Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, MD

This is a recording taken from live lectures given by Dr. Wallach.  It is without a doubt the most popular health lecture in history with over 150 million copies sold worldwide.  Here are just a few of the startling facts that you will discover on this CD:

  • There are at least 5 groups of people in the world whose average life span exceeds 100 years. (Find out what they all have in common)
  • Many major diseases have been eliminated in the livestock industry years ago by simple inexpensive nutritional supplementation.
  • According to the U.S. Senate Document #264, our farmlands have been depleted of essential minerals.  This document dates back to 1936.
  • There is no such thing as “Eating Right.”  If the minerals aren’t in the soil where the food is grown, they are not in our foods.
  • Our bodies need no less than 90 essential nutrients, and there are as many as 10 deficiency diseases that can result for each nutrient that is missing for any length of time.  This is a total of up to 900 diseases that can be prevented with proper nutrition.

On the cd:

 1. Veterinary Health Care
2. America’s Longevity
3. Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
4. Age Beating Centurions
5. Salt & High Blood Pressure
6. Cholesterol & Heart Disease
7. Arthritis & Osteoporosis
8. Early Warning Signs
9. Copper & Aneurysms
10. Athletes
11. Calcium & Hypertension
12. Essential Nutrients
13. Joint Injuries
14. Athletes
15. Arthritis
16. Bone Spurs / Osteoporosis
17. Cancer
18. Diabetes
19. Alzheimers / Cholesterol
21. Pregnancy / Birth Defects
22. Asthma / Allergies
23. Safety of supplements
24. Fibromyalgia
25. Infant Formulas

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