alternative treatment cure with testimonies, cancer VACCINES, complete list of thing to cure all kinds of cancers

Lots of info on cervical cancer

A list of Must Have Health Books and tapes and Videos. These are great health Reference Books to Remedy Diseases and maintain great health to avoid diseases.

More Natural Treatments for cancer

Prevention of cancers



Natural books and products on cancer cures.

Normal medical Dr. treatments.

Testimonies of cancer cures

Stop the Cancer Epidemic!

A simple test you can do to measure your susceptibility to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases. How to Do the Saliva pH Test


Bernard Jensen, D.C. (1908-2001), the leading American iridologist, stated that "Nature has provided us with a miniature television screen showing the most remote portions of the body by way of nerve reflex responses." He also claimed that iridology analyses are more reliable and "offer much more information about the state of the body than do the examinations of Western medicine."

IRIS ANALYSIS VIA THE INTERNET! check out the picture in FAQ Software personally diagnose his eye lots of info on many things


Warts or HPV virus


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