Health Arthritis Cure in 14 days? by Dr Joel Wallach

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Dr. Joel D. Wallach "Medical Tyranny"


Diabetes cured in only 2 weeks? Dr Wallach explains how!


Dr Joel Wallach Jerry Lewis Fired from MD Foundation for finding cure for Muscular Dystrophy  12:07

Dr Joel Wallach - Arthritis/Diabetes - Part 10 - October 2012

Dr. Joel D. Wallach "Medical Tyranny"

Dr. Joel Wallack  58 videos


Book:  Hell’s Kitchen  by J.D.Wallach  BS, DVM, ND and Ma Lan, MD, MS, Lac

Cause, prevention, & cure of Obesity, Diabetes, & Metabolic Syndrone

 Famous Audio tape,   “Dead Doctors Don’t lie”


Curing Diseases Caused by Physicians

Obesity is a Physician Caused Disease, Dr Joel Wallach

Dr Joel Wallach - Cholesterol/Diabetes - Part 11 - October 2012

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